100 Worst Britons We Love to Hate was one in a series of "100 Greatest..." shows shown on British TV.

The poll by the British TV station Channel 4 in 2003, was inspired by the BBC series 100 Greatest Britons, although it was less serious in nature. The poll specified that the nominees had to be British (unlike the BBC poll, which had contained three Irish people), alive and not currently in prison (or pending trial), although enough respondents ignored this for a fictional character and a pop band to be listed among the "winners".

The results of the vote were shown on Channel 4 in an evening-long programme presented by comedian Jimmy Carr. The programme was a countdown from number 100 to number 1, featuring TV clips of the Britons in question, together with various commentators suggesting why they had made the list. Then-Prime Minister Tony Blair was at number 1.

The results reflected the opinions of those who voted on the Channel 4 website. As with many similar polls, little to no effort was expended on preventing people from voting more than once.

Jimmy Carr stated that the only real restrictions on nominees were that they must be perceived as British, and neither dead nor incarcerated; therefore, despite being a fictional character, Harry Potter was eligible, while Jeffrey Archer (at the time) was not, because, in Carr's words, "sadly he's in prison, and not dead".


  1. Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister (1979–1990)
  2. Jordan, glamour model
  3. Tony Blair
  4. Jade Goody, celebrity
  5. Martin Bashir, journalist
  6. Gareth Gates, singer
  7. Alex Ferguson, football manager
  8. 'H' from Steps, singer
  9. Geri Halliwell, singer (of pop group the Spice Girls)
  10. HM The Queen
  11. Liam Gallagher, singer (of the rock band Oasis)
  12. Chris Evans, radio and television presenter
  13. Victoria Beckham, singer and model
  14. Rik Waller, singer
  15. Anthea Turner, television presenter
  16. Bernard Manning, comedian
  17. Robbie Williams, singer
  18. Peter Stringfellow, owner of table-dancing clubs
  19. Neil and Christine Hamilton, politician and television personality
  20. Jim Davidson, comedian
  21. Charlotte Church, pop singer
  22. Darren Day, actor, singer and television presenter
  23. Lady Victoria Hervey, model
  24. HRH The Prince of Wales
  25. Anne Robinson, television presenter and former journalist
  26. Edwina Currie, politician
  27. Chris Moyles, broadcaster
  28. Jamie Oliver, chef
  29. Cliff Richard, singer
  30. Max Clifford, publicist
  31. The 3AM Girls, gossip columnists
  32. Naomi Campbell, supermodel
  33. Simon Cowell, A&R executive, television producer, and entrepreneur
  34. Sara Cox, television presenter and radio DJ
  35. Harry Potter, fictional character
  36. Tara Palmer Tomkinson, television presenter and model
  37. James Hewitt, former household cavalry officer
  38. Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer
  39. Catherine Zeta Jones, actress
  40. HRH The Earl of Wessex
  41. Tracy Emin, artist
  42. Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen, interior designer, television presenter
  43. Mick Hucknall, musician
  44. Michael Winner, film director
  45. Pete Waterman, music industry mogul
  46. Prince Naseem Hamed, boxer
  47. Ainsley Harriott, TV chef
  48. Trinny and Susannah, television presenters
  49. Peter Mandelson, New Labour politician
  50. Ken Livingstone, politician, at the time of the poll Mayor of London
  51. Darius Danesh, popstar and reality TV contestant
  52. Amanda Holden
  53. Zoe Ball, television presenter, daughter of popular scientist Johnny Ball
  54. Martine McCutcheon
  55. Elton John, musician
  56. Ant and Dec, television presenters
  57. Alastair Campbell, New Labour political figure
  58. Ozzy Osbourne, heavy metal musician, television personality
  59. Byers and Moore
  60. Richard Madeley, television presenter
  61. Vinnie Jones, footballer, actor
  62. Alan Titchmarsh, gardener, television presenter
  63. HRH the Countess of Wessex
  64. Chris Tarrant Radio DJ
  65. Ben Elton, writer, comedian
  66. Jeremy Clarkson television presenter, Motoring columnist
  67. Jeremy Spake
  68. Carol Vorderman
  69. David Dickinson television presenter
  70. Frank Skinner, comedian
  71. Paul Burrell
  72. Tom Jones
  73. Sarah Ferguson
  74. Carol Smillie
  75. Steeve Back
  76. HRH The Princess Royal
  77. Guy Ritchie, director
  78. Delia Smith, TV chef
  79. Johnny Vaughan
  80. Peter Tatchell
  81. Sting, musician
  82. Gordon Ramsay, TV chef
  83. Mick Jagger, musician
  84. Damien Hirst, artist
  85. Julie Burchill
  86. Richard Branson, entrepreneur
  87. John Prescott, politician
  88. Judith Chalmers
  89. Cherie Blair, QC, wife of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair
  90. Nigella Lawson, TV chef
  91. David Beckham, footballer
  92. Will Young, popstar
  93. Vanessa Feltz
  94. Ann Widdecombe, politician
  95. Davina McCall, television presenter
  96. Chris Eubank, former boxer
  97. Lord Irvine
  98. Craig David, popstar
  99. Iain Duncan Smith, politician, then leader of the Opposition
  100. Atomic Kitten, pop group

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