Song:Savior Skillet

Vgvd 10

Villains Quotes Edit

No One Can Defeat Me-Heihachi Mishima

Alice and I are going places-Alice Angel

Welching on me like all the others, eh? I'll teach you for backing out of a deal! HAVE AT YOU!-The Devil

Who are you to command me?-Brainiac


You stand before the Shake King! Tremble! Tremble!-Shake King

rain is coming with its shiny cars. With comfy seats and wheels of stars. So hush my little ones, have no fear. The man in the moon is the engineer.-Dollmaker

Gha ha ha ha ha...! Isn't it painful to have to watch while others suffer? You can put up with your own pain......but can't bear to see others, especially Zero, harmed, can you? I'm taking Zero, the one most important to you... to the underworld! Goodbye, X... Gha ha ha ha!-Sigma

Why create, when it will only be destroyed? Why cling to life, knowing that you have to die?-Kefka Pallazo

Evil must be destoyed-Merged Zamasu