Song:Cold Driven Wicked Side of Me


Villains Quotes Edit

Sinclair, in here, NOW!"-Bradley Richfield

Time has pass your kind bye-Anti Monitor

Boxman Jr,My Perfect Evil son-Lad Boxman

"And perhaps it's time to remind you...who rules this place." -Pariah Dark

"I was tricked! The Triple Changers! They told me it was a power station!"-Starscream


Well, too bad, because you've sown the wind and now you shall reap... the Barry.-B.A.D.

Now, I'm very angry!!!-Marvin the Martian

I am Krypton.-Braniac

Greetings, fellow outcasts. I am Freakshow, your master of ceremonies.-Freakshow

9 lives to torture-Darkseid.