Agent Ashley Fallon worked with the FBI. She had once been engaged but her fiancé left her. She met Billy Waters when his fiancée, Laura, was killed by "the Creature" in Lake Michigan. She has tracked the Wendigo through Chicago and New Orleans until she arrived in San Fransisco. She is revealed to be the Wendigo when she kills Billy. Billy saw her reaction to the flare from his lighter after telling her what Piper had told him about the Wendigo. Agent Fallon and Andy Trudeau venture out on a stake out on the last night of the full moon. On the stake out she changes into a Wendigo and almost manages to kill Andy. She is killed by the Charmed Ones using a flare gun.Contents [show]As a WendigoEditAs a Wendigo, Agent Fallon seemed to prefer hunting victims who have AB negative blood. She consumes her victims' hearts and attacks people who are love-sick. Turning into a Wendigo Edit Phoebe having the premonition... ...Agent Fallon in the premonition... ...begins the transformation... ...into the were-wolf creature,... ...the Wendigo The Wendigo getting ready to attack Andy... the premonition... ...endsPowers & AbilitiesEditAs a Wendigo, Agent Fallon possessed super strength even when she wasn't fully transformed which she used to break peoples necks and knock people unconscious. She also was able to turn others into Wendigos if she chose by only wounding them instead of killing them.Whenever the moon was full during her hunting season, she transformed into a Wendigo.