Irish folk supergroup Altan have embarked on dozens of tours since their formation in 1989, some of which have been international/world tours. As well as touring as a band, the individual members of Altan also tour separately internationally as part of other music groups and as solo artists. Altan have toured extensively throughout Ireland, UK, Japan and the United States since the band's formation in 1989.


1999 French Summer Festival GigsEdit

1999 Irish & UK GigsEdit

1999 Belgian Tour + German GigEdit


2000 Irish & Scottish GigsEdit

2000 North-American Tour (First leg) (US) + Irish GigsEdit

This is the first leg of the US tour in support of the Another Sky studio album.

2000 Japanese TourEdit

2000 UK & Irish Spring TourEdit

2000 French Summer Festival Gig (Carhaix)Edit

2000 Italian Summer (Festival) GigsEdit

2000 North-American Tour (Second leg) (US & Canada)Edit

2000 Irish Summer Festival Tour + Belgian Summer Festival GigEdit

2000 North-American Tour (Third leg) (US)Edit

2000 European Festival GigsEdit

  • 22x20px 07/10/2000 Helsinki (Finnish Irish Festival - Tavastia Theatre) Finland {Other Acts - Support from Korkkijalka} {Olli Pelikka has been running the Finnish Irish Festival for many years now. It has been a while since Altan played there)
  • 22x20px 20/10/2000 Hannover (Expo 2000) Germany {Other Acts - Maighread and Triona Ni Dhomhnaill, Cathal O Searcaigh, Aoife Ni Fhearraigh, Seosamh O Neachtain}
  • 22x20px 27/10/2000 Belfast (Belfast Festival - Queens University - Whitla Hall) UK {Altan opens one of the the best Arts Festivals}

2000 Dutch Fall TourEdit

2000 Israel Unique GigEdit


2001 North-American Tour (First Leg) (US & Canada)Edit

2001 Irish Summer Festival GigsEdit

2001 North-American Tour (Second Leg) (US)Edit

2001 Irish Summer Festival GigsEdit

2001 French Summer Festival GigEdit

2001 North-American Fall Festival GigsEdit


2002 North-American Spring Tour (US & Canada)Edit

2002 Irish Spring Gigs (Dublin)Edit

2002 UK & Irish Summer Festival TourEdit

  • 22x20px 30/06/2002 Glastonbury (Glastonbury Festival - The Acoustic Stage), England, UK {One of the biggest and best of the English festivals}

2002 Switzerland Summer Festival GigEdit

2002 Japanese Summer TourEdit

  • 22x20px 01/09/2002 Tokyo (Festival in Tokyo - Shibuya Kokaido), Japan {Other Acts - Paul Brady, Sharon Shannon}

2002 Swedish Fall GigsEdit

2002 UK Fall TourEdit

2002 Dutch Fall GigsEdit

2002 Irish Fall GigEdit

2002 North-American Fall Tour (US)Edit

2002 Dutch Fall Gig (US)Edit


2003 UK Winter Gig (London)Edit

2003 North-American Winter Tour (US)Edit

2003 European Summer TourEdit

2003 North-American Summer Festival Gigs (US) in Dublin (Ohio)Edit

2003 UK & Irish Summer Festival GigsEdit

2003 Dutch Summer Festival GigEdit

2003 North-American Summer Festival Gigs (US) in MilwaukeeEdit

2003 Dutch Summer Festival GigsEdit

2003 UK & Irish Summer Festival GigsEdit


2004 Irish Spring Tour (First Leg)Edit

2004 Scottish Spring TourEdit

2004 Irish Spring Tour (Second Leg)Edit

2004 Italian Summer TourEdit

2004 French Summer Festival Gig (Vienne)Edit

2004 Irish Summer Festival Gig (Dublin)Edit

  • 22x20px 18/08/2004 Dublin (ESB BEO Celtic Music Festival - National Concert Hall, Earlsfort Terrace), Ireland

2004 North-American Tour (US)Edit


2005 North-American Tour (US)Edit

2005 European Tour (mostly Ireland)Edit

2005 Dutch Fall TourEdit


2006 European TourEdit

2006 UK & Irish Fall TourEdit


2007 Belgium, UK & Irish Summer Festival GigsEdit

2007 North-American Summer Festival Gig (US)Edit

2007 French Summer Festival GigEdit

2007 UK & Irish Summer TourEdit

2007 Italian Fall Festival GigEdit


2008 North-American Winter Tour (US)Edit


2009 European TourEdit

2009 Irish & UK Summer TourEdit

2009 UK Fall GigsEdit

2009 Japanese TourEdit

During this tour, Altan launched their live album Altan: With the RTÉ Concert Orchestra (later released as 25th Anniversary Celebration in the rest of the world), their first release in almost five years until then.


2010 European Tour (France, Ireland & UK)Edit

2010 North-American Spring Tour (US)Edit

2010 European GigsEdit

2010 Irish 25th Anniversary TourEdit

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