So here we are, a year and a half after neaS's original suggestion for the Hall of Fame, and I finally have a biography for you! YAY!!! This fountain of information is brought to you courtesy of  who also offered a wonderful description of Count Duckula. Enjoy!

Baron Silas Greenback from the Dangermouse series was basically a copy of Blowfeld in the James Bond movies. He had a white furry caterpillar instead of a cat and an Italian crow named Stiletto for a henchman. The Baron is a toad, who travels in a sort of flying saucer with legs and feet called the Frogstar Hopper. Amongst other things, he tried to take over England with an army of remote controlled washing machines, kidnapped all the bagpipes in Scotland (the bagpipes were shown as living creatures, which the Baron wanted to use as part of a sonic weapon), used an age changing ray to reduce or increase people's ages, and teamed up with Count Duckula. The baron had a rough wheezing voice that was seldom more than a whisper. His plans were always absurd, in keeping with the series, but he was Dangermouse's most powerful recurring foe (there were more powerful villains who showed up for only one story, or sometimes two or three episodes) and made life if not impossible for Dangermouse and Penfold, then at least painful and frightening.

Thanks Loneheart!