Buggy the Clown is a pirate captain who loves to plunder from villages and then destroy them using his explosive "buggy balls". He was once a normal human and was on the same ship as Shanks, the one who gave Luffy his hat. It was there that Buggy found a map of treasure that was at the bottom of the ocean. He stole a piece of Devil fruit in an attempt to sell it for money and then find the sunken treasure, but Captain Shankes made him eat the Devil fruit, which destroyed both his plans, for it gave him the inability to swim. However, the Devil fruit also gave Buggy the power to split his body into different parts as well as survive even if somebody chops him to pieces. Buggy encountered Luffy, Zolo, and Nami in a village. He attempted to destroy them, but was defeated by Nami and Luffy. Buggy the clown comes back to get revenge on Luffy at Roguetown. He looks all over for Luffy, and when he finally finds him, Cabaji, Buggy's second mate has Luffy stuck on the place where Gold Roger got his head cut off.