"You like lamb, don't you hon?" As a representative of the upper crust of society aboard the maiden voyage of the Titanic, Cal Hockley (Billy Zane) still has plenty to learn about the opposite sex. Then again, back in those days, I guess it was commonplace to drive your significant other into the depths of despair because of the incredible ass you were acting like. No wonder 17-year-old hottie Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) wanted to leap from the stern of the biggest boat in history. Kudos for Leo DiCaprio for spotting a hot piece of ass when he did.

But back to Cal. He's a total dick. Arrogant and greedy, he understood his place in society as a rich white man to be that of a control freak. Just as the passengers of theTitanic never considered a disaster could befall the ship, Cal never thought his marriage-to-be could be destroyed by the likes of an Irish commoner, even one as pretty as Leo. However, between trying to save face over the loss of his babe and greed over the giant jewel he had given her, Cal went to every length possible to rid himself of Jack Dawson. And that included submerging Rose along with him and the doomed oceanliner.

Cal's reached his own demise off-screen, between the lines of Rose's narration, no less. He survived the incredible disaster - did he even notice? - but his arrogance would catch up with him and lead to suicide. Indeed, how can you expect anyone else to love you when you're too busy being in love with yourself?