J.A.S. Hook, Cptn., as Captain James Hook signs his infamous name, is arguably the most ruthless villain in film history. Forever bent on destroying Peter Pan, Hook even kidnaps a grown Pan's children ("Hook"). Hook's "indefatiguable good form" is his most telling attribute (at least, according to himself), while most view him despicable, yet their favorite villain. It is hard not to respect, if not outright look up to, such a man. Captain Hook will forever remain one of the greatest villains in cinematography history.

Captain Hook is the main villain in "Peter Pan".

He is a pirate captain who wants to kill Peter Pan and take over Neverland. However, Peter defeats him every time they fight.

He has a hook on his right arm because Tick Tock the Crocodile ate his hand after Peter cut it off and threw it overboard. Tick Tock wants to eat the rest of him, thus he is the one thing Hook fears. Tick-Tock also swallowed Hook's clock, thus the ticking of the clock announces his arrival and allows Hook to escape.

He resembles Wendy Darling's father.

In "Return to Neverland", he kidnaps the daughter of the now grown-up Wendy, so Peter Pan has to rescue her.

In "Hook", the spell that was placed on Peter Pan was broken, and he finally aged to an adult. Buy aging, he also forgot who he was, and he lives as a lawyer called Peter Banning. When Hook kidnaps Peter's sons, Peter has to rescue them, and the Lost Boys help Peter regain his memories. Since Hook is bored with just trying to kill Peter, he tries to get revenge on him by making Peter's kids love him instead. In the end, Hook is crushed under a statue of Tick-Tock, killing him.

The Disney movie "Peter Pan" is adapted as a world, Neverland, in "Kingdom Hearts" and "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories".

In "Kingdom Hearts", Hook teams up with Riku to capture Wendy because they believe is a Princess of Heart. She is not, and Sora, Donald, Goofy and Peter Pan defeat him.

In "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories", he kidnaps Wendy again, only this time for personal reason, So Sora, Goofy, Donald and Peter defeat him again.

He is one of the guests in "House of Mouse", and he was one of the Disney villains in "House of Villains".

He is one of the fairy tale villains in Prince Charming's villain army in "Shrek the Third". He also appeared in "Shrek 2"