This list is a noble attempt at archiving, but it's ultimately obsolete compared to much faster and more efficient image-tagging in image blog sites, tumblr, etc. Plus those sites list images which are easier to browse through and consume than clicking on hyperlinks, which can get annoying. [update: I'm currently in the process of migrating these works from this site to Tumblr, you can find the site here: Categorized Art Collection .] This list was initiated with the idea that, unlike image blogging sites, individuals can add their own contributions to it in proper Wiki fashion. The only other 1-up it has over image tagging is that one has more control over which images are posted. A lot of these images come from other image blog and tumblr sites, flickr pages,, art history textbooks and art catalogs, etc. There is way too much art out there for these lists to be exhaustive. Please feel free to add works not included, just try and retain the same rough format outlined below:

  • artist, work (date): description, if desired

[*] = needs more items

non-hyperlinked text = Wikilist to be added

Art works by object

Art works categorized by descriptive qualities:

  • angular/jagged/sharp/crooked
  • bizarre
  • blinking/flashing
  • blurry
  • color palette restricted to primary colors
  • curly
  • discontinuous
  • discrete
  • filthy
  • frozen
  • funny/humorous/comical/satirical
  • intricate
  • monochromatic
  • mysterious
  • nostalgic
  • pixilated
  • polychromatic (roygbiv/spectrumal)
  • reflective
  • rotating/revolving
  • self-canceling/self-destructing/self-contradicting/paradoxical
  • striped
  • sublime
  • tragicomic
  • uncanny
  • upside-down/sideways

Art works categorized by circumstances:

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