This new addition comes courtesy of , who also filled us in on Baron Silas Greenback's history. Take it away, Loneheart!

Count Duckula actually made his debut on the Dangermouse show, where Dangermouse first encountered him while trying to obtain ingredients for an antidote. A vicious, green, stage-struck vampire duck, he proved so funny that the shows creators invited him back for two more stories, one of which was a team up of villains lead by Baron Greenback. The character having proven his worth, he was granted his own series, the introduction of which explained that like any other vampire, Duckula was killed occasionally, and had to be regenerated according to a magical rite involving blood. The introduction went on to explain that it wasn't a good idea to use tomato sauce as a substitute unless you liked your vampires vegetarian. In a series about a vampire, of course, it's only natural that the vampire hunter, who would normally be the good guy, is the villain. Duckula was ineptly assisted by Igor, a buzzard butler, and the gigantic Nanny, who was some kind of chicken, appeared to be immune to sunlight in this incarnation and also had the ability to teleport his whole castle around the world, so long as it was back by Transylvanian sunrise.

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