Cyclopsis was an ancient War Zord that was summoned by Rita Repulsa in what was quite possibly her greatest attempt to destroy the Power Rangers. Summoned from the depths of the Earth and piloted by Goldar, Cyclopsis did battle with the Dino MegaZord, easily outmatching the Zord in hand-to-hand combat. The War Zord then proceeded to overpower the MegaZord with its deadly arsenal, forcing the Rangers to summon DragonZord. When that achieved nothing, the Rangers switched to the DragonZord Battle Mode and Tyrannosaurus DinoZord. Cyclopsis reflected the Tyrannosaurus' breath attack, then did the same with the DragonZord Battle Mode's cranial blast. Cyclopsis continued to pulverize the two Zords until a surprise attack by Titanus resulted in the destruction of Cyclopsis via the UltraZord. Enraged that her Zord was destroyed, Rita sealed Titanus underneath the ground and then summoned Lokar, whose power allowed Rita to instantly reconstruct Cyclopsis. After a brief regrouping at the Command Center, the Rangers engaged Cyclopsis (who was now backed up by Lokar) once again, this time with the Zords only at half power. This fight was disasterous for the Zords - Cyclopsis severed the MegaZord's left arm and the DragonZord's tail. With some assistance by Lokar and Rita, Cyclopsis emerged victorious once again, the Zords dematerialized, returning to their hiding places. Alpha 5 was later able to hack into Rita's databanks and discovered a weakness in Cyclopsis: the War Zord adapted to its opponent, and if the Rangers switched Zord modes quickly, it would not be able to adjust and gradually weaken. With all seven Zords fully recharged, the Rangers returned to battle. With the Rangers landing several blows and then changing modes, Cyclopsis found itself faced, one by one, by the Dino Zords, the MegaZord, the MegaZord and DragonZord, the DragonZord Battle Mode, and then finally the UltraZord. By this point, Cyclopsis had completely overloaded trying to keep up with the sudden changes, making the War Zord an easy target. When the UltraZord unleashed its barrage of attacks, Cyclopsis was blown apart in a massive fireball, and this time its destruction was permenant.