The D-3s are the Digivices of the new DigiDestined. According to Izzy, they have three settings - Digital, Detect, and Discover - hence their name. The D-3s belonging to Davis, Yolei and Cody were released from the Digi-Egg of Courage when it was touched by Tai upon his return to theDigiWorld, and shot through the Digi-Port. Davis was in the computer room when they emerged, and got his immediately, and used it to travel into the DigiWorld with T.K. and Kari. The next day, Yolei and Cody were able to use their D-3s to travel into the DigiWorld and find their Digimon and Digi-Eggs. When T.K. and Kari discovered their own Digi-Eggs a little later, their own original Digivices morphed into D-3s. The Digimon Emperor also had a D-3, which he used to broadcast power to his Control Spires. It had originally been a regular Digivice, but when he travelled to the DigiWorld for the second time, infected by a Dark Spore, he dipped his Digivice into theDark Ocean in the World of Darkness, transforming it into a black D-3. It was later revealed that only D-3s were able to open the Digi-Port to the DigiWorld. When the kids use them to do so, they say "Digi-Port, open!" but it is unlikely that this is a necessity, as the portal opened without them saying it to start with. The D-3s, like the old Digivices, have the tracking facility that allows them to detect other Digivices, and also pick up the signals emitted by Digi-Eggs. When a Digimon Armour Digivolves, the power of the Digi-Egg in use is sent to the D-3 by the D-Terminal in which it is stored, and released through it, allowing the Digivolution to take place. When the new Digimon were finally able to normally Digivolve into their Champion forms, the D-3s acted just like regular Digivices during the process. D-3s first appear in "Enter Flamedramon." Izzy dubs them "D-3s" for the first time in "Guardian Angel."