Group: Evil - Level: Mega - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Evil Inferno, Evil Flapping The origins of the malevolent Digimon called Daemon are shrouded in mystery. Possessed of the ability to open Digi-Portswhenever he wants, Daemon commands a squad of powerful Digimon, dubbed the Daemon Corps, and is thought by many to have some connection to the enigmatic World of Darkness. Daemon was aware of the Dark Spore within Ken Ichijouji, and sought to use the construct for his own purposes. He,LadyDevimonSkullSatamon and MarineDevimon appeared in Odaiba, and began searching for Ken. AfterImperialdramon destroyed SkullSatamon, Daemon appeared and demanded that Ken come with him. Arukenimon then appeared with a truckload of kidnapped children, and told Ken that if he went with her, she would release the captives. He complied, but once inside the truck, Ken was confronted by Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon's creator, who copied the Dark Spore within Ken, planning to implant it inside the kidnapped children. LadyDevimon and MarineDevimon were destroyed by Silphymon and Shakkoumon, but Daemon pursued the truck, forcing it to stop, and demanding Ken be handed over. Oikawa was about to comply - having no longer use for the boy - but the other DigiDestined and their Digimon arrived and commenced battled with the villain. Their attacks were unable to defeat him, but they kept fighting. As Daemon was able to open Digi-Ports on his own, sending him the DigiWorld served no purpose - but then Ken used the dark power that was still buried within him to convert a Digi-Port into a gateway to the World of Darkness, though which Daemon was cast. Daemon did nothing but laugh as the portal closed around him. Daemon did not return - it is thought that his continued existence is required to maintain the balance of light and darkness in the universe. Daemon first appears in "Invasion of the Daemon Corps." His voice is supplied by Bob Papenbrook. Bandai packaging and trading cards show that Daemon has another form - a demonic beast - that did not appear on the show.'Name: "Daemon" (pronounced "Day-mon") is an archaic alternative spelling of "demon" - and Daemon's original Japanese name is "Demon." The name on Bandai's materials is "Creepymon," but this awful name was thankfully changed by Saban for the show to one more reminiscent of his original.