Etemon's Dark Network is essentially a computer network that runs across the desert regions on the continent of Server, connecting all areas of Etemon's domain. There are numerous access terminals across the desert, one of which was tapped into by Izzy. Etemon and his Gazimon constantly monitor the Network for information. EvenKokatorimon's cruise ship was connected to the Network. When the DigiDestined kids arrived on Server, they were set upon by Etemon, who blamed them for recent malfunctions in his Network. They fled across the desert, finding their Crests on the way, and running to several of his minions, including Kokatorimon and Tyrannomon. It was when Izzy tapped into the aforementioned terminal that he received a message from someone who purported to be imprisoned inside Etemon's pyramid, the nexus point for the Dark Network. The kids discovered that the prisoner was Datamon, who had been imprisoned there by Etemon after being defeated by him in battle, and was forced to run his Network. It was actually Datamon who had been causing the Network malfunctions. The kids freed Datamon, but he turned out to be just as evil as Etemon, and kidnapped Sora and Biyomon, taking them to another chamber in the pyramid, where he attempted to make a digital copy of Sora who could use her Crest and serve him. Tai saved Sora, and then Etemon smashed in. As he and Datamon fought, Datamon dropped computer viruses into the Dark Network, causing it to start to absorb matter. Datamon was sucked in and destroyed, but somehow, Etemon managed to merge with the Dark Network, boosting his power. Even that power wasn't enough to stand against MetalGreymon, however, who used his Giga Blaster attack to destroy Etemon and the Network.