"I am Darwing Duck"
—end of his catchphrase
"Let's get dangerous."

Darkwing Duck is the titular hero of the cartoon series of the same name and tries to protect his city from a number of villains. He is a parody of awesome heroes such as Batman but unlike the former Darkwing Duck has a strong desire for fame and attention, a desire he often has to combat with in order to try and stay heroic.

Skills & Tempoare PowersEdit

Darkwing Duck is famed for using his gun that shhots smokebombs, & grapling hooks and driving his motorcycle or airjet (both shaped like his head) like Batman.

On several different occasions, he is given different superpowers for certain parts of his adventures, including the following:

  1. Super Strength (in "Planet of the Capes" & "The Increbile Bulk")
  2. Super Speed (With the side effect of aging, in "Going Nowhere Fast")