When I'm done with you,your faces will look like mashed potatoes-Springtrap

You are one of my most powerful minions. You possess the ability to steal the essence of the mightiest of warriors or the deadliest of beasts. You have never failed me.-Lord Zalgo

When they found your second loyal lover cut to ribbons in the gutter, how many whores you were attending?-Kirby

Whats your power level?-Broly

You made my brother fall in love with you,you sick monster-Sans

I wanna ride the pingas!-Sid

If you wanna be a villain number one-Robbie Rotten

I Hate you-Carnage

Name's Zalgo! And your name's Jeffery Woods, the man who killed his family. Rumor is.. I heard you finally befriended Eyeless Jack! Nice work. No, really! I applaud you! To bad you couldn't keep him alive. But I'm getting ahead of ourselves; let's relax! Care for a game of interdimensional chess? Have a cup of tea.-Lord Zalgo


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