The evil queen’s fate is: Falls off the cliff when lightning strikes and is pecked by two vultures

Lady tremaine’s fate is: Killed by a fire bomb from an Unversed-possessed pumpkin along with her daughters

Maleficent’s fate is: Slain by Prince Phillip

Cruella de vil’s fate is: Gets arrested by the Mental Asylum

The bear’s fate is: Falls off a waterfall and dies

Texas Pete gets flashed by the control in Superted and the stolen rocket

Sykes’s fate is: Gets hit by a train and dies

Here are 90's Disney Villains' deaths:

Ursula’s fate is: Impaled by Ship Mast while trying to kill Ariel; Impaled by the Trident,

Pengy gets turned into the ice in The Further Adventures of Superted,

McLeach’s fate is: Falls to his apparent death down a huge waterfall,

Gaston’s fate is: Falls off Beast's Castle to his death,

Scar’s fate is: Overthrown by Simba and killed by both the hyenas and the flames

& Clayton’s fate is: Fighting Tarzan, then gets hung by one of the vines and dies when it snaps his neck.

Ages and goes up in dust after Flynn cut Rapunzel's magic hair off and gets tripped out the window with Rapunzel's cut hair by Pascal