Names: Wicked Queen-Evil & Old,

Captain Hook-He's so popular,

The Evil Stepmother-I hate that stupid idiot,

Edgar-Kind but becomes Evil

Stinky Pete-Dastardly,

Jafar in Desguise-Real Nasty Villain who trys to kill Aladdin,

Maleficent-That horrible witch,

Cruella De Vil-She's just like Prince Pyjamarama,

Shere Khan-Nasty Stripy pussycat who trys to kill mowgli and He's a tiger,


Scar-A lying uncle but nice,

Honest John-Wicked Fox,

Sid Phillips-Toy torturer,

Gaston-That evil hunter who kills the beast,

Mother Gothel-I like her when she's evil

And Texas Pete-Classic.

They are the main villains in the disney movies.