Ahh, what a powerful speaker. Rarely does an orator of this quality come along. Don Karnage is the infamous air pirate you may have heard about while flying around in the Sea Duck on Tail Spin. If you're hauling cargo of even the slightest value, you'd better hope you can outmaneuver his little barn-stormer fighter planes, or you're going to be taken up to the villain's giant blimp-like lair. Karnage is master of the mixed metaphor, which makes it difficult for his henchmen to appreciate his genious. Not his fault, though.  At least not in his mind. Karnage has the best excuse for being evil: he's a pirate. Pirates don't need no stinkin' excuses! He also possesses the admirably unwavering belief that his dignity remains intact, even in the most ridiculous of situations. You've got to admire that degree of living in denial!

"It will be like stealing candy from a sitting baby duck on a log."