Thanks to a motivated and well informed fellow named Richard Turner, I finally have a bio for Dr. Robotnik. I think he was a little surprised that I didn't have my Sonic knowledge covered, but like i've said there are only so many hours of my day that i can cram cartoons into. if someone would just pay me to watch TV I would never need help, right? Good think you folks are looking out for me. Take it away, Richard!

Dr. Robotnik has two apperences. First he's in the original Sonic the Hedgehog show and then there's one based on the CD version (that's the one you have). In the original: Dr. Robotnik is the evil ruler of Mobius. He tends to try everything possible to make the people of Mobius misserable. This has not changed since the comming of Sonic but now he wants to denote Sonic, too. As a result he has created tons of robots, each with a different theme and purpose intent on stopping the Hedgehog. Some examples are a red robot trying to get rid of all music on Mobius (due to a "Sonic the Hedgehog" song going around), a sports robot, and Jr. (a younger version of himself that goes good). His main henchmen are Scratch (a chicken like monster), Grounder (some sort of blue drilling machine) and, occationally, Coconuts (a robot monkey). In addition to using robots to stop Sonic Robotnik has stolen a wand from a fairy godfather, soaked himself in a chemical bath to become Super Robotnik, and has at one time found and collected all five Chaos emeralds: Life, Immortality, Invisiblity, Invincibility, and Power. All the same he's kind of a fool who can't stand up to his mother, even though he's a grown man!

The CD version of Robotnik is a bit more evil. Apperently he came to Mobius from another world and instantly took over a large city. Since then he has discovered a way to make the inhabitants of Mobius into robots. His main henchmen are the Swatbots (black robots with red visors) which go around grabbing any rodent they can find. Robotnik is constantly looking for the escapees that hide in the forest and has therefore tried everything to destroy the forest itself. His main assistant is Snively, a smart, small guy who eventually takes over after Robotnik is driven off.