A subterranean monster created by Finster, Dramole attacked the Youth Center, trapping the city's parents in Rita's Dark Dimension, and took control of Billy's mind, causing him to hand the Dragon Dagger over to Goldar. When the Dagger and the Power Coins were recovered by the Green Ranger, Dramole emerged from the ground, and was quickly challenged by the Power Rangers. Assuming command of everyone's minds except for Kimberly, he had the other Rangers attack her until his spell was suddenly broken by Tommy. Dramole was grown to giant size by Rita, and fought the MegaZord and DragonZord. After both sides had gotten their fair share of blows in, Dramole was eventually destroyed by the UltraZord. Lord Zedd later recruited Dramole to assist in protecting the Rock of Time; the mole monster was destroyed by a slash from Billy's Power Lance. Dramole was later resurrected by Finster to help guard the Rangers in the Specter Theater. After attending Rita and Zedd's wedding, Dramole joined the other monsters in battling the Thunder MegaZord and White TigerZord, and was finally destroyed by the Thunder Saber.