Group: Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Iron Drill Spin, Crusher Bone, Mole's Claw The kids encountered Drimogemon in an underwater cavern while on their way to the continent of Server. Having freedWhamon from the thrall of a Black Gear, they were taken to the cavern to recover their Tags, which Devimon had hidden there, before his destruction. They were confronted with Drimogemon, also under the control of a Black Gear, who had been posted there by Devimon to guard the Tags. As Ikkakumon battled him, the kids found their Tags. Ikkakumon then destroyed the gear, freeing Drimogemon. When Tai was temporarily returned to the real world, he saw a Drimogemon flicker in and out of phase with Earth. Four years later, a Drimogemon was seen under the control of the Digimon Emperor, and created the crater into which Davisand Veemon fell, to be captured by the Emperor. Drimogemon was freed from the Dark Ring controlling him by Digmon. Later, when Digimon were appearing all over the world, a Drimogemon was seen in Japan. Shortly after that, one was sighted during the final battle withMaloMyotismon. A Drimogemon first appears in "Departure for a New Continent." Name: “Dri” is short for “drill.” “Moge” comes from the Japanese word “mogura,” meaning mole.