"Knock knock."— EarlEarl is a nasty Gremlin and one of the primary antagonists in the 1984 comedy-horror film Gremlins.HistoryHe first appeared when Billy brought a mogwai Gizmo spawned to his science teacher, Mr. Hansen. Billy intentionally got the mogwai wet, resulting in it spawning the mogwai known as Earl.Earl stayed with Mr. Hansen, where the science teacher gave Earl blood tests, much to the mogwai's annoyance. Mr. Hansen left a sandwich in reach of Earl, and Earl saw his chance and pulled it to him and ate it. Mr. Hansen found Earl in a cocoon the next day, much to his interest. Earl hatched into a gremlin during a film and Mr. Hansen searched for him. Hansen asked if the gremlin was still angry about the blood tests, which he was, and Hansen tried to bribe Earl to come out with chocolate. However, Earl ate the chocolate and his hand. Billy came to the science lab and found Mr. Hansen dead on the flor, the needle that had been used for the blood tests in his bottom. Earl scratched Billy's hand and ate an apple, before spitting it out in disgust. He then surprised Billy by coming out from a cubbard, revealing himself, before running off. He is not seen again in the film, although the novelization of the film says Billy killed him with a fire-extinguisher, so it is likely it happened in the film off-screen. TriviaEarl is the last mogwai to be seen on-screen, yet is the first gremlin to be seen on-screen.Earl is the third mogwai or gremlin in the film to talk.Earl is supposably voiced by Howie Mendal, who also voiced Gizmo.