BiographyEditEddie Caputo was a friend of sorts and partner to Charles Lee Ray nicknamed Chucky, who was also known as the Lakeshore Strangler. During an apparent robbery, Chucky was suppose to meet up with Eddie. Eddie was suppose to be his ride so he could make a break from the robbery. However, the plan went sour when Chucky was being chased by Detective Mike Norris . During the chase, Mike shot Chucky in the leg. Eddie seeing the plan had gone south, chose to bail on Chucky. Despite Chucky screaming and begging for his partner not to leave him behind.In desperation, Chucky broke into a toy store. There Norris continued to pursue him, the two tried shooting one another. Chucky missed but Norris didn't, shooting him in the chest. Realizing this could be his end, Chucky tried one last desperate act and tried chanting a voodoo spell he had learned. Hopefully, to switch his body and come back and take his vengance on Detective Norris and Eddie. Out of impluse, Chucky chose the closest thing he could find which was a Good Guy Doll. Before dying, Charles swore vengeance on Edward and Detective Mike Norris, no matter what. Chucky apparently died right after a lightning bolt struck the store. The police eventually caught Eddie, but he escaped them during his transfer to prison.The police couldn't find where his partner Eddie had run off to. Disappearance and DeathEditEddie Caputo stayed in an abandoned house inside a Chicago ghetto which was serving as his hideout after the robbery.Eddie Caputo was killed after Chucky convinced Andy Barclay to escort him to Caputo's hideout. When Andy went off to use the bathroom Chucky disconnected the gas line to the stove. Caputo fired a shot at Chucky resulting in the home exploding which claimed his life. Aftermath and Affect on the Barclay FamilyEditThe police found Andy nearby, he told them Chucky told him to take him there. However, no one believed him. Its believed that they thought Andy played some role in Eddie's death or witnessed it. When Karen tried to explain to Andy that no one believed him. Andy breaks down and confronts Chucky, but Chucky plays dumb. Andy cries to his mother, saying that Chucky threatened to hurt him if he had talked. The psycharist and the police have seen enough, whatever role he had. They believe something is wrong mentally with Andy and take him away from Karen.