Edwin the Bug is an alien Bug and the brother of Edgar the Bug. Edwin is identical to Edgar. Edwin is sent by the Bug Queen to get revenge on whoever killed Edgar. Edwin first comes and needs sugar, which tips off Frank the Pug. While searching, Edwin finally finds Elle the woman who killed Edgar before she was an agent. However, there are two more Bugs named Dung and Moe, both competing against Edwin to get their reward of royal jelly from the Queen. Though Kay, Jay, and Elle manage to defeat Dung and Moe, Edwin defeats the three agents and prepares to depart with them as his hostages while leaving Dung and Moe for dead. Fortunately, the Worms come in to stop Edwin by giving Dung and Moe their sugared coffee in order to regain their energy, and Dung and Moe use two De-Atomizers to blast Edwin to his death, similar to how his brother was. Like Edgar and other Bugs, Edwin was voiced by Vincent D'Onofrio.