Felipe is a charming, pleasant, inquisitive adolescent orphan, whose parents were probably killed during a bloody revolution, when the then helpless kid was found by the cart his mother tried to fled in on a battlefield by don Diego, who found the locals were not prepared to take charge of another war child, so he took the boy to the De la Vega hacienda in Los Angeles. There Felipe found a good home, officially as in-living houseboy but actually treated as Diego's personal companion and a de facto member of the family. Just when Diego was creating the Zorro persona, he discovered Felipe's war abandon-trauma left him mute but his deafness was gone, so the bright boy also made the ideal confidante and secret assistant for Zorro, who helps him hide his identity, groom the black stallion Toronado, do science experiments in the hide out cave, bring his costume... in short, everything requiring a reliable accomplice in the noble fight against crime and the wicked alcalde. In one episode, Felipe manages to cry out just in time to save Zorro's life, but relapses into muteness almost immediately.