File Island is a small island in the DigiWorld, though it appears to be a nexus point for the digital matter of the DigiWorld. It was where Gennaihid the Digivices and Digi-Eggs of the DigiDestined to keep them from the clutches of the Dark Masters, and it was where the kids crashed down when they first came to the DigiWorld. File Island is split into numerous areas, and has several important landmarks on it. At it's centre isInfinity Mountain, while elsewhere on the island, there is an automated factory run by Andromon, a temple built to honour the DigiDestined in the jungles, Toy Town somewhere in the forests, Primary Village at the foot of Infinity Mountain, a village of Yokomon in the deserts, a sewer system populated by Numemon and a graveyard inhabited by Bakemon. Devimon was able to infect the majority of the island's population withBlack Gears, as well as to place the gears in strategic positions around the island, such as inside mountains. When Devimon attacked the kids, he split File Island into small, separate islands, and split the kids up by sending them to different islands. Once the kids destroyed the Black Gears on each island, all the portions of the island began to move back together again. Once Devimon was destroyed, File Island was complete again. When the kids travelled to Server, and subsequently, back to Earth to halt the plans of Myotismon, the Dark Masters emerged during the time they were away, and took control of the DigiWorld, reconstructing its digital matter into the massive Spiral Mountain. Once the kids defeated the Dark Masters and their creator, Apocalymon, the DigiWorld began to revert back to normal, beginning with File Island and spreading outward.