Bitch whoever deleted the meaning of a Ghoul..i swear to God I'm gonna AHHHH SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT A GHOUL IS

edit from random person online:whoever made this...thank you it mad sus af

A ghoul is a little like a zombie in the sense its ugly and dead and can be killed via head shot or crashing its brain but they mainly live in small groups 1-2 and eat dead shit or some living shit Note shit meaning humans and dogs or babies and stuff also they can transform into what ever they eat mad sus

Another person online: guys idk, i don't find any of these monster's description. It's really annoying

Person 5?: A ghoul is an undead humanoid and/or a demonic being. Ghouls inhabit burial grounds and other deserted places. They are known to possibly rob from graves, drink blood, shape-shift into animals or humans (if they eat the heart and brain of a human), and prey on corpses. In some cases, they can only die of decapitation or brain trauma. They appearance is doglike but as well as a human's anatomy. A.N: This is just found from all around the internet. I'm not sure if this correctly describes a ghoul.