Gizamon are minor villains in Digimon Adventures 01, 02, and Digimon Xros Wars, and minions of other antagonists.Contents [show] AppearanceGizamon are small Rookie Class Digimon that looks like a amphibian with four spikes, yellow skin and orange fur.Digimon Adventures 01A small army of Gizamon were minions of Myotismon. They were in control of Toyko Bay. If anyone got close to the Bay the Gizamon came and attack. After Myotismon was killed, his bats came and ate Gizamon, killing them so they can give birth to VenomMyotismon.Digimon Adventures 02A large group of Gizamon were slaves to the Digimon Emperor. At first they were working without the Dark Rings but then the Digimon Emperor but Dark Rings on the Gizamon. They were told that they would get a reward if they build a prison and beat up Gomamon. But the reward were Dark Rings. Their current location is unknown.Digimon Xros WarsThe Gizamon are the soldiers of Neptunmon who tortured Archleomon and threatened him where the Code Crown is. Shoutmon X2 attacked the Gizumon and shooed them away.AttacksSpiral Saw4-Leg Kick