A mom blog (dad blog, etc.) is journalese and cyberslang for a weblog featuring commentary and discussions especially about parenting, home and family. The greater proportion of the authors of the blogs of this type are women.

Speaking of the emergence of the niche and referencing its commercial aspect, Janet Shamlian of MSNBC expressed the opinion that "Being a mom can be isolating, but with a connection to the Internet we can peek behind the curtain of our contemporaries who blog about their lives[...]. I have to admit, there are several blogs I check every morning...if only to validate that that I'm not the only who feels like she's constantly dropping the balls. In the midst of talking to other moms, these bloggers have discovered big business was listening. Companies[...]are reaching out to mom bloggers, hoping to get a mention."[1]

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  • Elizabeth Edwards, wife of 2008 Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, responded to criticism, originating in the online parenting (or "mom") blog Strollerderby, of Edward's children's accompanying her at campaign appearances.[2]
  • CBS News anchor Katie Couric blogged on a multi-author parenting blog New York City Moms Blog prior to her interview of 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.[3][4]

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