Inspector Rodriguez was an Upper-Level demon working for the Source of All Evil. He was sent to find out why so many evil beings were being vanquished the first year the Charmed Ones received their powers. He then plotted with the sorcerer Tempus to kill the sisters, which ultimately led to the death of Andy Trudeau. HistoryEdit

In 1999, the Source of All Evil sent Rodriguez to find out why the ranks of demons and warlocks had been decimated the last few months. Rodriguez assumed the identity of a detective with internal affairs with the SFPD and started investigating Andy Trudeau's unsolved cases, while also temporarily suspending Andy pending investigation.

Rodriguez then worked with the demonic sorcerer Tempus in an attempt to kill the Charmed Ones. When Rodriquez failed to kill all three sisters, Tempus trapped them all in a time loop until he would kill all three sisters. On the first attempt he managed to kill Phoebe, on the second attempt he managed to kill both Phoebe and Piper. However, Phoebe figured out the time loop due to her powers, so the sisters were able to prepare. Rodriquez was finally vanquished by Prue Halliwell, who deflected his own Energy Ball back at him, after he had killed Andy Trudeau on the third attempt. Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rodriguez possessed the ability to enhance his hearing, which enabled him to listen in on a distant conversation between Andy and Darryl despite the noise from a construction site, and also had the power of Sonic Screaming, which he used to kill his partner. Rodriguez also possessed the power to throw Energy Balls, making him the first demon who displayed this power. Active Powers: Sonic Scream: The ability to scream a high pitched scream that is deafening to others. Energy Balls: The ability to make and throw balls made of energy. Other Powers: High Resistance: He is more resistant to attacks that regular people or mortals. Immortality: He will live forever unless vanquished.

Enhanced Senses: He can hear better than a regular human.