This vile gangster is easily one of the most disgusting Mofos we've ever seen. Jabba the Hutt was nasty, arrogant, greedy, and totally unsettling as the heavy (pun intended) at the beginning of Return of the Jedi, Episode Six of the Star Wars saga.

He was a collector of fine things: money, spice (drugs), and people, including dancing slave girls and human wall adornments like Han Solo. He was ruthless but with a keen mind, able to fend off the influential powers of a Jedi Knight like Luke Skywalker. But his excess - both in terms of his physical girth and complete arrogance - would get the best of him.

Jabba is clearly a legend among Mofos for his physical attributes and, as you could see in the movie, when he spoke, people listened. If not, they might end up as the next snack for the Sarlaac.