James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism has been awarded by Hunter College since 1990.

It is to honor the Hunter College professor of journalism and editor James Aronson.[1] The Grambs Aronson Cartooning with a Conscience award is named for his wife, (Blanche Mary) Grambs Aronson.[2]

List of WinnersEdit

Year Category Winner Work Organization
2009 A.C. Thompson "Katrina's Hidden Race War" The Nation
2009 JoAnn Wypijewski "Carnal Knowledge" The Nation
2009 Mother Jones "Climate Countdown," Mother Jones
2009 Nina Bernstein coverage of immigration issues The New York Times
2009 Cartooning Jen Sorensen "Slowpoke Comics" [3][4][5]
2008 Lifetime Achievement Les Payne Newsday [6]
2008 E.J. Graff “The Lie We Love" Foreign Policy
2008 Joseph Huff-Hannon “Facing Foreclosure The Indypendent
2008 Nick Turse “A My Lai a Month" The Nation[7]
2008 Blog Award Danny Schechter
2008 Cartooning Ed Stein
2007 Brian Grow, Robert Berner, Keith Epstein “The Poverty Business” BusinessWeek
2007 Helen Benedict “The Private War of Women Soldiers"[8]
2007 Dahr Jamail Iraq reporting
2007 Jeremy Scahill "Blackwater Worldwide" The Nation
2007 Matt O'Brien, Ray Chavez “The Mayan Way” Daily Review of Hayward, California
2007 Cartooning Marc Simont Lakeville [CT] Journal
2006 Lifetime Achievement Amy Goodman [9]
2006 Julia Whitty "The Fate of the Ocean," Mother Jones
2006 Corine Hegland "Guantanamo's Grip" National Journal
2006 Judy Pasternak "Blighted Homeland" Los Angeles Times
2006 Tim Collie, Mike Stocker, Jim Amon "Orphans of AIDS" South Florida-Sentinel
2006 Cartooning John Sherffius Boulder Daily Camera
2005 Lifetime Achievement Molly Ivins
2005 Lifetime Achievement Anthony Lewis
2005 Gary Fields Wall Street Journal
2005 Kevin Fagan, Brant Ward San Francisco Chronicle[10]
2005 Tracie McMillan City Limits magazine
2005Blogs Juan Cole “Informed Comment.”
2005 Cartooning Kirk Anderson
2004 Seymour M. Hersh "Abu Graib" The New Yorker
2004 Naomi Klein Harper's
2004 Frank Rich The New York Times
2004 Peter G. Gosselin "New Deal" Los Angeles Times
2004 Cartooning Bill Day Memphis Commercial-Appeal
2003 Paul Krugman political commentary The New York Times & The Nation
2003 Jake Bernstein & Dave Mann "The Rise of the Machine" The Texas Observer
2003 John Donnelly, Colin Nickerson, David Filipov, Raja Mishra "Lives Lost" The Boston Globe
2003 David Barstow & Lowell Bergman "Dangerous Business" & "When Workers Die" The New York Times
2003 Mohamad Bazzi Iraq War Newsday
2003 Cartooning Mark Fiore Animated Political Cartooning
2002 William Finnegan The New Yorker
2002 Seth Rosenfeld FBI & Clark Kerr San Francisco Chronicle
2002 Rebekah Denn African-American and white students Seattle Post-Intelligencer
2002 Katy Reckdahl mistreatment of the homeless Gambit Weekly
2002 Cartooning Ted Rall "Generalissimo El Busho"
2001 William Greider “ regulatory takings ” movement The Nation[11]
2001 Dolores Barclay, Todd Lewan, Allen G. Breed “Torn From the Land” Associated Press
2001 Lifetime Achievement AwardRobert Sherrill
2001 CartooningDan Perkins " Tom Tomorrow “
2001 Lifetime Achievement Award Edward Sorel
2000 Ellen E. Schultz “ pension-paring spree ” Wall Street Journal[12]
2000 Dale Maharidge, Michael Williamson "This American Is Hungry" George magazine
2000 Robert Scheer Los Angeles Times & The Nation
2000 Juan Gonzalez New York Daily News
2000 Cartooning Steve Brodner “art journalism”
1999 Sasha Abramsky “ When They Get Out ” Atlantic Monthly
1999 Larry Johnson, Dan DeLong “ Life and Death in Iraq ” Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1999 Marcus Stern, Dana Wilkie, Dori Meinert, Toby Eckert “America's Immigration Dilemma” Copley News Service
1999 Lifetime Achievement Award Jules Feiffer
1999 Cartooning Art Spiegelman New Yorker magazine
1998 Newsday “ The Health Divide ” Newsday
1998 Christopher Cook “ Plucking Workers ” The Progressive
1998 Donald L. Barlett, James B. Steele corporate welfare Time
1997 CommentaryBob Herbert police brutality The New York Times
1997 Environmental Reporting Karl Grossman
1997 Socio-Economic Reporting Marc Kaufman & Dan Stets Philadelphia Board of City Trusts Philadelphia Inquirer
1997 International Reporting Eyal Press, Jennifer Washburn, Benn Terrall & Amy Goodman U.S.-Indonesia Society & Suharto The Progressive
1996 Charles M. Sennott “ Armed for Profit: The Selling of U.S. Weapons ” Boston Globe[13]
1996 Gary Webb “Dark Alliance” San Jose Mercury News
1996 Honorable Mention Greg Davis Maine's DeCoster Egg Farms.
1995 Barry Bearak “The Waning Power of Workers” Los Angeles Times
1995 Honorable mention Nancy Stancill “Paid in Pain” Charlotte Observer
1995 Lifetime Achievement Award John Oakes The New York Times
1994 Allen Nairn Haiti The Nation
1994 Honorable mention Tony Horwitz “ 9 to Nowhere: The Grim Side of ‘90s Growth Jobs ” Wall Street Journal
1994 Honorable mention Mike Hudson “Robbin' the Hood: How Wall Street Takes from the Poor and Gives to the Rich” Mother Jones
1993 Eileen Welsome “The Plutonium Experiment” Albuquerque Tribune
1993 Honorable mention Paul Salopek “La Migra: The Border Patrol's Wall of Silence” Texas Observer
1993 Honorable mention New Orleans Times-Picayune “ The Myth of Race”
1992 Mike Davis “LA: Burning All Illusions” The Nation
1992 Honorable mention Celia Dugger foster care, welfare and people in poverty The New York Times
1992 Honorable mention Robert Weissman “ The Corporate Rap Sheet ” Multinational Monitor
1991 Gloria Emerson “Gaza: A Year in the Intifada: A Personal Account from an Occupied Land.”
1991 Honorable mention Ellen Ray, William Schaap press assumptions and practices Lies of Our Times
1991 Honorable mention Peter Sussman Lompoc Federal Penitentiary The San Francisco Chronicle
1990 Kathy Kadane CIA's role in Indonesia State News Service, The Washington Post
1990 Honorable Mention Lawrence Wechsler, Alan Nairn, Peter Kornbluh, William Finnegan “Talk of the Town” pieces on Central America New Yorker


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