Certain publications of Jehovah's Witnesses are intended specifically for adherents, and are not distributed as part of their public evangelizing.

Some Jehovah's Witnesses publications, such as song books, The Watchtower Study Edition, and Our Kingdom Ministry newsletters, are for use by those who attend congregation meetings. Others, such as Watchtower Library (CD-ROM) and Organized to Accomplish Jehovah's Will, are typically reserved for baptized Witnesses. Certain publications are limited to members in appointed positions, such as congregation elders.

Our Kingdom MinistryEdit

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Our Kingdom Ministry[1] is a monthly newsletter distributed to publishers, that is, baptized and unbaptized individuals who have been approved for formal field ministry, and to individuals considered to be "making progress toward sharing in the field ministry".[2] It includes material for use during the midweek meeting. It is informally referred to as the 'KM'.

The Watchtower Study EditionEdit

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The Watchtower Study Edition, is a monthly magazine containing study articles for use during the Watchtower Study[3] as part of the weekend meeting, typically held on Sunday. It is also one of the sources used for Jehovah's Witnesses' Service Meeting assignments.

Audio and PDF files of The Watchtower Study Edition may be downloaded.[4]

Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School EducationEdit

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Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education, released in 2002, is the primary textbook for the Theocratic Ministry School (TMS),[5][6] part of Jehovah's Witnesses' midweek meeting.[7] It is also one of the sources used for Jehovah's Witnesses' Service Meeting assignments. Each student assignment includes a speech counsel point on which the particular student is asked to focus.[8][9] The textbook contains chapters discussing each point of speech counsel. It also contains procedural information regarding the School and sections on skills relating to the Bible, memory, research, outlines, letter-writing, and settings. It replaced the earlier Theocratic Ministry School Guidebook.

Sing to JehovahEdit

Sing to Jehovah is the current hymnal used by Jehovah's Witnesses. It includes 135 songs, and was released in English in 2009 and subsequently in many other languages. Sing to Jehovah has been available in paperback.

Since 2009, the publishers have made the book's music available for download.[10]

Organized to Do Jehovah's WillEdit

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Organized to Do Jehovah's Will is an organizational manual distributed to individuals considering baptism as a member of Jehovah's Witnesses. It details the operating procedures for Jehovah's Witnesses at the congregation level and how baptized publishers interact with the larger, worldwide organization. It also contains questions that elders discuss with unbaptized publishers who wish to become baptized. The questions are intended to ensure that the unbaptized fully understand the beliefs that they are to represent after baptism, to help the elders understand their thoughts on biblical matters, and to help discern true motives of prospective members.

Organized to Do Jehovah's Will superseded Organized to Accomplish Our Ministry (1983, revised 1989), which had replaced Organization for Kingdom-Preaching and Disciple-Making (1972).[11]

Shining as Illuminators in the WorldEdit

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Shining as Illuminators in the World is a textbook distributed to Jehovah's Witnesses who serve as pioneers, or full-time-preachers, reporting a minimum of 70 hours per month. It is used as an educational text book for members in the Pioneer Service School, a two-week course for pioneers after about one year of service.

This school was established in 1977.[12] The name of the book, "Shining as Illuminators in the World", is based on one of the objectives of this course - to help pioneers to sharpen their preaching and teaching skills so as to shine more effectively “as illuminators in the world.”—Phil. 2:15.[13]

Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the FlockEdit


Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock is a procedural manual for elders and traveling overseers of Jehovah's Witnesses originally published by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society in 1977 as a textbook for their Kingdom Ministry School. It outlines particular instructions for elders concerning congregational policy and disciplinary procedures for Jehovah's Witnesses; its title is from Acts 20:28[14][15].

Its preface states that copies may not be made, and that the book remains the property of the congregation which issued it, and must be returned to the Service Committee in the event the user ceases in his function as an elder.[16]

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