Jehovah's Witnesses have published various reference works outlining their interpretations of the Bible. Their most current doctrinal encyclopedia is the two-volume set, Insight on the Scriptures. They are intended for distribution only to members.

Watchtower LibraryEdit

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Watchtower Library is a Windows-based research tool distributed on CD-ROM, published every two years from 1995 to 2003, and yearly since 2003.[1] It contains the text of many Jehovah's Witnesses' materials published since 1970, and The Watchtower since 1950. The software also includes audio pronunciations of biblical names and maps of places mentioned in the Bible.

Since 1997, Watchtower Library on CDROM has been available in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.[2] Multiple editions of Watchtower Library can be used simultaneously, allowing the user to research in a preferred language and automatically display the corresponding article in another language.[3]

Watch Tower Publications IndexEdit

In 1960[4] and 1985,[5] Jehovah's Witnesses published cumulative indexes[6] for nearly all Watch Tower Society publications released since 1930.[7][8]

Since 1985, a new cumulative hardcover index is released every five years, indexing publications released after 1985;[9] a cumulative softcover index is published each year for publications released since the last hardcover index.[10]

Scholarly works have at times referred to Watch Tower Publications Index to indicate Jehovah's Witnesses interest in a particular subject.[11][12][13][14]

See the Good LandEdit

See the Good Land, released in 2003, is a 36-page, full-color biblical atlas, with maps, photographs, and accompanying text. By 2006, “See the Good Land” was available in about 80 languages.[15] The title is derived from Deuteronomy 3:25.

Jehovah's Witnesses - Proclaimers of God's KingdomEdit

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The Proclaimers book was released in 1993 as the official history of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Insight on the ScripturesEdit

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Insight on the Scriptures is a two-volume hardcover biblical reference work, published in 1988. The works contain full-color illustrations, graphs, charts, maps and other visual aids, as well as detailed analyses of all subjects found in the Bible as interpreted by Jehovah's Witnesses. Biblical views on subjects such as mercy, death and others are also discussed. The Insight books contain articles on every book of the Bible (except for the deuterocanonical books which are discussed in the article, Apocrypha) with an outline of the principal ideas of each.

Insight on the Scriptures replaced Aid to Bible Understanding.

Reasoning from the ScripturesEdit


Reasoning From the Scriptures is a doctrinal handbook, published in 1985 and revised in 1989. It is designed as a quick reference work for use in evangelizing activity and source for Bible speeches, and common responses to questions a Witness might encounter. It is mainly for use by the Witnesses, and is available (but not generally offered) to the public.[16]

The book contains excerpts from a variety of Bible translations, including the King James Version, the Latin Vulgate, and Jehovah's Witnesses' own New World Translation. Reasoning also provides quotations from encyclopedias and reference books about science, archeology, and biblical vocabulary.

Reasoning from the Scriptures replaced Make Sure of All Things - Hold Fast to What Is Fine (1965), which in turn replaced Make Sure of All Things originally published in 1953, revised 1957.

Comprehensive ConcordanceEdit

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The Comprehensive Concordance of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, released in 1973, lists every occurrence of principal words in the 1971 edition of the New World Translation.[17][18] The English edition contains approximately 14,700 word headings and about 333,200 entries.[19]

Aid to Bible UnderstandingEdit

Aid to Bible Understanding, referred to informally as the Aid Book, was the first doctrinal and biblical encyclopedia of Jehovah's Witnesses, published in part in 1969, and in full in 1971 by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. It is now out of print, superseded by the Insight volumes. The complete work contains cross-referenced articles on over 4000 subjects.[20] It has color maps on its end-sheets and some black-and-white illustrations within the main text.

Controversy arose regarding the Aid Book as high-profile members of the religion who contributed to its articles eventually left the organization. Officially, the encyclopedia has an anonymous author, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, though the organization states that over "250 researchers ... contributed to the work".[21] Raymond Franz, a former member of the Governing Body,[22] claimed to have been one of the researchers and stated that many of the submitted contributions could not be used due to superficiality or a lack of credibility.[23] According to Franz, Watch Tower Society president Nathan H. Knorr appointed Lyman Swingle (who later became a member of the Governing Body), Edward Dunlap of the Gilead school staff, along with Franz in the Writing Department, as the primary writers. Frederick W. Franz, the organization's vice president, advised the writers when scholarly questions arose, or referred them to secular Bible commentaries held at the world headquarters' library.[24]

According to Raymond Franz, research for the Aid Book led to new interpretations of some concepts, providing a catalyst for changes in doctrine. For example, the commentary on the subjects "Older Man" and "Overseer" called into question the use of individual elders as overseers, or single points of authority, within the religion's organizational structure; as a result the Watch Tower Society delegated oversight of congregations and branch offices to committees of elders.[25]


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