A List and explanation of Kings and Roads in manga/anime series Air Gear

Kings and RoadsEdit

What are Kings and RoadsEdit

'Kings' are the most advanced users in the AT world, each possessing a unique 'Regalia' as their proof of their status. Regalias are special ATs specifically engineered to work in conjunction with the King's 'road'. Though there are many roads in the Air Gear world, only the eight riders whose roads are dependent on air can be considered Kings. As such all regalia utilize a force known as the "Infinity Atmosphere", allowing the King to utilize some part of the air for various purposes. Although some people can be recognized with having the power of a King, a person is not officially recognized without a Regalia. Some roads which do not have Kings are the Apollo Road of Aeon Clock, Gawain's Gladius Road, the Smell Road of Onigiri and the Guts Road of Emily Adachi, if the latter two can even be called a road, at least.

List of Kings and RoadsEdit

Title Road Description of Road Regalia's Abilities Current Titleholder Predecessor(s) AT/Regalia Name Infinity Atmosphere
Storm King 嵐の王

of Hurricane Road 颶風の道

An extremely volatile and powerful Road that combines elements of both the Wing Road and the Over Road. The Hurricane Road focuses on using wind as an offensive weapon rather than to increase maneuverability. The rider can use normal ATs to replicate the effects of the Wing Road's Regalia. N/A Itsuki "Ikki" Minami N/A Ram Jet (Delivered by Benkei after Yoshitshune's death)

Storm Regalia (In the process of being built, by using parts from Ram Jet)

Pile Tornado, Limited Express, Null Wind

Wind King 風の王

of Wing Road 翼の道

Uses interfaces to create and ride on the surface of different air densities, allowing the rider to increase their maneuverability and attain lift when their bodies are in a moving mass of air. Aerial tricks often involve changing the center of gravity to attain more distance. They can apply their own momentum to an air current, such as a Fang, to increase the current's velocity. Riders have a natural ability to sense wind changes before they occur. Can create countless trick paths throughout the air, and produce gusts of wind strong enough to even nullify some of the other Regalias Infinity Atmosphere. Through activating the Regalia's core, powerful windstorms with wind speeds over 180mph can be produced, and controlled by the user. Sora Takeuchi Sora Takeuchi

(Former King before Sora's betrayl) Itsuki "Ikki" Minami - had possession of Regalia while a candidate

Bagram Moonstruck Drop Numberless Grappler
Flame King炎の王

of Flame Road炎の道

The rider moves at extremely high speeds, often disappearing from view. The high friction of the movement on a surface causes enough heat to create the illusion of a flaming trail. N/A Kazuma "Kazu" Mikura (presumed by Spitfire's will; does not possess Regalia; Regalia stolen by Aeon Clock) Spitfire Flame Regalia Infinite Inferno
Thunder King

雷の王 of Rising Road 紫電の道

The rider uses sharp wires to prevent mobility Releases high voltages through wires in the regalia suit. Enables user to cause hallucinations by manipulating the Earth's magnetic field (which alters human brainwaves), and is said to have the power to destroy an entire town Nue Black Burn N/A Atmosphere Max
Fang King

牙の王 of Bloody Road 血痕の

Unlike conventional "Roads", the Bloody Road creates its path from the blood of an actual adversary, through cuts and scratches Releases a pressurized "Fang" through the instantaneous acceleration and braking of the A-T's wheel motors, vacuuming and compressing air into a piercing (shock wave). Agito Wanijima Falco

Akito Wanijima---- Agito Wanijima---- Akira Udō

Bloody Armor Sand Tiger Bloody Fang, Gigaer Cross (Only used by Akira thus far), Fang Cage, Infinite Jail (only used by Lind thus far), Blood Blade Fang
Thorn Queen

荊の王 of Sonia Road 荊棘の道

Once described as the opposite of the Bloody Road, riders maneuver with their hips rather than their knees. Provides greater strength, maneuverability, and speed at the price of, at times, severe physical pain. Some practitioners are known to cushion their joints with nitrogen bubbles. The Sonia Road is said to be unbeatable due to its high offense and usage of wide area and severely damaging attacks, as evidenced in Ikki and Ringo's fight, and the chapters that preceded (a explanation being provided in an omake). However, because it's a double-edged road, the user also receives the pain dealt, making it a risk to use. In active mode, this Regalia unravels into a super conductive rod, operating much like a whip. With rapid and proper hip movements, the tip of the rods can exceed 340 m/s (760mph), producing small sonic boom "thorns". However, this places heavy strain on the Rider. Ringo Noyamano Rika Noyamano Thorn Reaper Infinite Chain: Turquoise Sonia
Rumble King

轟の王 of Over Road 轢藍の道

Also called "Audience of the Over Road". rider focus to make ampilified-like sound echoes, creating "wall of sound" Working with the Windmill Principle, the Regalia body acts like a turbine to compress incoming air for bigger thrust, and redirect it. Great strength is required to redirect all of the compressed wind within the Regalia also it can apparently nullify a "fang" from Agito Dontores


Ram Jet N/A
Pledge Queen

契の王 of Ring Road 閃律の道

Not all people on the Ring Road ride AT. Their mission is to care for and heal their fellow riders. Ring Road followers also focus a lot on sound, as that is how they can adjust the Regalia that requires a team effort. Axis allows the Pledge Queeen to act through his/her team mates by feeding their body with information through a "bird call," essentially creating clones of the Pledge Queen out of all the Tuners attached to the Regalia. The Tuners can then access the world of 'Infinite Scale', enabling them to build, repair and tune ATs as quickly as the Pledge Queen Kururu Sumeragi Ine Makigai Axis Infinite Scale
Gem King

石の王/ Gaia Road 大地の道 of Jade Road 緋翠の道

rider memorize and engrave all riding script from an opponent despite how fast, high and complex the trick----

rider focused on defend rather than attacking opponent, providing greater endurance

This Regalia operates on the principles of piezoelectricity to generate electrical potential by applying directional force to the ground via the Regalia's mechanical components. The induced voltage is transmitted along the surface, and synchronizes with the vibrations of an object (ie. the adversary) and effectively incapacitates them Nike Takeuchi Kilik Gem Infinite Tremor
Horn King


N/A This Regalia operates under the same principle as the Fang King's Bloody Armor. It uses the rapid acceleration and braking of the wheel-motors to generate heat, Converting energy from braking into heat energy. Then expel that accumulated heat as thermal "shells" through incredibly fast and steady kicking Gabishi N/A Hatch Venom Air Cannon
Water King

水の王 of Lather Road 泡翠の道

N/A This Regalia can change the density and properties of water by saturating it with air. Ability activates by using the wheels of the AT to seal high pressure within the bubbles. Can be used offensively and defensively Om N/A Water Regalia Bubblegum Crisis
Sky King The ultimate title in Air Gear's AT world. It is said that a candidate for Sky King must possess two passive traits - "Hawk Eye" and "Trick Pass" - which allow the rider to instantaneously create an extremely accurate map of the course and all possible tricks and routes Called "The Regalia of Regalias", it is at the "top" of the Trophaeum, where the decomposed body of the late professor who created it is still clutching the suitcase which holds the Regalia within. Sleeping Forest has been protecting the regalia for years; the Gram Scale Tournament takes place when the doors of the Trophaeum open, allowing riders to challenge Sleeping Forest. N/A N/A Sky Regalia N/A

Extra Information on Kings, Roads, and RegaliasEdit

• The king of the Wing Road is the Wind King. The status of Wind King is not a prerequisite to becoming the Sky King, however because the Wing Road is considered the "purest" road most expect the Wind King to become Sky King. As no one is currently known to have possessed the Sky Regalia, no one has been crowned as Sky King. Sora Takeuchi was close, but failed due to the betrayal of Kilik. It is said that all eight non-Sleeping Forest kings would like the one who rides the Wing Road to be Sky King because all Regalia depend on the air to function. However, this may no longer be the case due to Itsuki's recent founding of the Hurricane Road.

• Another point in regard to the Regalia of the Gem King. When previously owned by Kilik, the road was called the Gaia Road. However, when Nike obtained the Regalia from Kilik, the road changed to the Jade Road. This is because Nike learned to grasp and manipulate the wind like Sora as a rider while growing up, which consequently lead to a fusion with the Gaia Road to create a new road, the Jade Road. Similar is the Apollon Road, which was the simultaneous use of both Spitfire and Aeon Clock's versions of the Flame Road. Although Aeon's road is sometimes confused as a separate "time" road, his road is actually a transformed variant of the Flame Road.

• As of right now the Horn King is the only one who either does not possess a road at all or has not revealed the name of his Road. The manga described Gabishi as "Faceless", while in the same section describing Om as "Water Queen".

• Though Agito is the current Fang King after regaining his title, he was only seen wearing Bloody Armor once; during the battle against Trident. Agito is the one and only current Fang King; regardless of Lind's power or position among the personalities, Agito has not given the Regalia to the Lind (like Akito gave Bloody Armor to Agito when he quit AT), nor is he cooperating with Lind, making him the sole Fang King. Also, although Akito was the personality who launched the Leviathan during the Behemoth battle in the manga, he has no interest in being Fang King, and since Agito was the personality who made the bet, he's still the rightful owner of Bloody Armor.

• The Regalia that are in the possession of the current Kings of Sleeping Forest are sub-Regalia from the original 8 Regalia. That is why even though Gravity Children shouldn't need to be tuned with Regalia, they still have tuners, because the sub-Regalias are not powerful enough to withstand the power of the Kings. Currently, only Gem, Fang, Flame and Rumble Regalia have been shown as original.

• Current combination road that has been revealed was Jade Road and Hurricane Road; Appolo Road wasn't included because this Road basically was Flame Road enhanched with Time manipulation.

Original 8 Kings of Sleeping ForestEdit

The original 8 Kings of Sleeping Forest are a special group because almost all of them, except Rika and Ine, had lived in the zero gravity of the Tower and fought to protect the Sky Regalia until it is ready to be used or until the right rider appear him/herself.

Title Road Rider's Name
Wind King


Wing Road


Sora Takeuchi
Flame King


Flame Road


Thunder King


Rising Road


Black Burn
Fang King


Bloody Road


Thorn Queen


Sonia Road


Rika Noyamano
Rumble King


Over Road


Pledge Queen


Ring Road


Ine Makigai
Gem King


Gaia Road



Current Sleeping Forest Kings and RoadsEdit

Title Road Rider's Name
Thorn Queen Sonia Road Ringo Noyamano
Horn King角の王  ???? Gabishi(蛾媚刺)
Water Queen


Lather Road


Om 王蟲

Current Genesis Kings and RoadsEdit

Title Road Rider's Name
Wind King Wing Road Sora Takeuchi
Gem King Jade Road Nike Takeuchi
Thunder King Rising Road Nue

Current Kogarasumaru Kings and RoadsEdit

Title Road Rider's Name
Storm King Hurricane Road Itsuki Minami
Flame King Flame Road Kazuma Mikura
Fang King Bloody Road Agito Wanijima


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