The Critters are monsters and the main villains in the Critters film series. In the 1st film, there were only 8 Critters (despite that the poster for the film featured much more) but in the 2nd film, there are possibly half a hundred that form an entirely large rolling ball to go faster into feasting on humans.


The Critters had more extended communication (in subtitles) in the 1st film than in the sequels. In the 1st film, offscreen there were subtitles next to the Critters UFO when they landed on Earth while the Critters were talking.

Critter 1: Status report.

Critter 2: Minor damage.

Critter 1: What now?

Critter 2: Food.

Also, when the humans were using guns to kill the Critters, there was another communication that was seen between 2 Critters.

Critter 1: They have weapons.

Critter 2: So what?

  • the 2nd critter is shot by gunfire*

Critter 1: F**k!!! (runs off)

The Critters in the 1st film were killed off by a bomb explosion by the 2 bounty hunters who were tracking them down on Earth. You can hear a Critter say in English, "Uh oh" before all the Critters were killed.


The Critters make a mess in the hamburger shop. The creature's diet is mainly carnivorous (but somewhat omnivorous), as they raid a hamburger shop and eat up the meat in the store. They like to eat people and animals and will stop at nothing to get them, they often hunt in packs and usually strip their victim to the bone if they have enough time to do so.


Critters often like to be messy with the stuff they use, for example, squirting ketchup at one another, throwing salad everywhere, and vandalizing objects. But they are also aggressive towards their enemies (including intruders).


Critters can roll into balls like hedgehogs, and roll off, climbing and leaping from one area to another, can shoot poison quills that knock out their victims, have many Crites come together to form a huge Critter ball, and etc.