Group: Exalted Beast – Level: Ultimate – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Deva Clone, Treasure Pestle

Kumbhiramon is the rat Deva, who appeared in the middle of Shinjuku Park to menace Jeri and Calumon. Jeri at first thought he might be her partner, but Kumbhiramon dispelled that notion, and pursued the hapless duo through the park. He faced off with them in a fountain, but got blown through the air by a water jet, when a Leomon Bio-Emerged and hurled him clear across the park. Jeri believed that Leomon was her partner, and when she was chasing him around the park, Kumbhiramon reappeared. Kumbhiramon used his Deva Clone technique, creating five more duplicates of himself, who all began to attack Leomon, who was helped out by Gargomon. When Leomon saw that Jeri was crying because her Digi-Modify attempt had failed, he used his Fist of the Beast King to wipe out the duplicates, then destroyed Kumbhiramon with a slash of his sword.

Kumbhiramon appears in “Jeri’s Quest.” His voice is supplied by Joshua Seth.

Name: From Kumbhira, one of the twelve Devas from Sanskrit.