The largest metropolitan areas in the Nordic countries are difficult to rank in size because the definition patterns are different from country to country.

By any definition, the metropolitan areas of Copenhagen and Stockholm will rank in top, but it is debatable which one is bigger. For example, Metropolitan Stockholm includes vast rural areas, whereas the Stockholm urban area covers only the continuously built-up area. There are various common definitions of Metropolitan Copenhagen: the former Danish Capital Region/Copenhagen metropolitan area (defunct), followed by the smaller Capital Region of Denmark, or the yet smaller Metropolitan Copenhagen.

The East Jutland metropolitan area was recently defined in some reports from eastern Jutlandic municipalities and the Danish government. Rather than an actual urban zone it is more of a vision for a future metro region, based on the growth that municipalities along the E45 motorway are experiencing.

Similarly, some other metropolitan areas are not defined by any fixed guidelines but rather by an estimate of economical and commuter ties between one or several cities and the surrounding region. In some cases, towns have coined names for new metropolitan regions for PR purposes.

Contrarily, the largest urban areas in the Nordic countries can be ranked by more general criteria.

Largest metropolitan areas Edit

Rank Metropolitan Area Country Main city Population Area (km²) Population density Image
1. Oresund Region 22x20px Denmark 22x20px Sweden Copenhagen and Malmö 2,541,813 5,567 km² 456.6/km² 130px
2. Metropolitan Stockholm 22x20px Sweden Stockholm 2,019,182 6,519 km² 309.7/km² 130px
3. Greater Oslo Region 22x20px Norway Oslo 1,422,443 8,900 km² 160/km² 130px
4. Greater Helsinki 22x20px Finland Helsinki 1,325,501 3 563.6 km² 368.5/km² 130px
5. East Jutland metropolitan area 22x20px Denmark Aarhus 1,228,398 9,997 km² 123/km² 130px
6. Metropolitan Gothenburg 22x20px Sweden Gothenburg 905,729 3,717 km² 236/km² 130px
7. Greater Bergen Region 22x20px Norway Bergen 375,489 2,755 km² 136/km² 130px
8. Tampere sub-region 22x20px Finland Tampere 341,131 3776,16 km² 90.4/km² 130px
9. Turku sub-region 22x20px Finland Turku 303,492 2,331 km² 130.2/km² 130px
10. Stavanger Region 22x20px Norway Stavanger 275,814 2,598 km² 106/km² 130px
11. Trondheim Region 22x20px Norway Trondheim 260,364 7,295 km² 35/km² 130px
12. Oulu sub-region 22x20px Finland Oulu 212,045 5,451 km² 39/km² 130px
13. Greater Reykjavík Area 22x20px Iceland Reykjavik 198,782 1,042 km² 187.4/km² 130px
14. Mjøsa Cities 22x20px Norway Ringsaker 175,453 6,026 km² 29/km² 130px
15. Lahti sub-region 22x20px Finland Lahti 170,403 3,804 km² 44.8/km² 130px

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