This is a list of telecommunications companies in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Land line numbers are 8 digits long, and GSM / CDMA cellular operators are 10 digits.

Landline operators Edit

  • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL): The oldest operator in the telephone business. BSNL phone numbers start with the prefix '2'. (27, 23)
  • Tata Indicom: Formerly Tata Teleservices. Numbers start with '6'.
  • Reliance Infocomm: Reliance Infocomm is part of the Reliance - Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. Numbers start with ‘3’.
  • AirTel: Newest of the landline operators. Airtel numbers start with ‘4’.

GSM operators Edit

  • AirTel: AirTel is the largest GSM operator. AirTel is the most prominent of all the GSM networks in India. AirTel is owned by Bharti Group. AirTel numbers start with '9849', '9866', '9949', '9989', '9959', '8008', '9177', '9963','9652','9573','9701','9000','9618','9550','9908','9704','9533','9502','9676'.
  • Vodafone: Vodafone Essar group owned Vodafone has a pretty good user base because of the many attractive packages it offers. Vodafone numbers start with '9885' or '9985' or '9966' or '9160' or '9581' or '9703' or '9052' or '9642', or '9510'
  • Idea Cellular: Idea Cellular Limited is part of Birla Limited. [previously TATA & AT&T were also partners]. Idea numbers start with ‘9848’, '9948', '9912', '9505', '9605', '9603','9666', '9705','9640','9010','9951'.
  • BSNL: BSNL's mobile arm Cellone has a very good rural and suburban user base. Pre-paid cards are sold as Excel. BSNL numbers start with '9440','9441','9490','9491','9492','9442'.
  • Reliance GSM : Reliance, the no.1 operator in CDMA, introduced its GSM services in Jan 2009. Reliance GSM has 3G ready network and also has good offers.'9014'
  • Aircel: Chennai-based Aircel, which is the leader in Tamil Nadu entered Andhra Pradesh. Aircel has very good, cheap and innovative offers.Aircel numbers start with '9700'.
  • TATA DOCOMO: India's one of the leading CDMA operator Tata teleservices Ltd.,(TTSL) in association with Japan's leading GSM operator NTT DOCOMO Launched its operations in Andhra Pradesh on July 16, 2009.'9030','9032','8019','8121'.
  • UNINOR:INDIA'S Unitech Wireless company in association with Norway's Telenor company launched UNINOR in december, 2009
  • Virgin mobile-india's one of the leading cdma operator,it comes gsm also

CDMA operatorsEdit

CDMA make use of wireless local loop.

  • Reliance Infocomm: Numbers start with '93' and are 10 digits long.'9394','9393','9346','9396','9391','9380','9347'.
  • Tata Indicom: Tata Indicom, like Reliance also offers CDMA connections. Tata now has operations on a national scale. Numbers start with '9246','9247','9293','9248'.

Tata (by the name ‘Walky’) and Reliance (by the name ‘Fixed Wireless Phone’) also offer a landline hybrid phone. The phone is like a normal instrument, but instead of the phone cable it has an antenna which connects to the network like any mobile phone. Internet connection also is possible though this via dialup and using broadband. The call rates are also comparable to landline rates.