This is a list of "bad girls" who have appeared on the American television show, Bad Girls Club. Contestants are called "bad girls" due to their behavioral problems and dominant behaviors on the show. The series first aired in 2006, there has been five seasons to date, which have been filmed on two locations[1]. The fifth season, Bad Girls Club Miami, aired on Tuesday, August 3, 2010[1].

The cast of the Bad Girls Club are to follow certain rules that are placed for them to avoid being removed from the show, either for, being violent towards television producers, the house, or harming other "bad girls" in the house which would result in a immediate removal from the show. In some cases, a bad girl would wish to leave the show for personal issues regarding their love life, court, or other personal issues that void the bad girl in the house. Once a "bad girl" is removed from the house, producers of the show will, if early in the show, replace the fallen bad girl with a new one. In some rare occasions a replacement bad girl may also wish to leave the show, also Season 1 was the first season, so far, to have had multiple replacement bad girls which has not occurred until Season 5[1].

A total of 44 participants have appeared in the five seasons of the Bad Girls Club series.

Bad GirlsEdit

     Bad Girl removed due to breaking the rules.      Bad Girl voluntarily left the show.      Replacement Bad Girl.      Replacement Bad Girl that voluntarily left the show.

Name Age[A] Hometown Season
Zara Sprankle 22 Cicero, New York Season 1
Leslie Ramsue 24 Atlanta, Georgia Season 1
Ripsi Terzian 23 Watertown, Massachusetts Season 1
Aimee Landi 24 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Season 1
Jodie Howell 29 Baltimore, Maryland Season 1
Kerry Harvick 31 Nashville, Tennessee Season 1
Ty Colliers 25 Atlanta, Georgia Season 1
DeAnn Witt Dallas, Texas Season 1
Joanna 'Jojo' Hernandez Sacremento, California Season 1
Andrea Laing 27 High Point, North Carolina Season 1
Darlen Escobar 24 Austin, Texas Season 2
Tanisha Thomas 21 Brooklyn, New York Season 2
Cordelia Carlise 22 Wallingford, Connecticut Season 2
Neveen Ismail 24 Portland, Oregon Season 2
Hanna Thompson 22 Brooklyn, New York Season 2
Melissa 'Lyric' Greene 22 Phoenix, Arizona Season 2
Jennavecia Russo 26 Las Vegas, Nevada Season 2
Andrea Sharples 22 Portland, Oregon Season 2
Sarah Michaels 23 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Season 3
Amber Buell 23 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Season 3
Tiffany Torrence-Davis 24 Chicago, Illinois Season 3
Whitney Collings 21 Boston, Massachusetts Season 3
Amber Meade 25 Montevideo, Minnesota Season 3
Ailea Carr 21 Buford, Georgia Season 3
Kayla Carter 23 Compton, California Season 3
Ashley Weaver 21 Seattle, Washington Season 3
Amber McWha 23 Morgantown, West Virginia Season 4
Florina "Flo" Kaja 26 Staten Island, New York Season 4
Natalie Nunn 24 Oakland, California Season 4
Katherine "Kate" Squillace 23 Boston, Massachusetts Season 4
Annie Andersen 25 Los Angeles, California Season 4
Portia Beaman 24 Kansas City, Missouri Season 4
Kendra James 22 Charlotte, North Carolina Season 4
Lexie Woltz 21 Belleville, Illinois Season 4
Catya Washington 24 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Miami
Brandi Venus 26 Inglewood, California Miami
Danielle Tiana 21 Long Island, New York Miami
Erica Lynn 25 Yorba Linda, California Miami
Lea Lorraine 22 Miami, Florida Miami
Morgan Brittany Osman 21 Miami, Florida Miami
Kristen Kelly 23 Boston, Massachusetts Miami
Kayleigh Scott 22 San Diego, California Miami
Christina[2] 22 Staten Island, New York Miami
Ashley Cheatham[3] 21 Houston, Texas Miami

"Bad girls" nicknamesEdit

Since Season 3, the producers of the show began "nicknaming" each "bad girl" with their own nicknames that were given, either, due to their personality during the show or the nicknames were given for what they do or for their personality before the show.

     Replacement Bad Girl.

Name Nickname
Sarah Michaels "The Party Girl"
Amber Buell "The Narcissist"
Tiffany Torrence-Davis "The Warden"
Whitney Collings "The Straight Shooter"
Amber Meade "The Firecracker"
Ailea Carr "The Instigator"
Kayla Carter "The Loose Cannon"
Ashley Weaver "The Femme Fatale"
Amber McWha "The Trash Talker"
Florina "Flo" Kaja "The Enforcer"
Natalie Nunn "The Socialite"
Katherine "Kate" Squillace "The Prima Donna"
Annie Andersen "The Control Freak"
Portia Beaman "The Pistol"
Kendra James "The Double Standard"
Lexie Woltz "The Wild Child"
Catya Washington "The Elite Player"
Brandi Venus "The Sneaky Stripper"
Danielle Tiana "The Scrapper"
Erica Lynn "The Trash Talking Cheerleader"
Lea Lorraine "The South Beach Rebel"
Morgan Brittany Osman "The Uber Bitch"
Kristen Kelly "The Pageant Princess"
Kayleigh Scott "The Kung Fu Diva"
Christina Hopkins "Agent Orange"
Ashley Cheatham "The Southern Belle"

Bad girls by ageEdit

During the process of being part of the "Bad Girls Club" partipants must be between the ages of 21 and 25. The "bad girls" listed are ages at the time of filming and are ranged by youngest to oldest.

Kerry Harvick, from season 1 (2006), holds the title as the "oldest bad girl" that has entered the show with being, at the time of filming, age 31. During season 3, age regulations changed to 21-25 but later change, again, when the cast's ages from season 5 were revealed. Jodie Howell, also from season 1, holds the title as the second "oldest bad girl", while Brandi Venus, from season 5 (2010), became the third oldest "bad girl" replacing Jennavecia Russo from season 2 (2007). Season 2's (2007), Tanisha Thomas holds the title as the youngest "bad girl" to have entered the show, at the time of filming.

     Replacement Bad Girl.

Name Age Season
Tanisha Thomas 21 Season 2
Morgan Brittany Osman 21 Season 5
Danielle Tiana 21 Season 5
Zara Sprankle 22 Season 1
Melissa 'Lyric' Greene 22 Season 2
Hanna Thompson 22 Season 2
Lea Lorraine 22 Season 5
Kendra James 22 Season 4
Ripsi Terzian 23 Season 1
Kristen Kelly 23 Season 5
Aimee Landi 24 Season 1
Leslie Ramsue 24 Season 1
Darlen Escobar 24 Season 2
Neveen Ismail 24 Season 2
Catya Washington 24 Season 5
Ty Colliers 25 Season 1
Erica Lynn 25 Season 5
Jennavecia Russo 26 Season 2
Brandi Venus 26

Season 5

Jodie Howell 29 Season 1
Kerry Harvick 31

Season 1


^[A]  Contestant's age at the time the season was filmed.

  • Andrea (from season 2) replaced Lyric in episode 13, but left the show in episode 21; after the other roommates discovered her blogs.
  • Kayleigh (from season 5) replaced Morgan in episode 4, but left the show in episode 7; after her roommates began getting on her case about being true to them and being a "woman".

After the showEdit


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