This article contains episode information and plot summaries[1][2][3] from the television show Balamory.

Season Four was broadcast in 2005.

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Edie turns to carpentry.

The Time MachineEdit

Archie tries to build a time machine to help teach the children about olden days.

Wheelie DayEdit

Josie is organising the children's entry for Balamory's Wheelie Day. Will Archies' hear me hat be of help?

Fingal's CaveEdit

Archie and Miss Hoolie visit Fingal's cave, but is Archie fully prepared for the trip?

The SnowmanEdit

It's snowing in Balamory but one child has a cold. Josie Jump and Miss Hoolie come up with a novel way of entertaining him.

Plum AbroadEdit

PC Plum goes on holiday.

Feeling at HomeEdit

Miss Hoolie has friends coming to visit, so she organises a special picnic for them to feel at home.

The Yoghurt Pot BirdEdit

Suzie gets in a muddle as she tries to help Edie teach the children about Birds of Paradise.

The Falkirk WheelEdit

The GigglerEdit

Granny McLeod comes to visit the children in the nursery, and keeps them laughing.

Hot SunEdit

It's a very hot day, so Archie invents a machine to keep everybody cool. Edie has other plans.

Truck ParadeEdit

A trip is organised to the mainland to see a big truck parade. Will they be able to get there in time?

Mix UpEdit

Suzie and Penny reorganise the shop, but some crossed wires causes problems when the fruit delivery to the shop goes wrong.

Nature SymphonyEdit

It's raining so PC Plum has to cancel a nature walk. Instead he comes up with another way of helping the children enjoy the magic of nature.

Plum the MusicalEdit

Josie is organising a musical, but which famous resident of Balamory will feature in it?

Big CatsEdit

Miss Hoolie's cat proves less than cooperative when Spencer tries to paint him for the children.

Lobster FishingEdit

The PrizeEdit

Wrong End of the StickEdit

Island in the SunEdit

It's a snowy day in Balamory so PC Plum banishes the winter blues by reliving his summer holiday.

The AllotmentEdit

Josie does some gardening.

The Portrait GalleryEdit

Roller SkatesEdit

The OrchestraEdit

Suzie needs help learning to play the cymbals in the orchestra.

The CinemaEdit

Continental ShoppingEdit

A new product range is introduced in Pocket 'n' Sweet, but will it prove a success?


The snow makes everything slippy.

Colour Surpise DayEdit

Archie invents a special 'colour surprise' machine to the delight of the children in the nursery.


Oil PlatformEdit


Josie wants to teach the children a butterfly dance, and Edie suggests they try to catch a but terfly with nets. PC Plum intervenes to protect the butterflies from harm, and has an alternat ive for Josie.

The WeddingEdit

Archie is to bring everybody to Abbey Island for a wedding.

I Went to School One MorningEdit

Worried PlumEdit

Holiday SnapsEdit

Miss Hoolie wants to show off her holiday snaps.

Hello DayEdit


Edie helps the children celebrate the harvest.

Moving HouseEdit

Penny Pocket shows how to organise a house move, but will everything work out?


Miss Hoolie gets help teaching French.

Shapes and PatternsEdit

Sand Sculpture FestivalEdit

Spencer introduces Balamory to ''sand scultures'', but who will help?

Video GuideEdit

Penny and Pocket create a video guide for their shop.

The Sniff AlongEdit

The MountieEdit



How FarEdit

The OpticianEdit

The Eagle FliesEdit

PC Plum offers to get a photograph of an eagle for Miss Hoolie to show the kids in the nursery . However, he's having a busy day and needs help to find the elusive eagle.

Auntie's BloomersEdit

Archie's kilt is a bit draughty.

Ballroom DancingEdit

Josie Jump decides to teach ''Ballroom Dancing'' in her dance class.

The StorytellerEdit

Highland GamesEdit

Archie asks Spencer to make some leaflets for the Balamory Highland Games. He goes back to his castle and finds his latest invention there. He tries to use it so everyone at the games will hear about them. But his invention is too big, so Edie carries it in her bus to the Highland Games.

The MapEdit

Musical BoatsEdit

Too Much of a Good ThingEdit

Trip to the MoonEdit

The Loch Bala MonsterEdit

The PianoEdit

The Slide ProjectorEdit



Josie Jump comes into the Nursery to complain about litter. She thinks Pocket and Sweet are responsible, but it turns out that they are heading a "Keep Balamory Tidy" campaign. She goes to see PC Plum, who realises that the mess has been caused by otters, and takes Josie and some of the nursery children to see them.

Train RideEdit

The Missing ScarecrowEdit

Phone FrazzledEdit

The Game ShowEdit

Everybody comes together for a special game show.


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