This is a list of Palestinian ax attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers. Israelis killed in these attacks include 13-year-old boy Shlomo Nativ and 19-year-old female soldier Liat Gabai.

Attacks on civiliansEdit

29 November 1983
A Palestinian attacked an Israeli from Har Bracha with an ax.[1]
15 November 1993
Two ax-wielding Palestinians attacked Israeli civilian Avraham Zarbiv in Hebron while the latter was on his way to morning prayers, causing him serious skull, face and hand wounds. Zarbiv shot one of the attackers to death.[2][3][4]
18 April 1994
A Palestinian with an ax attacked passengers on a bus in a Jerusalem suburb, wounding two before being shot in the leg by Israeli forces. Two passengers were wounded by gunfire. The attacker was a member of Hamas, according to Israeli police.[5]
19 December 1995
A Palestinian threw an ax at Jewish teenage girl Tirza Daniel in Hebron, slightly wounding her in the head. The assailant fled the scene. After the attack, Jewish residents from the Hebron area caused disturbances in the market, and some were detained on suspicion of trying to attack Arabs.[6]
22 March 2004
An ax-wielding Palestinian wounded three Israeli civilians near Tel Aviv, two men and a woman, hours after Israel assassinated Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin. The attacker was arrested.[7]
9 January 2009
A 20-year-old Palestinian armed with an ax lightly wounded two civilians in Rehovot. According to police, he stood in the middle of a busy street and began attacking a passerby with the ax after yelling "God is great". He allegedly confessed that he was seeking revenge for a friend who had died in the ongoing Gaza War.[8]
2 April 2009
A Palestinian man armed with a pickax rampaged in Bat Ayin, killing 13-year-old Israeli boy Shlomo Nativ and wounding a 7-year-old boy before fleeing the area.[9] On 14 April, Israeli authorities arrest suspect Moussa Tayet, who they say had no links to any organized militant groups.[10]

Attacks on soldiersEdit

18 December 1986
An ax-wielding Palestinian wounded an Israeli soldier in Ramallah.[11]
12 August 1988
Two Palestinians attacked an army patrol with axes and chains in the Gaza Strip. The soldiers killed one and wounded the other.[12]
10 April 1994
18-year-old Atef Juma Abed from Gaza City attempted to attack Israeli soldiers with an ax. The soldiers shot and killed him after he did not heed their calls to halt. Eyewitnesses said he yelled "Allahu Akhbar" while rushing at the soldiers with the weapon before he was shot twice. He died later of his wounds.[13]
30 November 1994
Palestinian Islamic militant Wahib Abu Alrub killed female Israeli soldier Liat Gabai in her hometown of Afula.[14]

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