The following is a List of Palestinian civilian casualties in the Second Intifada. Of the 4,281 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces or civilians since the beginning of the Second Intifada, 2,038 were civilians according to B'Tselem.[1] What follows is a partial listing.

Name Date Location Responsible party Death toll Victims References
Teenagers shot during demonstration30 September 2000Next to RamallahIsraeli security forces2Khaled 'Adli al-Bazian, Iyad Ahmad al-Khashishi[2]
Child killed in crossfire (some dispute the accuracy of this specific incident)30 September 2000Netzarim Junction, Deir al-Balah districtIsraeli security forces (disputed)1Muhammad al-Durrah[2]
Teenager shot30 September 2000Next to Ayosh Junction, Ramallah and al-Bira districtIsraeli security forces1Nizar Mahmoud 'Abd ak-'Ayeda[2]
Child and teenager killed in helicopter gunship attack1 October 2000NablusIsraeli Air Force2Samer Samir Sudqi Tabanjeh, Husam Na'im Hassan Bakhit[2]
Teenager shot1 October 2000Ayosh Junction, Ramallah and al-Bira districtIsraeli security forces1Muhammad Nabil Da'ud Hamed al-'Abasi[2]
Teenager shot1 October 2000Netzarim Junction, Deir al-BalahIsraeli security forces1Sami Fathi Muhammad a-Taramsi[2]
October 2000 eventsOctober 1 - October 9, 2000Northern IsraelIsrael Police13Muhammad Ahmad 'Eiq Al-Jabarin, Ibrahim Sayyam Al-Jabarin, Rami Khatem Gharra, Asil Asala, Alaa Nassar, Misleh Hussein Abu Jarad, Walid Abdul-Menem Abu Saleh, Emad Farraj Ghanaym, Iyad Lawabni, Ramez Bushnak, Mohammed Khameisi, Wissam Yazbak, Omar Mohammad Akkawi [Twelve of the victims were Arab citizens of Israel, while one was a Palestinian resident of the Gaza Strip][3]
Teenager shot2 October 2000NablusIsraeli security forces1Teysir Qatawi[2]
Teenager shot2 October 2000TulkaremIsraeli security forces1Husam 'Ali Mahmoud al-Hamshari[2]
Child shot4 October 2000Netzarim Junction, Deir al-Balah districtIsraeli security forces1Muhammad Yusef Zaid Abu 'Aasi[2]
Teenager shot6 October 2000East JerusalemIsraeli security forces1Majdi Samir Mussa Masalmani[2]
Teenager shot7 October 2000Gaza CityIsraeli security forces1Yusef Thiab Halef[2]
Young man killed during settler riot7 October 2000Bidya, Salfit districtIsraeli settlers1Fahed Mustafa 'Odeh Bakker[4]
Child shot during demonstration10 October 2000RafahIsraeli security forces1Sami Fathi Abu Jizer[2]
Teenager shot11 October 2000TulkaremIsraeli security forces1Sami Hussein Samil Silmi Salameh[2]
Bystander shotOctober 13, 2000Al-Fawar camp, HebronIsrael Defense Forces1Shadi al-Wawi[5]
Teenager shot on his way to school16 October 2000BethlehemIsraeli security forces1Mueid Osama 'Ali Jawarish[2]
Teenager shot during demonstration16 October 2000NablusIsraeli security forces1Ashraf Ahmad 'Abd al-Majid Habayeb[2]
Man shot while harvesting olives17 October 2000Beit Furik, Nablus districtIsraeli settlers1Farid Mussa 'Issa Nesasreh[4]
Teenager shot during demonstration20 October 2000Ayosh Junction, Ramallah and al-Bira districtIsraeli security forces1Thaar 'Ali Dahud 'Omer Mu'ala[2]
Teenager shot during demonstration20 October 2000QalqilyaIsraeli security forces1Samer Talal al-'Awessi[2]
Child shot during demonstration20 October 2000SalfitIsraeli security forces1'Alaa Bassem 'Abdallah Bani Namra[2]
Teenager shot20 October 2000TulkaremIsraeli security forces1Muhammad 'Adel Hassan Abu Tahun[2]
Teenager shot while harvesting olives20 October 2000Kafr Qalil, Nablus districtIsraeli security forces1Sa'ed 'Adnan 'Abdallah a-Tanbour[2]
Teenager shot during demonstration21 October 2000Kfar Darom, Deir al-Balah districtIsraeli security forces1'Omar Isma'il 'Omar al-Buheisi[2]
Teenager shot during demonstration21 October 2000al-BirehIsraeli security forces1Majed Ibrahim Hassan Hawamdeh[2]
Teenager shot during demonstration22 October 2000Kfar Darom, Deir al-Balah districtIsraeli security forces1Salah Fawzi a-Nijam[2]
Child shot during demonstration22 October 2000North Gaza districtIsraeli security forces1Wa'el Mahmoud 'Imad a-Nashit[2]
Civilian shot in his homeOctober 23, 2000HebronIsrael Defense Forces1Abdul Aziz Abu Snainah[5]
Teenager shot24 October 2000Khan YunisIsraeli security forces1Iyad Osama Sha'th[2]
Teenage bystander shot during clashes24 October 2000Khan YunisIsraeli security forces1Nidal Muhammad Zuhdi a-Dabeiqi[2]
Man killed while workingNovember 11, 2000Shalala Street, HebronIsrael Defense Forces1Munib Abu Munshar[5]
Man killed by stone-throwing14 November 2000Kfar Malik, Ramallah and al-Bira districtIsraeli settlers1Mustafa Mahmoud Mussa 'Alian[4]
Man shot near checkpointNovember 16, 2000Beit UmarIsrael Defense Forces1Yusuf Abu Awad[5]
Child bystander shotDecember 31, 2000Haret es-Sheikh neighborhood, HebronIsrael Defense Forces1Muath Abu Hadwan[5]
Woman shot in her homeJanuary 5, 2001HebronIsrael Defense Forces1Arij al-Jabali[5]
Workers on a collective farm killed in crossfireFebruary 17, 2001Abu Snainah neighborhood, HebronIsrael Defense Forces2Shaker al-Manasra, Ahmad Farajallah [5]
Driver caught killed in crossfireFebruary 17, 2001Abu Snanah neighborhood, HebronIsrael Defense Forces1Issam al-Tawil[5]
Baby killed by mortar fireMay 1, 2001Khan YunisIsrael Defense Forces1Imam Mustafa Haggo[6]
Man shot while driving with his family13 June 2001Next to Hizma, al-Quds districtIsraelis1'Awani 'Ali Hadad[4]
IDF tank fire killed a boy aged 11, and injured two other boys, ages 10 and 12, while they played soccer. 7 July 2001RafahIsrael Defense Forces1Khalil al-Mughrabi[7]
Men killed in drive-by shooting attack19 July 2001South of HebronIsraeli settlers3Mohammed Salameh Etnizi, Mohammed Hilmy Etnizi, Wael Etnizi[8]
Man killed in drive-by shooting attackAugust 29, 2001Northeastern JerusalemIsraeli settlers1Haidar Gedu Kanaan Khatib[9]
Man shot at the bank2 December 2001East JerusalemBank security guard1Ibrahim Nabulsi[4]
Workers killed in an ambush on their truck1 April 2002Next to Kocha Hashahar, Ramallah and al-Bira districtIsraeli settlers2'Issa Mahmoud Salim, 'Ata 'Abd al-Hai[4]
Teenager shot, followed by the nurse who came to his aid3 April 2002Abu Rumaila home, JeninIsrael Defense Forces2Hani Abu Rumaila, Farwa Jammal[10]
Teenager shot retrieving body of militant3 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1 (+1 militant)Imad Musharaka (+Ziad Amr Zubeidi)[10]
Teenager shot escorting a bereaved mother to the hospital3 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1Muhammad Hawashin[10]
Eldery man shot inside his neighbor's home3 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1Ahmad Hamduni[10]
Father shot in his home5 April 2002Abu Rumaila home, JeninIsrael Defense Forces1Atiya Abu Rumaila[10]
Man shot in his home5 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1Abd al-Nasr Gharaib[10]
Woman killed in bombing at her home5 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1'Afaf Disuqi[10]
Men shot while being interrogated outside their homes6 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces2Abd al-Karim Sa`adi, Wadah Shalabi[10]
Teenager shot fleeing tank shelling on his home, mother killed in shelling6 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces2Munir Wishahi, Mariam Wishahi[10]
Eldery woman killed in missile attack6 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1Yusra Abu Khurj[10]
Young man shot while fleeing after his home was occupied by soldiers6 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1Nizar Mutahin[10]
Paralyzed man killed in Home demolition6 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1Jamal Fayid[10]
Diabetic man shot while trying to get medicine from hospital6 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1Jamal al-Sabbagh[10]
Father shot while fetching water outside his home7 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1Ali Muqasqas[10]
Grandfather shot in his home9 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1Muhammad Abu Saba'a[10]
Young men killed in helicopter gunship attack10 April 2002JeninIsraeli Air Force2Nayif 'Abd al-Jabr and 'Amid Fayid[10]
Wheelchair-bound man killed10 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1Kamal Zghair[10]
Teenager shot in group of civilians11 April 2002JeninIsrael Defense Forces1Faris Zaiban[10]
Entire family killed in Home demolitionApril 20, 2002NablusIsrael Defense Forces5Samir Sha'by, Mrs. Sha'by, 'Abdullah Samir Sha'by, 'Uzzam Samir Sha'by, Anis Samir Sha'by[11]
Man shot during settler riot21 June 2002Huwara, Nablus districtIsraeli settlers1Adnan 'Odeh (See also:Faris Odeh)[4]
Civilians killed in the assassination of Salah ShahadeJuly 22, 2002Gaza CityIDF14 (+1 militant)(age indicated in brackets) Subhi Mahmoud al-Huti (5), Dunia Rami Matar (5), Muhammad Ra'id Matar (4), Aiman Ra'id Matar (2), Yusef Subhi 'Ali a-Shawa (42), Zaher Saleh Nassar (37), Laila Khamis Shahadeh (41), Alaa Muhammad Matar (11), Iman Salah Shahadeh (14), Muna Fahmi al-Huti (22), Iman Hassan Matar (27), Dina Ra'id Matar (<1), Muhammad Mahmoud al-Huti (3) [12][13][14]
Teenager shot in settler attack on Palestinian neighborhood 29 July 2002HebronIsraeli settlers1Nivin Jamjoum[15]
Young man shot while harvesting olives6 October 2002'Aqraba, Nablus districtIsraeli settlers1Hani Bani Maniya[4]
An elderly woman shot on her doorstepOctober 11, 2002NablusIsrael Defense Forces1Shaden Abu Hijleh[16]
Man shot in field25 January 2003Next to Budrus, Ramallah and al-Bira districtNot specified1Ahmad 'Abd a-Rahman Subah[4]
An elderly woman killed in home demolitionFebruary 3, 2003al-Maghazi refugee camp, Deir al-Balah districtIsrael Defense Forces1Camilla Abu Sa'id[17][18]
Nurses killed by helicopter gunfire in medical clinic5 February 2003Al-Wafa Hospital, Gaza CityIsrael Defense Forces2'Omar Sa'ad a-Din 'Ali Hassan, 'Abd al-Karim Hamed Anur Lubad[17][19]
Civilians killed in invasion of refugee camp3 March 2003Jabalia refugee camp, GazaIsrael Defense Forces6Naji Isma'il Abu Jalila (24), Muhammad Hassan Mahmoud a-Zinati (36), Muhammad Shahadeh al-Biari (61), Tareq Maher Ahmad a-Najar(13), Muhsen 'Awad Abu 'Odeh (30), al-Mansi 'Abd Rabo Saleh al-Mabhut (84)[17][19]
Civilians killed in assassination of Yasser Muhammed Salah Taha12 June 2003Gaza CityIsraeli security forces4 (+1 militant)Islam Sa'id Isma'il 'Abd Allah - Taha (20), Efnan Yasser Muhammad Taha (<1), Saad Zuheir Muhammad Ghabain (30), Ahmad Muhammad 'Abdal-Fatah Samur (23)[17]
Man killed in crossfire1 December 2003Next to HebronIsraeli security guards1Hazam 'Adnan Fanun[4]
Pregnant woman killed 3 March 2004Bureij refugee campIsrael Defense Forces1 [20]
Elderly shepherd killed4 March 2003South of Gaza CityIsrael Defense Forces1Abdullah al-Ashab[21]
Journalist shot 19 April 2003NablusIsrael Defense Forces1Nazeh Darwazeh [22]
Man shot near settlement4 April 2003Peza'el, JerichoSettlement security officer1Rayiq Ma'sud Dagharmeh[4]
Man shot while drivingSeptember 2004Road 557 in the West BankYehoshua Elitzur, Israeli settler1Sael Jabara al-Shatiya[23]
Man shot while driving his taxi27 September 2004Salem, Nablus districtIsraeli settler1Sa'il Mustafa Ahmad Jabarah[4]
Child shot 15 times by soldier 4 October 2004Gaza StripIsrael Defense Forces1Iyman Hams[24]
Teenager shot on his family's land8 July 2005Beit Liqya, Ramallah and al-Bira districtSeparation Barrier security guard1Mahyoub Ahmad Nemer 'Asi[4]
The Shefa-'Amr massacre4 August 2005Shefa-'AmrEden Natan-Zada, AWOL Israel Defense Forces soldier4Michel Bahous, Nadir Hayak, Hazar Turki, Dina Turki[25][26]
Workers shot in settler spree18 August 2005Shilo settlement in the West BankAsher Weissgan, Israeli settler4Khalil Muhammad Ra'uf Saleh Wleiwel, Ahmad 'Ali Hassan Mansur, Bassam Mussa Ahmad 'Odeh Tawafshah, Osama Mussa Ahmad 'Odeh Tawafshah[27][28]
Civilians killed in missile attackJune 13, 2006GazaIsraeli Air Force10(age indicated in brackets) Ibrahim Ibrahim a-Da'alseh Muhammad (38), Muhammad Hussein Faraj al-Wadiyah (24), 'Adnan Da'ud Hassan Taleb (46), Mussa Muhammad Mussa Nasrallah (21), 'Ali 'Ali Hussein al-'Umari (32), Husam Isma'il 'Abd a-Rahman Hamad (37), Ashraf Faruk 'Ali al-Mughrabi (39), Hisham Rajab Muhammad al-Mughrabi (14), Shauqi 'Ali 'Omar a-Seikali (41), Maher Ashraf Faruk al-Mughrabi (7)[17][29]
Sleeping extended family killed in artillery attackNovember 8, 2006Beit HanounIsrael Defense Forces18(age indicated in brackets) Manal Muhammad Muhammad al-'Athamneh (29), Sabah Mahmoud Hassan al-'Athamneh (44), Ayman Mahmoud Mustafa Abu Suliman (32), Sa'ad Majdi Sa'ed al-'Athamneh (9), Mahdi Sa'ed 'Abdallah al-'Athamneh (16), Sana' Ahmad 'Abdallah al-'Athamneh (33), 'Arafat Sa'ed 'Abdallah al-'Athamneh (19), Na'ama Ahmad Muhammad al-'Athamneh (Abu Rukbeh) (57), Ma'sud 'Abdallah Muhammad al-'Athamneh (55), Maysa' Ramez Ma'sud al-'Athamneh (<1), Muhammad Ramadan Hussein al-'Athamneh (29), Saqer Muhammad Ibrahim 'Adwan (45), Samir Ma'sud 'Abdallah al-'Athamneh (26), Maram Ramez Ma'sud al-'Athamneh (3), Fatma Ma'sud 'Abdallah al-'Athamneh (16), Mahmoud Amjad Sa'ed al-'Athamneh (10), Nihad Muhammad 'Abdallah al-'Athamneh (32), Fatma Ahmad Saleh al-'Athamneh (84) [17][30]

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