Bogusville is a fictional town in the Selby series. It is said to be a fake name for the town where Selby lives. It has a road leading to Poshfield, a "rival" town. Bogusville Day is on June 14 and it was on this day that "the first ever country joke festival" was held. Bogusville is mayored by Clarabel Trifle.

Notable Locations in BogusvilleEdit

  • The Bogusville Bijou- a theatre.
  • The Spicy Onion Restaurant- owned by Phil Philpott. Selby's favourite "peanut prawns" are made here.
  • The Court House
  • The Hospital
  • The Library
  • Bogusville Park- where a statue of Bogus (shaped like Selby) is placed
  • Memorial Rose Garden
  • Bogusville Creek
  • Bogusville Primary School
  • The Council Chambers
  • Bogusville Reserve
  • Bogusville Oval

Selby's HouseEdit

Selby's House is a fictional location in the Selby Series. The house is situated in Bogusville. The house consists of:

  • A Kitchen
  • Several Bedrooms
  • Dr. Trifle's Workroom- this is where Dr. Trifle invents things. The room is like a junkyard and contains a mirror.
  • Bathroom
  • Study - This is where Selby goes on the computer and answers his emails or plays Doom Avengers.
  • A loungeroom, where they usually sit and watch TV.


Poshfield is a fictional town and the "rival" of Bogusville in the Selby series. It is mayored by the cruel and unreliable Dennis Dorset who also happens to own Dry Mouth Dog Biscuits. This is also the home of Blake Romano, a secret agent.

Selby is a dog who keeps his secret from everyone because he doesn't want to be put to work!