As well as being assigned numbers, the Shoreliner railroad cars as operated by Metro North and the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) have also been named. Shoreliner is the name of the Comet railroad cars operated by the two organisations. The CTDOT and Metro North pool their equipment, resulting in CTDOT equipment operating on the New York Hudson and Harlem lines, even mixed within a consist. The Comet II are Shoreliner Is, Comet III are Shoreliner IIs, and Comet IVs are Shoreliner IIIs. Both the Shoreliner IIs and IIIs have center doors. The IIs and IIIs can be told apart from each other because on the inside of the IIs the finish is a fake wood look and on the inside of the IIIs the finish is a gray color. The IIs and IIIs also differ because the III has no side engineers cab door.

Metro North carsEdit

Metro North cars can be identified by their blue window band

Shoreliner Is & IIsEdit

Cab carsEdit

Trailer carsEdit

Shoreliner IIIs and IVsEdit

The Shoreliner IIIs and IVs differ from the IIs in that they have center doors. Also they are not named by the railroad. Metro North has 20 cabs numbered from 6301 to 6320, and 79 trailer cars numbered from 6330 to 6371 and 6372 to 6474 even numbers only.

Transferred from West of Hudson FleetEdit

Metro North transferred several cars from west of the Hudson fleet, this was done when they acquired Comet Vs which were incompatible with Grand Central Terminal. These cars have all been rebuilt in Dansvill, with only some having names.

  • 6125 (former 5175)
  • 6127 (former 5176)
  • 6129 (former 5177)
  • 6131 (former 5178)
  • 6134 (former 5986)
  • 6136 (former 5987)
  • 6138 (former 5988)
  • 6140 (former 5989)
  • 6142 (former 5990)
  • 6143 (former 5980)
  • 6144 (former 5991)
  • 6145 (former 5981)
  • 6146 (former 5992)
  • 6147 (former 5982)
  • 6148 (former 5993)
  • 6149 (former 5983)
  • 6176 Samuel Morse (WOH changed name to Sloatsburg)
  • 6178 George Clinton (WOH kept same name)
  • 6180 Robert Fulton (WOH changed name to Middletown)

Connecticut Department of Transportation carsEdit

Pooled with Metro NorthEdit

Shoreliner Is and IIsEdit

Cab carsEdit
Trailer carsEdit

Shoreliner IVsEdit

The Shoreliner IVs differ from the IIs in that they have center doors. Also they are not named by the state. All of the Shoreliner IV are pooled with Metro North

  • 6221 and 6222 cab cars
  • 6280, 6282, 6284, 6286, 6288 trailer cars
  • 6281, 6283, 6285 trailer cars with toilets

Shore Line East cabsEdit

All Shoreliners have been transferred over to the the Metro North equipment pool and now Shore Line East operates Mafersa coaches bought from Virginia Railway Express


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