Sriwijaya Air aircraft (including NAM Air) are named after places, behaviours, plants and birds. The list below was accurate on 25 September 2015.

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Aircraft Registration Name Notes
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJA Brenda Later used on PK-CLA.
Boeing 737-300 PK-CJC Cantik First 737-300 of Sriwijaya Air
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJD Emilio Later used on PK-CLT
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJE Citra Later used on PK-CLC.
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJF Megah Later used on PK-CMC/PK-NAP
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJG Serumpun Sebalay
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJH Rajawali Sriwijaya Air's First Aircraft and also their first 737-200.
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJI Membalong
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJJ Tjilik Riwut
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJK Shella
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJL Bukit Kejora
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJM Sharon
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJN Sherly
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJO Lomasasta Later used on PK-CMD/PK-NAQ.
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJP Lenggang
Boeing 737-200 PK-CJR Perkasa
Boeing 737-300 PK-CJS Indah
Boeing 737-300 PK-CJT Elang
Boeing 737-400 PK-CJU Emi First 737-400 of Sriwijaya Air.
Boeing 737-400 PK-CJV Leone
Boeing 737-400 PK-CJW Anugrah
Boeing 737-300 PK-CJY Betung
Boeing 737-400 PK-CKA Kasih
Boeing 737-400 PK-CKC Agung
Boeing 737-400 PK-CKD Bersebah Originally spelt as "Bersyeba".
Boeing 737-300 PK-CKE Jedidah
Boeing 737-300 PK-CKF Hawilla
Boeing 737-300 PK-CKH Kesetiaan
Boeing 737-300 PK-CKI Kebaikan
Boeing 737-300 PK-CKJ Kemurahan
Boeing 737-300 PK-CKK Kejujuran
Boeing 737-300 PK-CKL Keikhlasan
Boeing 737-300 PK-CKM Kesabaran
Boeing 737-400 PK-CKN Sukacita
Boeing 737-300 PK-CKP Perlindungan
Boeing 737-800 PK-CLA Brenda First Sriwijaya Air 737-800 NG. Previously used on PK-CJA.
Boeing 737-500 PK-CLC Citra First Sriwijaya Air 737-500. Previously used on PK-CJE.
Boeing 737-500 PK-CLD Kedahsyatan
Boeing 737-500 PK-CLE Kemuliaan
Boeing 737-500 PK-CLF Terpuji
Boeing 737-500 PK-CLH Kekuatan
Boeing 737-500 PK-CLI Kedamaian
Boeing 737-500 PK-CLJ Kesejahteraan
Boeing 737-500 PK-CLK Melayani
Boeing 737-500 PK-CLL Mengabdi
Boeing 737-500 PK-CLN Berbagi
Boeing 737-500 PK-CLO Kehormatan
Boeing 737-800 PK-CLQ Kebahagiaan
Boeing 737-800 PK-CLR Bersinar Later re-used on PK-NAM.
Boeing 737-800 PK-CLS Kepercayaan
Boeing 737-800 PK-CLT Emilio
Boeing 737-500 PK-CLU Kemenangan
Boeing 737-500 PK-CMA/PK-NAO Ketaatan Later transferred to NAM Air, retaining it's name.
Boeing 737-500 PK-CMC/PK-NAP Megah Later transferred to NAM Air, retaining it's name. Also used on PK-CJF.
Boeing 737-500 PK-CMD/PK-NAQ Lomasasta Later transferred to NAM Air, retaining it's name. Also used on PK-CJO.
Boeing 737-800 PK-CME Kebersamaan
Boeing 737-800 PK-CMF Kemurnian
Boeing 737-800 PK-CMH Tamariska
Boeing 737-800 PK-CMI Kebenaran
Boeing 737-800 PK-CMJ Kesayangan
Boeing 737-800 PK-CMK Persembahan
Boeing 737-800 PK-CML Not yet named as it not entered service yet.
Boeing 737-800 PK-CMN Ketulusan
Boeing 737-900ER PK-CMO Keberkahan
Boeing 737-900ER PK-CMP Keinginan First 737-900ER for Sriwijaya Air, delivered concurrently with PK-CMO
Boeing 737-500 PK-NAM Bersinar Previously used on PK-CLR. First NAM Air aircraft.
Boeing 737-500 PK-NAN Kehidupan