The following is a list of episodes for the STV Central online video blog, The Real MacKay.

List of episodes Edit

# Title Presenter Upload date Synopsis
1 The First Ever John MacKay 4 June 2007 The very first edition of STV Central's video blog, featuring a lookahead to the 6pm programme from producer Linda Grimes Douglas.
2 Running Order John MacKay 5 June 2007 Producer Gordon McDougall debuts on the blog with a preview of tonight's 6pm show.
*N.B. This was the first episode to use the show title, The Real MacKay.
3 Debi's Green Shoes John MacKay 6 June 2007 Debi Edward talks fashion with John, plus a look back at last night's main programme.
4 A Close Shave John MacKay 7 June 2007 Political editor Bernard Ponsonby talks about the latest decisions of the Scottish Government and Gordon Chree has an insight into the dog-eat-dog world of the newsroom.
5 Nuts and Bolts John MacKay 8 June 2007 John shows us the right way to put make-up on. Plus, a look behind the scenes at the 1110 bulletin (including an interview with Clair Stevens - the bulletin's producer) and the last gratuitous image of the blog's first week.
6 The Bulging Mailbag John MacKay 11 June 2007 John checks through his mailbag, introduces the studio gallery team and talks to producer Linda Grimes Douglas.
7 Interview with the Editor John MacKay 12 June 2007 STV Central's news editor, Howard Simpson, talks to John.
8 Meeting Your Idol John MacKay 13 June 2007 John talks to Gordon McDougall, Linda Grimes Douglas, Alison MacGregor and an excited Vicky Lee (whose getting ready to meet Jason Donovan) about tonight's programme.
9 Not quite The Real MacKay Stephen Jardine 14 June 2007 Stephen hosts his first blog with a viewers' picture, a chat with Gordon McDougall and a peek into the dressing rooms.
10 Not The Real MacKay - Friday Stephen Jardine 15 June 2007 Stephen continues his investigations in the dressing rooms and talks to Raman Bhardwaj about tonight's sports round-up.
11 Is there too much sport, Raman? John MacKay 18 June 2007 John asks Raman if he thinks there is too much sport on the programme, and gets a reply...eventually. Plus, more forum questions, a chance to listen in to a conversation from Linda Grimes-Douglas and Howard Simpson brings us a a correction!
12 Newsroom Philosophy John Mackay 19 June 2007 Can John come up with a philosophy for the STV Central newsroom before the cameraman says 'Cut'? Whilst he's thinking, Jon Kean rundowns what to expect in the 6pm programme.
13 Presenters vs Reporters John MacKay 20 June 2007 The day-to-day lives of presenters & reporters, through the eyes of reporter Sharon Frew.
14 Vicky's Wellies John MacKay 21 June 2007 Gordon McDougall, Jon Kean and Bernard Ponsonby look ahead to tonight's 6pm edition, with particular focus on political coverage. And by request of the forums, Vicky Lee talks about the wellies worn by Sharon Frew in yesterday's blog.
15 Not quite The Real MacKay Stephen Jardine 22 June 2007 Stephen investigates the appearance of a new sports presenter by the name of Gerry.
16 The Ties John MacKay 25 June 2007 John talks ties and has a chat with David Millar & Jon Kean ahead of tonight's programme.
17 Behind the Presenter's Desk John MacKay 26 June 2007 A peek behind the studio newsdesk with Kelly-Ann Bishop and a chat with Gordon McDougall about the 6pm show.
18 At the Airport John MacKay 27 June 2007 John reports from Glasgow International Airport ahead of a Scotland Today special as Gordon Brown becomes British Prime Minister. John is joined by political editor Bernard Ponsonby.
19 Reflections on a Difficult Programme John MacKay 28 June 2007 The team look back at last night's special from Westminster, which technical wise, didn't go to plan.
20 Not The Real MacKay: Opening of Parliament Stephen Jardine 29 June 2007 Stephen looks ahead to coverage of the opening of the Scottish Parliament.
21 Not The Real MacKay: Covering the big story Stephen Jardine 2 July 2007 Gordon Chree and producer Linda Grimes Douglas talk about covering the attempted terrorist attacks at Glasgow International Airport and the aftermath.
22 Not The Real MacKay: Glasgow terror attacks Stephen Jardine 3 July 2007 Stephen and editor Howard Simpson reflect on STV's coverage of the attempted terrorist attacks at Glasgow International Airport.
23 Not The Real MacKay: Good news and feeding the staff Stephen Jardine 4 July 2007 Chief reporter David Cowan talks about the release of BBC Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston and Stephen discovers the staff's eating habits along with a visit to the canteen.
24 Not The Real MacKay: The Canteen Story continues Stephen Jardine 5 July 2007 Stephen introduces Alex Leigh, a satellite truck operator. Plus, continuing on from the canteen story yesterday, there's reports of bad blood between the canteen staff and Sharyn.
25 Not The Real MacKay: Long and Busy week Stephen Jardine 6 July 2007 It's the end of a tough week for the Scotland Today team - minus John MacKay...and producer Lesley Colquhon Banks, who makes her blog debut to talk about the 6pm show. Also on the programme, the mystery of the dressing room shower is partially solved and the war of words between Sharyn and the canteen goes on.
26 Not The Real MacKay: Studio Talk Stephen Jardine 9 July 2007 David Millar looks ahead to the 6pm programme and Stephen reveals what apparently happens after the programme goes off air.
27 Not The Real MacKay: End of Term? Stephen Jardine 10 July 2007 Somehow, a 'end of term' feel is persisting in the newsroom. Jon Kean helps to explain why.
28 Not The Real MacKay: Canteen Controversy concluded Stephen Jardine 12 July 2007 Lesley Colquhon Banks looks ahead to the 6pm edition and the recent war of words ends with Sharyn buying a baked potato and beans from the canteen...and a hug.
29 Not The Real MacKay: Uphill Struggle Stephen Jardine 13 July 2007 It's an unlucky Friday the 13th for Debi Edward. She's been sent on an assault course for tonight's And Finally.... Stephen catches up with her before and after her course.
30 Not The Real MacKay: Fair Fortnight famine Heather Simpson 16 July 2007 Heather presents her first blog with a look at Glasgow's fair fortnight...and how it's affecting the canteen. Plus, Gordon McDougall looks ahead to tonight's programme.
31 Not The Real MacKay: Wardrobe War Heather Simpson 17 July 2007 A brief visit to the wardrobe, followed by a closer look into alleged corruption at Rangers with Raman Bhardwaj and David Millar previews tonight's main stories.
32 Not The Real MacKay: Ginger Day Heather Simpson 18 July 2007 Heather declares today as Ginger Day.
33 Not The Real MacKay: Aussie Rules Heather Simpson 19 July 2007 New recruit, Nick Porter (from Adelaide, Australia) makes his blog debut and programme editor Jon Kean explains the business of embargo stories.
34 Not The Real MacKay: The Director's Cut Heather Simpson 20 July 2007 A visit to the studio gallery and an interview with director John Mason.
35 Return of the Mack John MacKay 23 July 2007 Three weeks holiday later and John MacKay is back. But does anyone care to notice? Well, at least Linda Grimes Douglas cares as she looks ahead to the 6pm programme.
36 The Bowels of the Building John MacKay 24 July 2007 John visits the Transmission Control Centre - home to the Presentation Department. Also, a lookahead to the 6pm programme with producer Gordon McDougall.
37 The Face behind the Voice John MacKay 25 July 2007 By request of the forums, STV's chief announcer Maggie Lavender makes an appearance. Plus, Stephen Jardine talks about an upcoming two-part special on Malawi and producer Gordon McDougall discusses the quiet Summer months when not much news is going around.
38 Cutting it Fine John MacKay 26 July 2007 John confronts Heather Simpson about hijacking the blog with her own 'agenda' and Debi Edward reviews her coverage on a story from the previous night.
39 The other Real MacKay Stephen Jardine 27 July 2007 On a rainy day, Stephen discovers there's another Real MacKay in town. Plus, a visit to Edit Suite 3 where Stephen is working on two editions of the current affairs series, Inside Scotland.
40 The Craft of the Craftsman John MacKay 30 July 2007 John investigates some restructuring to the newsroom, with help from Sharyn. Also, John talks to newsroom graphic designer Richard Groundsell and producer Lesley Colquhon Banks. Plus, what is a box of muffins doing in the newsroom?
41 On the Forum John MacKay 31 July 2007 Producer Gordon McDougall discusses tonight's programme whilst John talks about ties and signs up to the STV website's forums...eventually.
42 Split News John MacKay 1 August 2007 Producers David Millar in Edinburgh and Gordon Chree in Glasgow discuss the local opt-outs.
43 A Voice of Calm John MacKay 2 August 2007 John talks to Production Assistant Laura about her role in the Scotland Today studio gallery.
44 A Tour of the Building John MacKay 3 August 2007 A much-requested tour of the STV headquarters.
45 The On-screen Debutant and what is really Scotland's most watched news programme John MacKay 6 August 2007 Diana Milford makes her debut as a newsreader and John (along with Gordon McMillian) disputes the claim of a rival news programme that they are the most watched news programme in Scotland.
46 An Editing Masterclass John MacKay 7 August 2007 The blog focuses on the desktop editing skills of Entertainment correspondent Grant Lauchlan.
47 The Studio Tour John MacKay 8 August 2007 A tour of the main studio used for Scotland Today and Scotsport.
48 The Green Shoes are replaced by Gold John MacKay 9 August 2007 A look at the sport department's morning meeting. Plus, what is the footwear of the newsroom?
49 Not The Real MacKay: Into the Vaults Heather Simpson 10 August 2007 Heather visits the archives and talks to archive manager John Rushton.
50 Traffic Controller John MacKay 13 August 2007 Stuart, the man who receives pictures and feeds from outside sources, talks to John.
51 Cowcaddens Comes Down John MacKay 14 August 2007 John makes one final visit to STV's former studios at Cowcaddens as the building is finally demolished.
52 Where's Julie? John Mackay 15 August 2007 John visits the finance department to ask what the staff would do with £34 million. But the big question of the day is Where's Julie?
53 The Elvis Tribute John MacKay 16 August 2007 It's 30 years to the day since the death of Elvis Presley and for the newsroom, the chance to pay tribute cannot be resisted.
54 The Future of Scottish Broadcasting John MacKay 17 August 2007 Following the launch of an inquiry by the Scottish Government into the state of broadcasting in Scotland, John talks to STV managing director Bobby Hain.
55 The Spin Doctors John MacKay 20 August 2007 After a week of political upheaval in Scotland, the power of the political Spin Doctors is discussed by STV Central's news editor, Howard Simpson.
56 In the Make-Up artist's Chair John MacKay 21 August 2007 A visit to the make-up artist's chair where Morag is hard at work.
57 Inside the Sat Truck John MacKay 22 August 2007 A look inside STV Central's satellite truck.
58 Vicky's Glasses John MacKay 23 August 2007 The various glasses owned by Vicky Lee and the newsroom staff come to the attention of the blog.
59 Not The Real MacKay Stephen Jardine 24 August 2007 Stephen announces the arrival of STV's first weather presenter in 10 years - Seán Batty.
60 An Old Friend John MacKay 28 August 2007 Former presenter Shereen Nanjiani makes a special appearance to celebrate STV's 50th birthday.
61 A trip down memory lane John MacKay 29 August 2007 A look back at the title sequences from Scotland Today over the past 35 years and an interview with STV's longest-serving employee.
62 Moustaches, Ties and Corpsing John MacKay 30 August 2007 Former presenter Angus Simpson returns to STV as part of the station's 50th anniversary celebrations.
63 Not The Real MacKay: From the archive Stephen Jardine 31 August 2007 An episode supposedly produced on the opening day of Scottish Television - 31 August 1957.
64 The Mothers' Interview John MacKay 3 September 2007 A specially extended version of Bernard Ponsonby's interview with two mothers who had lost their children to drug abuse.
65 The Graphics Department John MacKay 4 September 2007 John visits the main graphics department at STV to meet Craig Lamberton (head of graphics) and to preview the new titles for Taggart.
66 Politics - A historic day John MacKay 5 September 2007 Having struggled to avoid talking about politics (with help from new recruit Tom Lowe and Alison MacGregor), John relents and speaks to political correspondent Michael Crow about why today is a historic day.
67 The Origin of The Real MacKay John MacKay 6 September 2007 The Real MacKay discovers the origin of the show's title and finds out what the staff are up to in the newsroom.
68 'Not The Real MacKay: Dave Smith leaves the Building Stephen Jardine 7 September 2007 After 25 years as a camera operator, Dave Smith retires from the station.
69 Meeting the Stars John MacKay 10 September 2007 An insight into the celebrity interviews of Entertainment correspondent Grant Lauchlan.
70 The Collapse of the World's End murder trial John MacKay 11 September 2007 Bernard Ponsonby discusses the collapse of the World's End murder trial in Glasgow.
71 The cameraman John MacKay 12 September 2007 Cameraman Fraser Cleland takes the mic and John takes the camera to take a look at what a typical Scotland Today camera operator needs.
72 We are the Champions John MacKay 13 September 2007 John is celebrating Scotland's 2-1 victory over France in the Euro 2008 qualifier...if only he can get the message through to the rest of the newsroom. Luckily, Raman is on hand with an account of last night's match and Sharyn is willing to share an appropriate ringtone with us.
73 Not The Real MacKay: Doors Open Stephen Jardine 14 September 2007 A fast-paced tour around the Pacific Quay headquarters of STV ahead of Doors Open Day in Glasgow. Plus, a question of coat buttons.
74 A Blame for the Weekend Weather John MacKay 17 September 2007 The weather improves after a miserable weekend. Is STV weatherman Seán Batty to blame?
75 Happy Birthday Scotsport John MacKay 18 September 2007 A special edition of the blog to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of the longest-running sports programmes in the world, Scotsport - featuring classic goals and special guests including Arthur Montford.
76 The Edinburgh Tour John MacKay/Stephen Jardine 19 September 2007 John hands over control of the blog to Stephen for a tour of STV's Edinburgh studios.
77 The QE2 Grant Lauchlan 20 September 2007 Grant visits the QE2 on the Glasgow quayside.
78 Not The Real MacKay: Meet the Neighbours Stephen Jardine 21 September 2007 Stephen visits the new BBC Scotland headquarters next door to STV...and asks them to keep the noise down.
79 A National Network John MacKay 25 September 2007 Tom Lowe, a new recruit direct from ITN, discusses the differences between the London and Glasgow newsrooms.
80 Fascinating Facts John MacKay 26 September 2007 A pot pourri of fascinating facts from the newsroom staff.
81 Watching you, Watching us John MacKay 27 September 2007 A look at the webcam from the roof of STV's studios in Glasgow.
82 Not The Real MacKay: The Far East Heather Simpson 28 September 2007 Heather visits the production gallery for the Edinburgh opt-out.
83 The new STV News programme John MacKay 1 October 2007 John talks to Gordon Macmillan (Head of News) about the new 5:30pm news programme.
84 A Tad Vulgar John MacKay 2 October 2007 According to a newspaper, comparing viewing figures is a tad vulgar. But what else can be classified as a tad vulgar?
85 That Time of Year John MacKay 3 October 2007 Christmas comes early as John discovers that resources co-ordinator Sharyn has organised the staff's Christmas night out already.
86 A Tribute to Dida of AC Milan John MacKay 4 October 2007 The STV Central news team pay tribute to the antics of AC Milan goalkeeper Dida. Plus, Raman Bhardwaj talks about the recent fortunes of Scottish football.
87 The Postal Strike John MacKay 8 October 2007 John looks into how a postal strike is affecting STV.
88 The Newsroom Ornaments John MacKay 9 October 2007 Following on from the 'tad vulgar' episode, news PA Caroline takes a look at the ornaments of the newsroom.
89 The Lunchtime Bulletin John MacKay 10 October 2007 Producer Lesley Colquhon Banks discusses putting together the 1:55pm bulletin.
90 The Resources Co-Ordinator John MacKay 11 October 2007 Resources co-ordinator and regular to the blog, Sharyn Fleming, talks about her role in the newsroom.
91 Not The Real MacKay: How to get ahead in TV Stephen Jardine 12 October 2007 Stephen casts his critical eye over the BBC again and takes a look at careers in television.
92 Not The Real MacKay: Carbon Footprint Stephen Jardine 15 October 2007 Carbon footprints are all the rage these days. Stephen and the team talk about the issue...and Nick lets out a swear word.
93 Not The Real MacKay: Age and Ageism Stephen Jardine 16 October 2007 Stephen and the team discuss ageism following Menzies Campbell's resignation as leader of the Liberal Democrats.
94 Not The Real MacKay: Keeping our potty mouths clean Stephen Jardine 17 October 2007 Following Nick's swearing on episode 92, Stephen and the news team talk about the swear words not allowed on Scotland Today.
95 Not The Real MacKay: Ratings Revenge Stephen Jardine 19 October 2007 Stephen makes a comparison between press coverage about job cuts at BBC Scotland & a small drop in SMG plc's share price. Plus, a check on the latest ratings reports.
96 Can't Be Bothered John MacKay 22 October 2007 John returns to the show...but doesn't feel like presenting the blog.
97 Raman tackles Thierry Henry John MacKay 23 October 2007 Sports correspondent Raman Bhardwaj and other STV reporters talk about their own embarrassing reportage moments.
98 The moments before On Air John MacKay 24 October 2007 A closer look into what happens in the few moments before Scotland Today's lunchtime bulletin goes on air.
99 Sir Jackie Stewart John MacKay 25 October 2007 An ten-minute version of John's interview with former world motorsport champion, Sir Jackie Stewart.
*N.B. This interview was uploaded onto the website before a shortened version was broadcast on Scotland Today that evening.
100 Not The Real MacKay: Pretty in Pink Heather Simpson 26 October 2007 Heather reports on a Wear It Pink day in aid of Breast Cancer Research.
101 The Digital Revolution John MacKay 29 October 2007 North Tonight's Andrea Brymer returns to Glasgow and talks to John. Plus, an interview with Digital UK's Paul Hughes ahead of the digital TV switchover.
102 The First 100 John MacKay 30 October 2007 A lookback at some of the highlights from the first 100 editions of Scotland Today's video blogs.
103 Halloween! John MacKay 31 October 2007 Reporter Karen Greenshields shares her thoughts on covering the obligatory Halloween piece for tonight's programme.
104 A Familiar Face Departs John MacKay 1 November 2007 Reporter Steven Godden is leaving Scotland Today for pastures new. In this edition, he talks to John about his time with STV.
105 Off to Sri Lanka John MacKay 5 November 2007 A lookahead to extensive STV coverage as Glasgow waits to find out if the city will host the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
106 Dawn the Stylist John MacKay 6 November 2007 It's an exciting day for John and Raman as STV's resident stylist Dawn brings in some new suits for the presenters to wear.
107 Vicky meets Trinny & Susannah Vicky Lee 7 November 2007 Reporter Vicky Lee meets style gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine at a book signing in Glasgow.
108 Auditions in the Wind John MacKay 8 November 2007 On a very windy day in Glasgow, John finds out who can and who can't appear on camera in the gales.
109 Debi's blog from Sri Lanka Debi Edward 8 November 2007 Ahead of the 2014 Commonwealth Games decision, Debi reports from Sri Lanka.
110 Commonwealth Games Decision John MacKay 9 November 2007 The STV newsroom builds up to the announcement of the host city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and holds an office sweepstake.
111 Not The Real MacKay: Commonwealth Games Decision - Glasgow wins! Stephen Jardine 9 November 2007 Glasgow has won the title of host city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and Stephen returns from presenting a live one-hour show to reflect on STV's coverage...and to hear about the BBC's effort.
112 The Commonwealth Aftermath John MacKay 12 November 2007 A further review of STV's Commonwealth Games decision coverage including an issue regarding the office sweepstake and some cattiness between reporters Vicky Lee and Sharon Frew.
113 Subtitling John MacKay 13 November 2007 Subtitler Bethan talks at length about the subtitling department of STV Central.
114 The Real MacKay truck John MacKay 14 November 2007 A 'dramatic' reconstruction of a Youtube clip featuring a truck bearing the name "The Real McKay".
115 The Hello Mystery John MacKay 15 November 2007 John investigates the rare sighting of Hello magazine in the newsroom.
116 Not The Real MacKay: We're not talking Italian Heather Simpson 16 November 2007 Heather hears scoreline predictions from the newsroom ahead of tomorrow's Euro 2008 qualifier between Scotland and Italy. The only trouble is that she just can't resist including some sultry footage of Italian footballers.
117 Monday Moans John MacKay 19 November 2007 Scotland lose to Italy in the Euro 2008 qualifier, Scotland Today win nothing at the BAFTA Scotland awards and a few staff make a mess at some of the desks - just some of the things John and the newsroom team are moaning about in this edition of TRM.
118 A Celebrity comes-a-calling John MacKay 20 November 2007 John and showbiz reporter Grant Lauchlan explain why it's embarrassing to bring celebrities into the studios. Features a special guest appearance from Shayne Ward.
119 No Music Day John MacKay 21 November 2007 Following on from an idea by a former musician, John declares that today is Non Music Day...but the editor of The Real MacKay has other ideas.
120 Watching us, Watching you John MacKay 22 November 2007 As you can see, each edition of TRM is being listed on this page. But, who is behind it? And what about the identities of those on the STV forums? Debi Edward, Grant Lauchlan, Raman Bhardwaj, Seán Batty and the man himself, John MacKay speculate.
121 The Karen Greenshields Interview John MacKay 26 November 2007 The first in a series of occasional in-depth interviews with STV journalists, beginning with reporter Karen Greenshields.
122 How to do a Vox Pop John MacKay 27 November 2007 A demonstration from John about the art of vox-pops.
123 Testing the new video phone John MacKay 28 November 2007 A new video phone has arrived in the newsroom and John has been given responsibility of testing it. But will he succeed?
124 The Sharon Frew Interview John MacKay 29 November 2007 Reporter Sharon Frew comes under the spotlight in the second of John's profile interviews.
125 The new 1730 team start John MacKay 3 December 2007 There's a buzz going around the newsroom today as a new team starts work on the regionwide 1730 programme due to launch next month. Plus, a chance to meet some new staff working on the main 1800 edition of Scotland Today.
126 Not The Real MacKay: 5:30 Programme Decisions Stephen Jardine 4 December 2007 It's day 2 of preparation work for the new 5:30pm show and whilst everyone else has disappeared, Stephen & Gerry consider a few decisions.
127 The Best Artist in the Newsroon John MacKay 6 December 2007 Inspired by the Weather Advent Calendar, the blog holds a competition to find the best newsroom artist. The challenge - to draw a picture of Santa Claus.
128 The Ken Bryson Interview John MacKay 11 December 2007 Another of John's profile interviews. This time round, senior journalist and forward planner Ken Bryson discusses his illustrious career, working on the Daily Express, the BBC's Reporting Scotland and the like.
129 Christmas cards, a new look to the newsroom and Debi as Judy John MacKay 12 December 2007 John gets around to opening some Christmas Cards (including a celebrity one for Grant Lauchlan). Plus, a glance at the new look newsroom and Debi Edward is asked how she feels about being compared to Judy Finnigan.
130 Alison's New Hairstyle John MacKay 13 December 2007 Alison MacGregor has got a new haircut but is not sure what to make of it. To help her decide, John asks around the newsroom for some opinion.
131 Aussie Nick and the Cold John MacKay 17 December 2007 It's a bitterly cold day in Glasgow and Nick (from Adelaide) is sent out to discover how an Aussie can deal with below freezing temperatures. Also on the show, editor Howard Simpson reveals the winners of this year's STV Newsroom Awards.
132 Last Minute Christmas Advice John MacKay 18 December 2007 A guide to last minute Christmas shopping, courtesy of the newsroom staff.
133 The Favourite Christmas No1 John MacKay 19 December 2007 With the prospect of X Factor winner Leon Jackson becoming the first Scottish artist to have a Christmas No1, John goes round the offices to find out the staff's favourite festive chart topper.
134 How Many Takes? John MacKay 20 December 2007 John signs off for Christmas with a check on how many takes Ranald Leask required to do a piece-to-camera on Hibernian F.C.'s new, slippery, training hill.
135 Not The Real MacKay: Festive Plans Stephen Jardine 21 December 2007 The final blog of the year (and Stephen's last blog as presenter/producer) features seasons greetings from the newsroom and a look at the staff's plans for Christmas.
136 A New Year and another New Face John MacKay 3 January 2008 The first Real MacKay episode of 2008. In this episode, new reporter Nicol Nicolson makes his debut and John takes a look at the state of the newsroom post-Christmas.
137 Tight deadlines and Winter bites John MacKay 4 January 2008 Reporter Laura Miller talks about her tough day in the newsroom and weatherman Seán Batty reports on the prospect of snow.
138 Kenny Richey's Release John MacKay 7 January 2008 Today, the man known as the Death Row Scot, Kenny Richey, is expected to be released from jail. Programme producer Linda Grimes Douglas looks ahead to the extensive live coverage on the story for tonight's programme.
139 A Review of the Kenny Richey Release John MacKay 8 January 2008 So, how did last night's Kenny Richey coverage go? According to producer Linda Grimes Douglas, not as originally hoped for...
140 A Strong Wind Blows John MacKay 9 January 2008 It's been a very busy 24 hours for weatherman Seán Batty after overnight gales caused widespread disruption across Scotland. Here, he talks to John about the cause of the storms and how the River Clyde nearly burst its banks.
141 It's great when it works John MacKay 10 January 2008 Producer Gordon McDougall talks about a successful programme from last night which featured live coverage of Kenny Richey's return to Scotland and dramatic pictures of the weather across the country.
142 White Not MacKay Louise White 11 January 2008 Louise White launches a new Friday edition of the Scotland Today video blog. The first programme concentrates on what would happen if STV had a fire and an exclusive umbrella competition.
143 Those special messages John MacKay 14 January 2008 The week on the blog begins with a departure - Morag, the make-up artist is leaving and John is eager to send her a farewell card. But what's the best message to write?
144 The failure of the Squinty Bridge and the new News at Ten John MacKay 15 January 2008 John reports on a news story that happened right on their doorstep - the failure of a connection cable on Glasgow's Clyde Arc which has led to its closure. Also, reaction from the newsroom about the second revival of News at Ten.
145 The Real MacKay goes Global! John MacKay 16 January 2008 John starts an experiment to get as many international viewers as possible to watch the blog. Also, newsroom greetings to relatives from around the world and an update on Heather Simpson's pregnancy.
146 News on the new programme John MacKay 17 January 2008 In another packed programme, the name of the new 5:30pm programme is finally announced, Seán Batty talks about the building of a new STV Weather Centre and an update on the Global experiment, along with more international greetings from the newsroom.
147 White Not MacKay Louise White 18 January 2008 The moment many a STV video blog fan has awaited finally arrives as Louise and Seán Batty announce the winner of last week's brolly competition.
148 The 5:30 is Unveiled! And more Pins for the map John MacKay 21 January 2008 The new look for the new regional magazine programme, The Five Thirty Show, is finally unveiled. John talks to Stephen Jardine and Debi Edward with just a week to go until the launch. Plus, a further update on The Real MacKay Goes Global.
149 Viewers' Videos and meet Natasha from the 5:30 show John MacKay 22 January 2008 John takes a look into the importance of viewers' videos in modern newsgathering. Also, the build up to The Five Thirty Show continues with new girl Natasha Stillwell's debut and an update on the Global experiment.
150 Prizes on Offer! John MacKay 23 January 2008 Vicky Lee talks about The Five Thirty Show, John launches a competition as part of his Global experiment and producer Gordon McDougall looks ahead to the 6pm show.
151 The Director's Cut of The Five Thirty Show John MacKay 24 January 2008 Four days to go until its launch and studio director John Mason talks about his role on The Five Thirty Show. Also on the blog, there's new territory to pinpoint as part of the The Real MacKay Goes Global.
152 White Not MacKay Louise White 25 January 2008 The Burns Night edition of the blog featuring a much requested clip involving Angus Simpson and Kirsty Young and an insight into Scottish TV's presenter idents from 2003.
153 The Big Day for the Five Thirty Show John MacKay 28 January 2008 Launch day for The Five Thirty Show is finally here. Hayley Valentine and Lesley Colquhon Banks, two of the programme producers, talk about what to expect in the first programme. And in the Global update, two pins from the USA.
154 How did 'The Five Thirty Show' go? John MacKay 29 January 2008 STV Central's news editor Howard Simpson talks about last night's first 5:30 show. Plus, details on a new shortcode number for sending photos and videos to the programme.
155 The Full Pomp of the Pinning Ceremony John MacKay 30 January 2008 Continuing the Global experiment, John brings some pomp and gravitas to the pinning ceremony. Also, a ratings check-up.
156 The Mike Edwards Interview John MacKay 31 January 2008 John returns to his series of in-depth profile interviews. Coming under the spotlight this time, senior news reporter Mike Edwards.
157 White Not MacKay Louise White 1 February 2008 On this week's Friday show, cameraman Fraser Cleland has an insight into the Squinty Bridge, web administrator John Kilbride talks about Scotland Yesterday and Louise brings you the chance to win an STV football.
158 Winter Bugs John MacKay 4 February 2008 John talks to the staff affected by a week of winter illness in the newsroom.
159 A Newsroom Snapshot John MacKay 5 February 2008 John gives a commentary on the scene in the newsroom at lunchtime.
160 An Eventful Day of Politics John MacKay 6 February 2008 The Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond has threatened to resign from his post unless the Parliament's budget is passed in a vote tonight. And the Electoral Commission looks set to report on the donations row involving Wendy Alexander, leader of the Scottish Labour Party. Producer Linda Grimes Douglas looks ahead to Scotland Today coverage on these and other stories.
161 The Real MacKay reaches South America! John MacKay 7 February 2008 The Global experiment continues with correspondence from São Paulo, Brazil and Adelaide, Australia. Plus, a chance to catch up with weatherman Seán Batty.
162 White Not MacKay Louise White 8 February 2008 In Louise's Friday blog tonight, a behind-the-scenes insight of and Raman Bhardwaj draws the winner of the STV football competition.
163 The Newsroom Netherworld John MacKay 11 February 2008 A look at what lies beneath the desks in the newsroom, with a few surprising discoveries in store.
164 Career Profile of a Graphic Artist John MacKay 12 February 2008 Continuing the occasional series of in-depth interviews, John talks to Richard Groundsell, a newsroom graphic artist.
165 Friends of The Real MacKay John MacKay 13 February 2008 John Kilbride announces the launch of a new Facebook group and Blogspot for the show. Plus, the Global experiment hits French territory as Paris is added to the map.
166 Going On Air John MacKay 14 February 2008 A look at the behind-the-scenes build up ahead of the lunchtime bulletin.
167 Fashion Week John MacKay 15 February 2008 Vicky Lee is back from London Fashion Week, where she's been on assignment for The Five Thirty Show. She tells John her informed opinion about the fashions in the newsroom.
168 The Real MacKay with guest presenter Aussie Nick Nick Porter 18 February 2008 It's Aussie Nick's last week in the newsroom and to mark the occasion, John has relinquished presentation control of the blog. Today's talking point - holiday destinations.
169 Flying High to On-Air Time John MacKay 19 February 2008 An exposure into the tension of the one hour before Scotland Today's main 6pm edition goes to air reveals what the newsroom staff consider important...
170 Why do we only speak English? John MacKay 20 February 2008 As MSPs in the Scottish Parliament consider why the public are poor at speaking foreign languages, John hears what the newsroom staff make of the issue.
171 The Career of a Cameraman John MacKay 21 February 2008 Another of John's in-depth profile interviews. This time, cameraman Steve Kydd talks about a 27-year career that has led him from Take The High Road, Now You See It and the like to Scotland Today, via filming Colonel Kadaffi.
172 White Not MacKay Louise White 22 February 2008 Louise returns with her Friday night edition of the blog. This week, Louise answers some of the forum's questions and looks back at coverage of the 1988 Lockerbie disaster (produced for STV by Border Television). Plus, a 2006 report from John MacKay looking ahead to what STV's new headquarters had to offer.
173 A Breaking Story John MacKay 25 February 2008 From the first wire reports to a live newsroom update from Raman Bhardwaj, John brings us an insight into covering a breaking news story.
174 Politician's Expenses John MacKay 26 February 2008 Political editor Bernard Ponsonby discusses the wealth of stories concerning the expenses of politicians.
175 White Not MacKay Louise White 27 February 2008 An extra midweek edition of Louise's spin-off blog, which today focuses on the fashions of the newsroom following criticism of tracksuits and such clothing from MSP Christopher Harvie.
176 Working with other TV Companies John MacKay 28 February 2008 Newsgathering editor Jon Kean talks about the importance of good working relationships with other television stations.
177 White Not MacKay Louise White 29 February 2008 A special programme providing an in-depth lookback at how STV Central covered the 2007 terrorist attack at Glasgow International Airport. Louise is joined by reporter Gordon Chree.
178 It's the Future John MacKay 3 March 2008 New technology is the theme today as News Operations Manager, Bob Rae, introduces the BGAN, a system allowing reporters to edit packages from location and send them back to base via broadband.
179 The New Jackets John MacKay 4 March 2008 An update on Little John the snowman and a special launch parade of the new STV jackets as displayed by Mike Edwards, Seán Batty, Joanne Bonnar and Sharon Frew. News editor Howard Simpson voices his opinion on the new fashions.
180 Getting Started John MacKay 5 March 2008 Following the morning meeting, John finds out which stories the reporters have been allocated. Plus, a further update on Little John.
181 Raman's Return John MacKay 6 March 2008 Raman Bhardwaj is back from Barcelona to talk about the BGAN system and tacky presents, as well as adding a pin to The Real MacKay Goes Global map. Plus, news on Laura Miller, whose won an award for her student documentary on the 2004 Asian tsunami.
182 White Not MacKay Louise White 7 March 2008 In tonight's Friday edition, Tom Lowe talks about the new Citizen Reporter scheme and there's a chance to see a special long promo for Scotland Today from 1999.
183 Scotland is the Centre of the Universe John MacKay 10 March 2008 John questions an accusation from a colleague that his global map is politically incorrect.
184 Differences of Opinion John MacKay 11 March 2008 Yesterday saw much debate as to which of three stories would lead Scotland Today at 6pm. Tom Lowe, Jon Kean and Raman Bhardwaj state their cases.
185 The Real MacKay in India John MacKay 12 March 2008 John devotes the blog to STV forumer, BBC World in Dubai, who, whilst on a trip to India, made great efforts to spread the word about The Real MacKay as part of the blog's Global experiment.
186 Busy and Brief John MacKay 13 March 2008 A heavy workload and staff' sickness means a curtailed edition of TRM - but there's enough time to add a few pins to the Global map.
187 'White Not MacKay: The Weather Centre Louise White 14 March 2008 Louise takes a look behind the scenes at the STV Weather Centre and interviews Seán Batty who produces and presents the weather forecasts for STV.
188 The ITV News Awards John MacKay 17 March 2008 Head of News, Gordon McMillan, reports back on success for the STV Central newsroom at the ITV News Awards. And John puts some more additions onto the "Tat Shelf".
189 The Mystery of The Honking Sock John MacKay 18 March 2008 A glorious Spring day at Pacific Quay is somewhat spoiled by the appearance of a sock on one of the chairs of the newsroom. John investigates, accompanied by Mike Edwards and Clair Stevens.
190 The investigation into the Mystery of the Honking Socks John MacKay 19 March 2008 John gets tough as the socks' mystery continues with a few interrogations, duirng which a chief suspect is uncovered.
191 More International Connections John MacKay 20 March 2008 In a packed pre-Easter edition, there's more on the Honking Sock (including Nicol Nicolson's explanation as to why he wasn't interrogated), a pin for the Channel Islands on the Global map and a look into the connections between Scotland Today and CNN, via interviews with Tom Lowe and Gordon McDougall.
192 Karen sambas as The Real MacKay hits Brazil! John MacKay 25 March 2008 Before the Honking Socks resurface, The Real MacKay returns with Robyn from Boston getting her pin added to the map. Plus, forum contributor BBC World extends his Global efforts to Brazil. And to celebrate, Karen Greenshields does a samba.
193 What's in a Name? John MacKay 26 March 2008 Following on from Natasha Stillwell's Five Thirty Show feature on how lucky certain names are, John asks the newsroom how they feel about their own names.
194 Lessons in Life - Buttons John MacKay 27 March 2008 Sharyn has a problem - she doesn't know what to do with the spare buttons in her coat. John aims to find the answer in the first (and only) episode of a new feature series for the blog about lessons in life.
195 White Not MacKay - Take 22 Louise White 28 March 2008 Another Friday night edition of the blog, featuring some classic bloopers...well, at least once Louise gets the introduction out of the way.
196 Sarah's Back John MacKay 31 March 2008 Two years after her departure, Sarah Heaney returns to STV and talks to John about what she's been up to as well as looking back at her Scotland Today years.
197 The Fluorescent Kilt John MacKay 1 April 2008 After much demand from the forums and weatherman Seán Batty, John bows to pressure and tries the fluorescent kilt worn by Seán on The Five Thirty Show last week. Luckily for him, it's April Fool's Day...
198 The Newsgathering Editor John MacKay 2 April 2008 Another in-depth interview - this time, featuring Newsgathering editor Jon Kean.
199 The News Operations Manager John MacKay 3 April 2008 The latest in John's in-depth profile interviews involves Bob Rae, News Operations Manager for STV Central. He talks about his times at Grampian Television and BBC Scotland as well as about what his job entails.
200 White Not MacKay Louise White 4 April 2008 On her birthday, Louise White treats White Not MacKay viewers to clips from an edition of Scotland Today produced for the long-defunct Sky Scottish as well as a lookback at Scotsport's 30th birthday celebrations from 1987. Plus, an appearance from archive librarian John McVie.
201 White Not MacKay: We're a Weird Bunch Louise White 9 April 2008 A midweek special of White Not MacKay. Tonight, Louise talks superstitions with Seán Batty, Kelly-Ann Bishop, Rachel McTavish and cameraman Fraser.
202 White Not MacKay Louise White 10 April 2008 Louise White and entertainment correspondent Grant Lauchlan meet up outside the Pacific Quay studios to talk about celebrity interviews.
203 White Not MacKay - The Master Louise White 11 April 2008 It's holes-in-one, uncontrollable laughter and double entendres abound as Louise holds her own golf tournament as a tribute to the US Masters in Augusta. STV Central news staff battle it out for the grand prize of six month-old cans of beer.
204 White Not MacKay - A Good Wife Louise White 16 April 2008 A follow up to John's blog on buttons in which Louise and P.A. Caroline teach Sharyn on how to be a good housewife.
205 White Not MacKay - North meets South Louise White 17 April 2008 After a successful venture into the Glasweigan enemy lines (as seen on Northern Exposure a few weeks ago), Chris Harvey returns to Pacific Quay for an appearance on The Five Thirty Show...and for an appearance on White Not MacKay, of course.
206 White Not MacKay Louise White 21 April 2008 Owing to earlier technical problems, STV Central presents a double bill of video blogs to start the week. First off, Louise White presents a delayed Friday edition with a venture into the sound booth of the Scotland Today/Five Thirty Show studio gallery.
207 Changes John MacKay 21 April 2008 The Mack is back and so is the daily edition of the blog, which today features more pins for the Global map, a change in newsroom furniture and a new hairdo for Kirstin.
208 The Scotland Today adverts John MacKay 22 April 2008 More administrative work for the Global experiment and Raman Bhardwaj and Seán Batty talk about the new press adverts for Scotland Today. Meanwhile, Debi Edward considers the link between the presenters and risk of annoying Louise.
209 Strange Sightings in Scotland John MacKay 23 April 2008 A day after the newspaper adverts, the billboards go up for Scotland Today. John is joined by weatherman Seán Batty.
210 No Nonsense in our Newsroom John MacKay 24 April 2008 The blog continues to attract international viewers as John adds pins for viewers in Belgium and New Zealand. Also on the blog, proof (if proof were needed) that unlike Reporting Scotland, there's no room for juvenile behaviour in the Scotland Today newsroom.
211 White Not MacKay - When Harry met Louise Louise White 25 April 2008 Louise dedicates today's programme to a good friend of hers named Harry. Also, the virtues of autocue as demonstrated by satellite truck operator Alex Leigh.
212 Rachel's debut on The Five Thirty Show John MacKay 28 April 2008 John meets freelance presenter Rachel McTavish, who is making her debut on The Five Thirty Show tonight alongside Stephen Jardine. She also talks about her times at the now defunct ITV News Channel.
213 Producing The Five Thirty Show John MacKay 29 April 2008 John continues to keep track on the temporary change in personnel for The Five Thirty Show - involving Scotland Today producer Linda Grimes Douglas, whose moving over to TFTS for a stint and Rachel McTavish, who considers how her first night went.
214 The Thunderstorms John MacKay 30 April 2008 On a miserable morning at Pacific Quay, John intends to introduce pictures of a dramatic thunderstorm at the STV Central studios from the roof...but finds the weather off putting. Plus, word from Italy that TRM has reached Florence.
215 The Newsroom Wish Fairy John MacKay/Kirstin Anderson 1 May 2008 As inspired by Vicky Lee's goodwill on The Five Thirty Show last night, John hands over the blog to newsroom assistant Kirstin Anderson, who for today, has become the "Newsroom Wish Fairy" - fairy wings and all!
216 Wearing a hoody on a sunny day John MacKay 6 May 2008 The glorious weather encourages the news team to wear appropriate attire...except for one - 'Traffic Controller' James is wearing a hoody. John finds out why.
217 To dye or not to dye John MacKay/Karen Greenshields 7 May 2008 Karen Greenshields is given responsibility of the blog by John for today. And once again, the topic of hair colour is on the agenda.
218 Football Night John MacKay 8 May 2008 Thursday night is footy night for the lads in the newsroom and as we discover in tonight's TRM, Inverness Caley Thistle fan Mike Edwards is very keen on his boyhood heroes and vintage match shirts.
219 White Not MacKay - Move over boys! Louise White 9 May 2008 As you may have seen on The Real MacKay last night, the lads in the newsroom are keen on their footy. But how do the opposite sex fare? Step forward Louise's seven-a-side girls team.
220 Doing your own make up John MacKay 12 May 2008 As the Scottish Daily Mail alleges that Reporting Scotland presenter David Robertson is bemoaning having to do his own make up, John goes around the newsroom for some make-up tips.
221 The Newsroom Exodus to Manchester John MacKay 13 May 2008 At this moment, most of the Scotland Today team are making their way to Manchester for tomorrow night's UEFA Cup Final between Rangers and Zenit St Petersburg. John reports from an increasingly deserted newsroom in Glasgow.
222 From Manchester John MacKay 14 May 2008 John presents a UEFA Cup final special from a bustling Albert Square in the heart of Manchester City Centre.
223 No Rest for the Busy John MacKay 15 May 2008 Rangers have lost out on the UEFA Cup with their fans causing trouble in Manchester and former Celtic player/manager Tommy Burns has died. John reflects on 24 hours to forget for football in Glasgow.
224 The Stampede for Snacks John MacKay 16 May 2008 An extra Friday blog from John MacKay sees the canteen closed because of STV owners SMG plc's annual general meeting. Some snacks have been laid on for the staff elsewhere at the studios - but the big question is how long have they lasted?
225 Newsroom Heroes John MacKay 19 May 2008 John and the team talk about the idols of the newsroom staff.
226 Tommy Burns's Funeral John MacKay 20 May 2008 A solemn day in the newsroom as the funeral of Celtic legend Tommy Burns takes place. Newsgathering editor Tom Lowe outlines the joint operation undertaken by STV, BBC Scotland and Sky News to cover the funeral.
227 Bright Jacket Day John MacKay 21 May 2008 John dons a fluorescent jacket (but not the matching kilt!) to celebrate Bright Jacket Day as a number of newsroom staff (or at least three of them) turn up with bright jackets.
228 A Video Blog Sensation John MacKay 22 May 2008 The Real MacKay's Youtube channel has become the number 1 Guru channel in the UK (15th internationally and 11th most viewed out of all channels in the UK). John shares the glory with previous guest presenters Kirstin Anderson, Karen Greenshields and Grant Lauchlan.
229 White Not MacKay - Vote yes! Louise White 23 May 2008 The latest weekend edition of WNM features a brief round-up of questions from the forums before Louise launches a big interactive debate on the subject of a scarf. Watch and find out why...
230 The end of the football season John MacKay 27 May 2008 The Scottish football season is at an end, and for John and Raman Bhardwaj, the lack of Scottish matches over the summer is somewhat depressing.
231 The First Single You Bought John MacKay 28 May 2008 It's a known fact - the first single that John MacKay ever bought was Metal Guru by T.Rex. But when asked the question What was the first single you bought?, will the Scotland Today team reply?
232 Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork John MacKay 29 May 2008 A sign of eternal wisdom has appeared in the newsroom - Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork. But is it proving inspirational enough for the news team?
233 White Not MacKay - I tried Louise White 30 May 2008 Louise takes a look back at the 1991 ITV franchise auction when Scottish Television retained their broadcast license unopposed with a bid of just £2,000. Plus, Vicky Lee and Linda Grimes Douglas are left on their own as the rest of the Five Thirty Show team head to Edinburgh for a special programme.
234 The Newsroom Balloon John MacKay 2 June 2008 A special undercover investigation into the attraction between the Scotland Today team and a balloon in the newsroom.
235 Nervous Anticipation John MacKay 3 June 2008 Tomorrow will be a year to the day since the first edition of The Real MacKay. As for tonight, John has some nervous anticipation about the forthcoming anniversary.
236 The First Anniversary John MacKay 4 June 2008 What started as a short piece-to-camera from the newsroom is now an integral part of STV News. The Scotland Today video blog celebrates its first year, complete with card, cake, highlights compilation...and fire extinguisher.
237 European Championship Stake John MacKay 5 June 2008 Sharyn has organised a sweepstake in the newsroom ahead of the start of Euro 2008 this weekend. But just as there was with the 2014 Commonwealth Games sweepstake, there's some fervour over the running of the sweep. John (Romania) investigates.
238 White Not MacKay - When Lulu met Tyka Louise White 6 June 2008 The managing director of SMG Productions, Elizabeth Partyka answers the questions of Louise and STV's online forumers for a special edition of the weekend blog.
239 Sophisticated Things Amuse Simple Minds John MacKay 9 June 2008 Action girl Natasha Stillwell brings a Segway PT into the Scotland Today newsroom. So, when the team get to hear about it...well, you'll get the idea.
240 More on The Real MacKay Global Map John MacKay 10 June 2008 John brings us an update on what new international viewers have got in touch since the TRM Global Map was last featured.
241 White Not MacKay: The Tufty Club Louise White 11 June 2008 A midweek special of White Not MacKay - tonight, the question of Seán Batty and Nicol Nicolson's haircuts. Louise lets the viewers decide, along with some help from Kirstin Anderson.
242 Not The Real MacKay: Childhood Ambitions Gordon Chree 12 June 2008 Not The Real MacKay returns with Gordon Chree at the helm. The topic - what did the Scotland Today staff want to do whilst they were growing up?
243 White Not MacKay: Where there's a Will, there's a way Louise White 13 June 2008 The weekend edition of the blog focuses on Philadelphia-born Will Springer, STV News' new online producer.
244 Euro 2008 and a new bulletin John MacKay 16 June 2008 Senior reporter Mike Edwards looks back on his time in Switzerland during Euro 2008 and John announces a new 90-second update on weekdays at 3pm.
245 Euro 2008 Update John MacKay 17 June 2008 TRM's Euro 2008 coverage continues with a sweepstake update ahead of tonight's final round of Group C matches.
246 The fly away satellite John MacKay 18 June 2008 Always keen to let TRM viewers know about new technical advances in the newsroom, John introduces the fly away satellite - a new piece of equipment which allows Scotland Today to produce more live outside broadcasts. What John isn't so keen on is talking about Romania's exit in Euro 2008...
247 Meeting Keira and Sienna on The Red Carpet John MacKay 19 June 2008 It was a big night for Grant Lauchlan last night as he interviewed Keira Knightley (and her mum) and Sienna Miller at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Today, the newsroom staff want to know what Knightley and Miller were like - amongst them is John MacKay.
248 White Not MacKay: Sean discusses sheep Louise White 20 June 2008 In an earlier than normal Friday edition, birthday girl Vicky Lee talks cakes and Seán Batty talks sheep shearing.
249 New Members of the News Team John MacKay 23 June 2008 A new week on the blog and two new staff camera operators join the Scotland Today team. Ross Leary and Jennifer Wilson talk to John.
250 The Five Thirty Show reaches 100 editions John MacKay 24 June 2008 The Five Thirty Show reaches its 100th programme tonight. John joins in the celebrations with Stephen, Caroline, Lesley, Vicky, Gerry and Seán.
251 The Green Room John MacKay 25 June 2008 TRM takes viewers into the green room of The Five Thirty Show where Vicky, Lesley and Seán are considering how the room could be improved.
252 Preparations for the Party John MacKay 26 June 2008 Not much is known about the monthly parties at the STV Group (formerly SMG) headquarters for which each department takes in turn to organise and prepare. This month, a Summer Soiree is being held by the newsroom, with Seán Batty and Kirstin Anderson in charge.
253 An Outsider's View 30 June 2008 Scott, a work experience student at STV, presents an outsider's commentary on life in the Scotland Today newsroom.
254 Catch Up John MacKay 1 July 2008 John brings viewers some news from the newsroom - find out who backed the champions (Spain) in the Euro 2008 sweep, hear how the Summer Soiree turned out and meet new production journalist Cara Berkley.
255 If You Go Down To The Mailroom Today You're In For a Big Surprise John MacKay 2 July 2008 A brief visit to the postroom reveals something very unusual has arrived at the STV studios. John, postman Bryan and cameraman Fraser get to the heart of the matter.
256 The Real MacKay Rises On Another Part of the Global Map John MacKay 3 July 2008 More from the International experiment and as it transpires, the blog has reached Japan.
257 Interesting Times John MacKay 4 July 2008 It's the end of a momentous week in Scottish politics - Wendy Alexander resigned as leader of the Scottish Labour Party, Nicol Stephen stepped down from his post as Scottish Liberal Democrats leader and the resignation of Glasgow East MP David Marshall has triggered a by-election - one that some commentators say has the potential to force the Prime Minister out of office. Political editor Bernard Ponsonby comments on the past week with John.
258 An insight into how the blog works John MacKay 7 July 2008 John roams the newsroom to show us how to produce a blog of four and a half minutes length with minimum effort.
259 Technical Difficulties John Mackay 8 July 2008 John talks about last night's fire alarm at BBC Scotland's studios next door which kept Reporting Scotland off air for 20 minutes - only for the blog to be interrupted by...
260 Be Prepared John MacKay 9 July 2008 A lesson in the importance of preparation - as demonstrated by Sharon Frew's shoe collection.
261 For Foodies John MacKay 10 July 2008 Gallery PA Laura Trimble has been producing, directing and editing a unique Recipe of the Week series for The Five Thirty Show. In this edition of TRM, she talks at length about the thinking and the production behind the series.
262 I went to school with him John MacKay 11 July 2008 It's been revealed that Charlotte in the newsroom went to school with one of Benny Andersson's sons. Can anyone else better that? And just who is holding the mic for John?
263 Normal service resumes John MacKay 28 July 2008 17 days after the last episode and a quiet forum leaves John to try and kickstart regular service on TRM with a forum message, an aborted pinning ceremony and a lookahead to future editions of TRM.
264 Ring Tones John MacKay 29 July 2008 What links Skins with The Muppet Show? They're just two of the ringtones amongst the Scotland Today staff. John tours the newsroom to hear some mobile tunes and ring-rings.
265 Digital Future John MacKay 30 July 2008 The chief executive of STV Group plc, Rob Woodward, outlines the company's plans to establish a new digital channel comprising of new & exclusive output, archive material and possible local opt-out services.
266 Back to the Grind John MacKay 31 July 2008 Raman returns to his usual trade of sports journalism as the new football season opens with a 0-0 draw between Rangers and Kaunas in a UEFA Champions League qualifier. And before John talks to him about getting back into business, a pinning ceremony is also in order.
267 White Not MacKay: It's been a while Louise White 1 August 2008 John MacKay's 17-day long absence from The Real MacKay may have been lengthy but it doesn't quite compare to Louise White's 41 days without presenting White Not MacKay. And now she's back to talk Americanisms with Will Springer.
268 The Sun Shone on Seán John MacKay 4 August 2008 A clear day at Pacific Quay encourages John to bring out the shades and find out what the forecast for the rest of the summer holds from Seán Batty.
269 Exam Results John MacKay 5 August 2008 On the day thousands of Scottish school pupils receive exam results, the Scotland Today team present their takes on the nerves and emotions that surround the opening of the envelope.
270 Sport or News? John MacKay 6 August 2008 Rangers have crashed out of the UEFA Champions League and European football after a second round qualifying upset to the hands of FBK Kaunas. This leaves the Scotland Today newsroom with a problem - should it be covered as a sports story or does it warrant a place within the main regional news?
271 Filming a promo for the new STV video player John MacKay 7 August 2008 As the team behind prepares to push its new video player into full service, John films a promo for the website. But why is John repeating the same line again and again? All shall be revealed.
272 White Not MacKay: Here's looking at you, kid Louise White 15 August 2008 How does Scotland Today cameraman Ross Leary go about his day job? More to the point, can Louise White hack it as a camerawoman?
273 How much? John MacKay 18 August 2008 John MacKay returns from a week's holiday with news of two American pins for the Global map and a disturbing find on eBay, made even more disturbing by how much the item went for.
274 The Newsroom Schism John MacKay 19 August 2008 John finds himself reporting on a private group of newsroom staff known as The Baked Potato Club, which is causing more than enough trouble within the Scotland Today team.
275 Sharing the Misery John MacKay 20 August 2008 A look at the reality of the miserable August weather in Pacific Quay and in spite of the crowded space on the map, pins for the Isle of Man and the Western Isles.
276 The National Anthem debate John MacKay 21 August 2008 Whilst the Tartan Army booed the playing of God Save The Queen at last night's Scotland v Northern Ireland friendly at Hampden, the national anthem was well observed when Olympic champion Chris Hoy received his gold medals in Beijing recently. All of which has led to a newsroom debate on the issue - involving amongst others, Joanne Bonnar, Raman Bhardwaj and UTV Live's Neil Brittain.
277 Newsroom chat John MacKay 22 August 2008 Another disappearing act from Louise White means an extra TRM episode for Friday, which today features what passes for a typical chat in the Scotland Today newsroom.
278 The new video player at John MacKay 26 August 2008 As the official launch of STV's new video website approaches, online producer Will Springer demonstrates its pieste resistance - the video player.
279 The Newsroom Schism II: Response of the Kirstin John MacKay 27 August 2008 The story of The Baked Potato Club continues - will Seán and Kirstin bring themselves to explain their actions?
280 Not The Real MacKay: The Newsroom Schism III - The Baked Potato Ballot Seán Batty 28 August 2008 In an attempt to provide a balanced presentation on the issue of The Baked Potato Club, Seán Batty presents a Not The Real MacKay special with coverage of a secret ballot to see who will be allowed to join the controversial society.
281 White Not MacKay: Frocks, fireworks and flutes Louise White 29 August 2008 This weekend, STV will produce OB coverage of the Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert 2008 - the finale of this year's Edinburgh International Festival. Louise White presents the programme on Sunday night with Henry Eagles in charge as executive producer. Here, he and production manager Katie outline how the station will cover the event.
282 A Long Day for Raman John MacKay 1 September 2008 With the football transfer window closing at midnight tonight, Raman Bhardwaj anticipates one of the busiest days of the year in sports journalism.
283 Kelly-Ann goes Network John MacKay 2 September 2008 On yesterday's ITV Lunchtime News, Kelly-Ann Bishop made her network debut to cover the vaccination of Scottish school girls against cervical cancer. Here, she talks to John about making the leap from regional to national news.
284 Mystery Messenger John MacKay 3 September 2008 Following his appearance on Postcode Challenge, Gerry McCullouch has been receiving some odd messages from a mysterious messenger. Another Real MacKay investigation is in order.
285 New online coverage @ John MacKay 4 September 2008 A new session in the Scottish Parliament has begun with STV's video website now carrying live coverage of First Minister's Questions on Thursday lunchtime. Rachel McTavish assesses how today's first webcast turned out.
286 White Not MacKay: The new video player Louise White 8 September 2008 In a delayed edition of WNM, web editor Robert Dawson Scott discusses further the launch of
287 An Andy Murray Exclusive! John MacKay 8 September 2008 Ahead of the US Open men's final between Andy Murray and Roger Federer in New York City tonight, John makes a somewhat questionable attempt to find the most tedious link possible between Murray and production journalist Jennifer Harrild.
288 The proposal for a new Scottish digital channel John MacKay 9 September 2008 Comment from the managing director of STV, Bobby Hain, regarding the Scottish Broadcasting Commission's recommendation of setting up a non-profit Scottish digital channel.
289 Nougat or nougat? John MacKay 10 September 2008 John oversees a debate on how to pronounce the word nougat.
290 The Nougat or Nougat debate continues John MacKay 11 September 2008 Clair Stevens, Kelly-Ann Bishop, Karen Greenshields and a Francophone Mike Edwards continue the nougat debate.
291 White Not MacKay: Weather Watching Louise White 12 September 2008 Louise and Seán head to the roof of the Pacific Quay studios on the lookout for the lesser spotted sun, along with a little weather chat.
292 Ginger Byrd is over the moon John MacKay 15 September 2008 The Scotland Today League of predicting SPL scorelines has begun with resources co-ordinator and confessed non-footy fanatic Sharyn (Gingerbyrd) Fleming outclassing everyone in the newsroom and in fact, over 8,000 people taking part. John, Raman and Sharyn discuss further.
293 The East/West split explained John MacKay 16 September 2008 Some viewers in the East of the region have been receiving the West sub-regional opt within Scotland Today at six. John offers an explanation as to why.
294 STV's Champions League coverage John MacKay 17 September 2008 With the UEFA Champions League campaign underway, commissioning editor Howard Simpson looks ahead to STV's coverage, beginning tonight with highlights of the match between Celtic and Aalborg.
295 Not The Real MacKay: Focus on Edinburgh Nicol Nicolson 18 September 2008 A special edition from the Edinburgh newsroom where Nicol Nicolson oversees how Scotland Today staff are covering the day's main stories - namely the takeover of HBOS by Lloyds TSB, First Minister's Questions at Holyrood and the appointment of Norfolkline as the new operator for the Rosyth-Zeebrugge ferry. Well, at least they should be working...
296 White Not MacKay: Money and travel Louise White 19 September 2008 Louise wraps up the week on the blog with her own take on the global financial crisis as well as the chaos on the M8 this morning.
297 Monday Chat John MacKay 22 September 2008 A sample of Monday morning talk from the newsroom, where the agenda consists of David Robertson's sudden departure from Reporting Scotland & its switch to single-handed presentation, PA Caroline's holiday in New York City, the green nail varnish of Kelly-Ann Bishop and how the latest SPL scoreline predictions of unlikely expert Sharyn Fleming have gone against her.
298 Prime Minister's Speech John MacKay 23 September 2008 Recorded just after Prime Minister Gordon Brown concluded his speech at the Labour Party conference in Manchester, political editor Bernard Ponsonby offers some post-speech analysis.
299 Babes or Doll? John MacKay 24 September 2008 Another day and another debate - this time, whether its better to say babes or doll. John is surrounded by the females of the newsroom for their views and asks for viewers' opinions.
300 The Latest from the Tatty Shelf John MacKay 25 September 2008 By request of the forums, keeper PA Caroline, and curator Gordon McDougall provide an update on what's been added to the Tatty Shelf since its foundation.
301 White Not MacKay: Tied Up in Knots Louise White 26 September 2008 In the midsts of the dressing room where Gerry McCullouch is doing his own ironing, Baked Potato partners in crime Seán and Kirstin have been arguing over which tie Sean should wear. Louise offers to help by throwing open the issue to blog fans....and kissing Seán.
302 Sensational Results in the Nougat/Nougat Poll John MacKay 30 September 2008 The nougat debate concludes with the online poll results - but what kept Karen Greenshields and Clair Stevens from voting?
303 The Camping Trip John MacKay 1 October 2008 Last night's Five Thirty Show featured part one of what happened when Stephen, Rachel, Seán, Vicky and Gerry went camping at a new five-star site in East Lothian. Messrs Jardine and Batty talk to John about what was left out at the final edit.
304 The Real MacKay's Global Reach Spreads John MacKay 2 October 2008 A few greetings from the newsroom as the ongoing Global experiment hears from two viewers logging on to the show in the United States and the Middle East.
305 White Not MacKay: Search for the oldest TV Louise White 3 October 2008 On the weekend blog tonight and by way of tribute to John Logie Baird, The Five Thirty Show's Rachel McTavish talks about Digital UK's search for the oldest television in Britain.
306 Stevie Wonder in the Blog John MacKay 6 October 2008 Joanne Bonnar looks back at Stevie Wonder's concert in Birmingham over the weekend - part of his first European concert tour in ten years. Also, Laura Miller chases up the story about Bob Dylan owing everything in his career to Robbie Burns.
307 What Does It All Mean For Us? John MacKay 7 October 2008 The global financial crisis leads to further significant share falls in the Royal Bank of Scotland whilst the Scottish rail system is about to be paralysed by the first of two planned 24-hour strikes. On this busiest of news days, how will Scotland Today cover it all? Chief editor Howard Simpson steps into the producer's role with Tom Lowe on newsgathering duties.
308 Not The Real MacKay: Performing under pressure Gordon Chree 8 October 2008 John takes a day off from blogging, leaving Gordon Chree, Kelly-Ann Bishop, Laura Trimble and cameraman Colin Mathieson to provide a New York fan of the show with a guide to the skills and pitfalls of reporting live.
309 Heather's Back! John MacKay 9 October 2008 Heather Simpson returns to the newsroom from maternity leave. John helps her out with a little bit of re-familiarisation.
310 White Not MacKay: Finance and out-takes Louise White 10 October 2008 Tonight's packed Friday edition celebrates Linda Grimes Douglas's birthday, examines some floral displays, provides a financial tip and includes more classic outtakes.
311 Not The Real MacKay: Bafta nomination Heather Simpson 16 October 2008 Heather Simpson steps up to the blog cameras again as Seán Batty announces his BAFTA Scotland award nomination for Favourite Scottish TV Personality.
312 Holiday from Hell John MacKay 20 October 2008 John has returned from a week's holiday, as has cameraman Michael Hunter, who would rather prefer to forget his break.
313 The Tasteless Turtle from the Tatty Shelf John MacKay 21 October 2008 A visit to the Tatty Shelf from where forum member Stuart B's addition (from Zakynthos) is unveiled. Plus, Caroline provides a quick check up on other additions.
314 Stoicism and Results John MacKay 22 October 2008 How the Scotland Today team managed to stay on air during a fire alarm and the final result of the Babes/Doll online poll is revealed.
315 Hero or Zero? John MacKay 23 October 2008 As one poll closes, another begins. This time, it's the question of whether East opt-out director Michael Hunter can be considered as a hero or a zero following Tuesday's fire alarm stoicism.
316 White Not MacKay: A special guest Louise White 24 October 2008 Will Springer introduces a very special guest to the blog - the prospective next vice president of the United States...or at least, that's the description.
317 The secrets of live broadcasting John MacKay 27 October 2008 A further insight into the world of live reporting, according to senior reporter (and part-time footballer) Mike Edwards.
318 Air Kissing at the Style Awards John MacKay 28 October 2008 Back from last night's Style Awards, Vicky Lee and Seán Batty introduce John to what is involved in 'air kissing'.
319 Cameramen Out in the Cold John MacKay 29 October 2008 John gets behind the camera whilst cameramen Fraser Cleland and Ross Leary get in front of it to talk about dealing with working in the cold.
320 Recognition of a TV Legend John MacKay 30 October 2008 Whilst John tries to work out who has been messing around with the Global map, Cara Berkley is given a recognition test. Can she identify a former Reporting Scotland reporter turned Scotland Today forward planning editor?
321 White Not MacKay: Pink Not MacKay Louise White 31 October 2008 On tonight's show, Louise, back from her temporary metamorphosis as Sarah Palin, marks a double celebration with Wear It Pink Day in the Finance department and Halloween on The Five Thirty Show. Featuring Gomez Batty-Alonso Addams and his matriarch wife, Morticia A. McTavish Frump-Addams.
322 Not The Real MacKay: Video Killed The Radio Star Gordon Chree 3 November 2008 The Scotland Today team reflect on all their wireless yesterdays as they talk about working on radio news.
323 Are You Staying Up? John MacKay 4 November 2008 After an intensive 22 months of campaigning and the occasional impersonation of running mates by Scottish newsreaders, the day of the US presidential election is finally here with John asking the newsroom Who's staying up?
324 A Sense of History? John MacKay 5 November 2008 And so, it's all over. Barack Obama is to become the 44th President of the United States. Can the newsroom sense some history in the air? Will Springer, Kirstin Anderson, Debi Edward and Bernard Ponsonby get their views across. Karen Greenshields, on the other hand...
325 The Real Election John MacKay 6 November 2008 Election week on the blog continues as Politics Now producer Stephen Townsend looks ahead to tonight's coverage of the Glenrothes by-election.
326 White Not MacKay: There's Been A Murder Louise White 7 November 2008 Louise White...sorry, Chief Deputy Superintendent Louise White of PQ Division visits the wardbrobe of Taggart.
327 The Scottish Baftas John MacKay 10 November 2008 A later than normal edition featuring the lowdown on what did happen and who won nothing at the BAFTA Scotland awards, by courtesy of Rachel McTavish and Stephen Jardine.
328 The Barlinnie Special John MacKay 11 November 2008 Tomorrow night at 6pm, Scotland Today presents a special programme live from inside Barlinnie Prison as the country's jails come under scrutiny. Tom Lowe and Debi Edward look ahead.
329 Inside Barlinnie Prison John MacKay 12 November 2008 More build-up ahead of tonight's Scotland Today Barlinnie Prison special from senior reporters David Cowan and Mike Edwards.
330 On the Outside John MacKay 14 November 2008 In the midst of what turned out to be a major power surge at Pacific Quay yesterday, editor Howard Simpson responds to criticism about Wednesday night's Scotland Today Barlinnie special.
331 White Not MacKay Louise White 14 November 2008 It's not been the best of weeks at STV - one misfortune being Seán Batty's defeat at the BAFTA Scotland awards on Sunday night. Here, he faces the cameras for the first time after his loss.
332 The X Factor John MacKay 17 November 2008 John finds himself in the midst of a lively debate about that most important of topics, The X Factor. Laura Trimble, Gordon Chree, Sharyn Fleming, Joanne Bonnar, Kelly Ann Bishop, Raman Bhardwaj and Laura Miller take part in the first of a new Monday series on the blog.
333 The Radio Cam John MacKay 18 November 2008 The recent Glenrothes by-election coverage saw the debut of a new gagdet for STV News's technical crew - the radio cam. John, sat truck operator Iain Soutar and reporter Gordon Chree explore the possibilities of the kit.
334 Was It Over The Line? John MacKay 19 November 2008 Whilst in Glasgow for tonight's Scotland v Argentina friendly, Maradona refuted to allegations about the Hand of God by claiming that England's third goal in the 1966 World Cup Final didn't cross the line. Cue the opinions of the newsroom...
335 Is Seán the Most Trusted Man in Scotland? John MacKay 20 November 2008 A psychologist is quoted to have said that Seán Batty is the most trusted man in Scotland. But can that claim be taken seriously? A theory test follows.
336 The X Factor Latest John MacKay 24 November 2008 A second round of X Factor talk from the newsroom with panelists Laura Miller, Kelly Ann Bishop, Laura Trimble, Sharyn Fleming, Joanne Bonnar and Tom Lowe.
337 Graphs, diagrams and good news John MacKay 25 November 2008 Head of news Gordon Macmillan examines some graphic evidence of Scotland Today's rising popularity whilst John takes another opportunity to kick a publicly funded concern while its down.
338 Office Irritations John MacKay 26 November 2008 A look at what cheeses off the news team, according to John MacKay.
339 Political Thursday John MacKay 27 November 2008 Political correspondent Michael Crow talks about the busiest day in the Scottish political week - Thursday.
340 White Not MacKay: Special Visitors Louise White 28 November 2008 A group of primary school children visit the STV Central studios with the blog cameraman, Louise and Seán in tow.
341 X Factor Monday John MacKay/Nicol Nicolson 1 December 2008 John MacKay in Glasgow and Nicol Nicolson in Edinburgh introduce the third of the Scotland Today team's weekly X Factor debates with a guest appearance from none other than Diana Vickers herself...well, a lookalike anyway.
342 The Director's Cut John MacKay 2 December 2008 John Mason talks about progressing from working as an outside broadcast vision mixer to the role of studio director in another of Mr. MacKay's interviews.
343 The Peter Tobin Trial John MacKay 3 December 2008 Chief reporter David Cowan provides a personal view on covering the trial of Peter Tobin, who was yesterday sentenced to life for the murder of Redding schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton.
344 Christmas Decorations Debate John MacKay 4 December 2008 Another day and another debate in the newsroom - this time surrounding Seán's decision to put up a Christmas tree. Is this the right time to put up decorations?
345 White Not MacKay: What were you doing? Louise White 5 December 2008 What were you doing on Friday 5 December 2008 at 12:05 GMT? In the Scotland Today newsroom, Louise was hosting her regular weekend blog and asking her colleagues the same question.
346 Not The Real MacKay: X Factor Monday Raman Bhardwaj 8 December 2008 The Claw is gone and as Raman steps into John's shoes to front another edition of X Factor Monday, the enthusiasm seems to be waning a little amongst the two Lauras, Tom, Sharyn, Andy and even Mr. MacKay himself.
347 The Sound Man John MacKay 9 December 2008 Scott Camlin, a freelance sound engineer for Scotland Today and The Five Thirty Show, becomes the latest guest on John's series of in-depth interviews.
348 The Missus John MacKay 10 December 2008 After referring to his wife as the missus, sports reporter Andy Chambers finds himself challenged as to the acceptability of his reference by John...and Kirstin, Clair, Caroline, Alison, Karen and Sharon.
349 The New Web Page John MacKay 11 December 2008 Will Springer and the rest of the STV online team are busy relaunching the website at the moment with new beta versions of sites for news and programmes already launched. Here, Will takes time out to guide John through the new look website.
350 White Not MacKay: The Office Swally Louise White 12 December 2008 It's thirteen days to the 25th and with the post room staff and director John Mason in a spot of bother over parcels and swallys, Christmas preparations are anything but festive in the Scotland Today newsroom.
351 X Factor Monday: The Final John MacKay 15 December 2008 John hits the launch plunge on his new desktop stress rocket to start the last X Factor Monday edition of the blog as the panel share their thoughts on winner Alexandra Burke and other such concerns.
352 Christmas Comes Early John MacKay 16 December 2008 Nine days before Christmas, the team on The Five Thirty Show find themselves surrounded by toys in their corner of the newsroom. Natasha Stillwell explains.
353 Michael's a Hero - Official! John MacKay 17 December 2008 Michael Hunter finds out whether viewers have decided he is a hero or a zero and forum member Hugh Pugh manages to confuse the keeper and curator of the Tatty Shelf by sending in a wooden frog and a stick.
354 There's Been A Murder! John MacKay 18 December 2008 Taggart comes under the blog's spotlight again - this time, John finds out that the newly engaged Joanne Bonnar made her screen debut in the series.
355 White Not MacKay: The Christmas Special Louise White 19 December 2008 White Not MacKay for 2008 draws to a close with a round of Newsroom Secret Santa.
356 The Ideal Christmas Party John MacKay 22 December 2008 It's the Monday morning after the Friday night Christmas parties in Glasgow and Edinburgh. John provides a debriefing on the night's shenanigans and asks his colleagues what would be the ideal Christmas party.
357 The Christmas Blood Donor Appeal John MacKay 23 December 2008 The final Scotland Today video blog of 2008 looks ahead to STV's on-air support campaign for the Scottish Blood Transfusion Service. John is joined by the station's promotions manager, Ellie Caddell.
358 Welcome to 2009 John MacKay 6 January 2009 John opens up a new year of blogs with news of Michael Crow's departure and a voice of concern about the North Tonight area of the STV forums.
359 A Production Debut John MacKay 7 January 2009 How is Clair Stevens (reporter, occasional newsreader, bulletin producer, Five Thirty Show producer, newsgathering editor) getting on in her new role as a producer for Scotland Today at six? John has a chat with her.
360 New Year's Resolutions John MacKay 8 January 2009 No inspiration expected as John finds out the newsroom's hopeful and hopeless resolutions for 2009.
361 White Not MacKay Louise White 9 January 2009 Louise White starts off another twelve months of White Not MacKay by welcoming some special guests from the University of the West of Scotland in Ayr.
362 The Amy Zone John MacKay 12 January 2009 John discovers that certain episodes of The Real MacKay can linger long in the mind and meets two work experience students by the name of Amy.
363 Hidden Talents Part 1 John MacKay 13 January 2009 The first of a two-part special exposing the Scotland Today newsroom's lesser well-known talents.
364 Hidden Talents Part 2 John MacKay 14 January 2009 The second part of John's special look at the previously undisclosed talents of the newsroom staff.
365 The Scotland Today Trombone Trio John MacKay 15 January 2009 A follow-up to the Hidden Talents special concentrates on Jennifer, Debi and Laura's careers as trombonists.
366 White Not MacKay: New Year, New Leaf, New Book Louise White 16 January 2009 Friday night means Louise White on the blog and this week sees her talking literature with the Scotland Today team.
367 The Debutant John MacKay 19 January 2009 Laura Miller spent last week as presenter for the 1115 edition of Scotland Today. She reflects on her first week in a newsreading role with John.
368 The Map Readers John MacKay 20 January 2009 They make a living out of expertly filming news footage but who can the camera operators rely on for directions on a job?
369 The David Cowan Interview John MacKay 21 January 2009 An interview with Scotland Today's chief reporter about a journalism career spanning over 20 years from local papers in Dundee to leading STV coverage of the biggest news stories.
370 Big Brother John MacKay/Raman Bhardwaj 22 January 2009 Raman holds fort for John and devotes the blog to what's going on with Celebrity Big Brother, ahead of tomorrow night's final. Viewers are advised to expect some sound drop-out during this episode.
371 White Not MacKay: American Politics Louise White 23 January 2009 Tonight, at the end of a momentus week in the history of American poltics, Will Springer provides commentary on the inauguration of Barack Obama.
372 Hear the Beat of Dancin' Feet John MacKay 26 January 2009 Seán Batty is tested on his skills of identifying who is walking past his desk with only the sound of their feet to help him.
373 Trying to get a word with Tom John MacKay 27 January 2009 Can John get a word in edgeways with newsgathering editor Tom Lowe about what to expect on Scotland Today at six?
374 Frost/Nixon John MacKay 28 January 2009 Who needs Grant Lauchlan's Film Club when TRM has the Scotland Today Film Club? Here, they review Frost/Nixon, the Oscar nominated dramatisation of the events surrounding Sir David Frost's televised interviews with former US president Richard M. Nixon.
375 Budget Drama John MacKay 29 January 2009 The ruling government in the Scottish Parliament suffered a dramatic setback last night as their annual budget was rejected. Political editor Bernard Ponsonby explains what it all means.
376 White Not MacKay: Artiste at Work Louise White 30 January 2009 Senior make-up girl Helen is the subject of tonight's programme as Louise presents an in-depth interview on the art of small screen make-up.
377 Happy In His Work John MacKay 2 February 2009 The snowy conditions and the tradition of the first Monday in February being a 'sickie day' is getting everyone down at Scotland Today...except for one lone employee.
378 Where Did The Snow Go? John MacKay 3 February 2009 It was only last night that the Scotland Today team were warning viewers of advancing heavy snow...but most of it failed to materialise. Where did it all go wrong for Seán?
379 A Rumour Exposed John MacKay 4 February 2009 John aims to put a rumour of great matter to rest.
380 Beckham-mania John MacKay 5 February 2009 An opportunity to see Kelly-Ann Bishop putting together a VT on David Beckham's Scottish visit...or should that be an opportunity to see the Scotland Today girls swooning over David Beckham?
381 Primadonna Mania? Louise White 6 February 2009 What happens when Louise attempts to get an interview with Kelly-Ann Bishop about her encounter with David Beckham this week? A short blog follows...
382 The Raman Bhardwaj Interview John MacKay 11 February 2009 John returns to talk with Raman about his reporting career covering sport and political issues for STV.
383 Blog Wars John MacKay 12 February 2009 John discovers that a short weather blog by Seán Batty has received a record viewership for STV video blogs. As far as Mr. MacKay and Mr. Batty are concerned, the fight is on.
384 White Not MacKay: Friday the 13th Louise White 13 February 2009 Tonight, a little inspiration for Valentine's Day from Nicolas Sarkozy and where the Scotland Today team would rather be on this day of days.
385 New Neighbours John MacKay 16 February 2009 There's some upheaval in Pacific Quay at the moment as various departments move around the STV headquarters - which gives John the chance to meet his new neighbours.
386 Vicky's Burlesque John MacKay 17 February 2009 John, always looking for something to talk about, asks Vicky Lee about her burlesque performance as seen on The Five Thirty Show last night and again on this episode of TRM.
387 Where did the Five Thirty Show team go? John MacKay 18 February 2009 A second look at the moving around PQ as John tours the Five Thirty team's new office spaces.
388 More New Neighbours John MacKay 19 February 2009 John's take on the moving stories at Pacific Quay enter a third episode as he meets more of his new neighbours and hears of more changes to the STV website.
389 The Naughty Word Checker John MacKay 23 February 2009 Comments are being left on the video site with an option soon to be added for the news site - but what to do with the occasional naughty words from web visitors?
390 Flat as a Chocolate Cake John MacKay 24 February 2009 On Shrove Tuesday, John tries to woo stood-up ladies with a 5-minute recipe for a chocolate mug cake - only to ruin everything with a simple ad-lib comment.
391 Making Amends John MacKay 25 February 2009 Following yesterday's incident, John tries to sort out any hurt amongst the newsroom women by diverting the topic of conversation but will it have the desired effect?
392 On the Road Again John MacKay 26 February 2009 John gets back to his reporting roots and goes on the road to record interviews with a group of social workers.
393 White Not MacKay: Move Over Winslet! Louise White 27 February 2009 Louise launches into an impersonation of Kate Winslet for this early Friday edition...but thankfully, within reason.
394 Court Reporting John MacKay 2 March 2009 Amidst all the jovialty on recent blogs, Scotland Today has been covering the trial of Heather Boyd and Robert Cunningham for the death of Monifieth baby son Brandon Muir. Senior news correspondent Mike Edwards reflects on covering such stories.
395 Cut to size John MacKay 3 March 2009 Last week saw John hit the road to film interviews with a group of social workers. In all, 7 minutes 45 seconds was recorded. Now, it's up to John to edit it all down to two minutes.
396 Gran Torino John MacKay 4 March 2009 The Scotland Today Film Club returns to try and persuade Will that Clint Eastwood's latest drama Gran Torino is worth the admission price.
397 A Late One John MacKay 5 March 2009 As the title suggests, it's a late edition - which gives John the chance to talk about the trails recorded ahead of Scotland Today at six.
398 White Not MacKay: Future presenters? Louise White 6 March 2009 Another week draws to a close with some more of Louise's guests - this time from The Prince's Trust, complete with presentation masterclass.
399 A Gordon of All Trades John MacKay 9 March 2009 John explores multi-skilling in the newsroom with help from Gordon Chree.
400 Nike or Nike? John MacKay 10 March 2009 First, there was nougat or nougat. Now, John oversees the debate on how to pronounce a certain sportswear firm.
401 The Psychology of the Presenter's Chair John MacKay 11 March 2009 How do you sit at a desk? How high or low do you adjust your chair? John, Kelly Ann, Clair and Joanne adapt these questions to investigate the preferences of sitting at the Scotland Today studio desk.
402 Not The Real MacKay: The Robert Dawson Scott interview Karen Greenshields 12 March 2009 Online editor Robert Dawson Scott talks about the world of Scottish arts as Karen gets a second guest host stint.
403 White Not MacKay: Sweeties Louise White 13 March 2009 Heather Simpson, Grant Lauchlan and Caroline Muir join Louise in the meeting room for a sweeties conference. No further explanation necessary.
404 Not The Real MacKay: The Two Rannies Ranald Leask 16 March 2009 Ranald Leask in Edinburgh holds fort for John and meets...erm, Ranald Leask in the latest profile interview.
405 A Rummage Through Raman's Drawers John MacKay 17 March 2009 The tale surrounding a pair of tickets to the CIS Cup Final, a bottle of Gordon's Gin and how Jennifer & Kelly-Ann managed to take a rummage through Raman's drawers...not in the way you're thinking.
406 Baby Face John MacKay 18 March 2009 John is challenged by the sales team to what's known in polite society as a Babyface test...
407 The Relaunch John MacKay 19 March 2009 This Sunday, after 37 years, Scotland Today will air for the final time. Starting Monday, the nightly regional news will be relaunched with a new look and a new name - STV News at Six. John is joined by Howard Simpson to explain the changes.
408 White Not MacKay: Climbing Louise White 20 March 2009 Louise swaps her footwear, ditches the cameraman and heads for the mountains - or to be precise, the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, from where she presents a special video diary.
409 Countdown to New Look John MacKay 23 March 2009 Scotland Today is gone and STV News at Six is almost here. But ahead of the first new look bulletin at 1:55pm, how much glance will John allow of the new set?
410 The New Set John MacKay 24 March 2009 With the new look STV News at Six now fully unveiled, studio director John Mason gives an analysis of the set.
411 Rise to the Challenge John MacKay 25 March 2009 John is challenged to better Louise's recently-displayed climbing the only way he knows how.
412 The Pronunciation Debate Rages John MacKay 26 March 2009 For every pronunciation debate that spawns a blog, there are many others that don't quite warrant an episode of their own as John finds out.
413 White Not MacKay: She just couldn't help herself Louise White 27 March 2009 Day five of STV News at Six and Louise feels as if the new set for the West opt-out may need an extra few touches. What will director John Mason say?
414 Confrontation John MacKay 30 March 2009 Even with eleven camera crews covering the region, John finds it difficult to get an operator to film the blog. Tom Lowe faces a little interrogation.
415 Our Rock Star John MacKay 31 March 2009 Once a Scottish Television employee and now a singer & guitarist with Attic Lights - Kevin Sherry joins John for an interview.
416 The Creative Process John MacKay 1 April 2009 Richard Groundsell gets to work on creating new opening titles for the blog - which already involves a 3-D John.
417 The North Sea Tragedy John MacKay 2 April 2009 Eight people have died and another eight are still missing in the aftermath of a helicopter crash off the Aberdeenshire coast. Tonight, John will be joining Andrea Brymer in Aberdeen for a special pan-regional edition of STV News at Six on the disaster.
418 White Not MacKay: Drama at Rangers Louise White 3 April 2009 Louise's attention turns to football tonight as Barry Ferguson loses his captaincy of Rangers and the Scottish national team. Freelance correspondent David McKinney provides reaction.
419 White Not MacKay: Gordon vs the local wildlife Louise White 10 April 2009 A Good Friday edition from a slightly quieter than usual newsroom recalls Gordon Chree's infamous meeting with what one notable colleague described as 'local wildlife'.
420 The Politics of Making Tea John MacKay 14 April 2009 As John returns to the blog, the newsroom goes about the business of making tea - which can't be too much of a matter to the staff...can't it?
421 What A Game! John MacKay 15 April 2009 As seen on STV last night, Liverpool and Chelsea drew 4-4 in a memorable UEFA Champions League quarter final second leg that saw the Blues progress 7-5 on aggregate. So, what are they talking about in the newsroom this morning?
422 Crossing the Equator John MacKay 16 April 2009 The experienced traveller, Mike Edwards, talks about the time he reached the equator line...or at least, he thought he had.
423 White Not MacKay: We are easily impressed Louise White 17 April 2009 A bumper edition sees Louise and the Friday news team concentrate on meeting really famous people.
424 Sunny Dispositions John MacKay 20 April 2009 It may be a glorious Monday following a glorious weekend but even the sunny weather has its downside on a few people in the newsroom.
425 Photography Day John MacKay 21 April 2009 John and the rest of the STV News at Six team line themselves up for their mugshots on the new set.
426 The Return of The Real MacKay Global Map John MacKay 22 April 2009 John manages to find more international viewers to keep the global map up to date.
427 The Sweetie Shop John MacKay 23 April 2009 An object lesson in how to clear the STV newsroom - open a sweet shop downstairs.
428 White Not MacKay: Farewell to a fashion icon Louise White 24 April 2009 It's goodbye from Kirstin Anderson - she's leaving STV News to join the BBC's Newsround. Louise bids her a fond farewell.
429 Going Digital and Terrestrial John MacKay 27 April 2009 John manages to secure some on-air promotion time for The Real MacKay during STV News at Six. Roll the trail.
430 Oh Dear! John MacKay 28 April 2009 As announced yesterday, The Real MacKay went out to hundreds of thousands more viewers last night during STV News at Six. But unfortunately for some of the news team, not everyone heard about the blog's TV debut.
431 Botox John MacKay 29 April 2009 John has a simple question to ask the news staff - would you consider botox? Answers range from the completely reasonable to the potentially libel.
432 Maps of Scotland John MacKay 30 April 2009 The new BBC Scotland logo has managed to attract John's ire. Could the newsroom do any better on a budget of nothing?
433 White Not MacKay: The font of knowledge? Louise White 1 May 2009 The Met Office's long range forecast calls for a 'odds-on barbecue summer'. What does Seán Batty make of his colleagues' predictions?
434 Green Fields of France John MacKay 5 May 2009 Mike Edwards talks about the Scottish involvement in the excavation of unidentified human remains, originally buried in a mass French grave during the First World War.
435 Cup Competition John MacKay 6 May 2009 John takes a look at the collection of mugs in the STV newsroom.
436 What Makes You Mad? John MacKay 7 May 2009 Viewers watching Barcelona's victory over Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final last night would have been left with no doubt about the Blues' outrage. So, what about the outrage of the news team?
437 Guys Allowed John MacKay 11 May 2009 As John discovers, it's understandable to see that Caroline went along to see Girls Aloud in Glasgow...but what about Raman Bhardwaj?
438 The New STV News fashion accessory John MacKay 12 May 2009 There's been the mugs, the brolly and the jackets. Now, say hello to the STV-branded security lanyard.
439 Expenses John MacKay 13 May 2009 As the Daily Telegraph adds more fuel to the scandal of MPs' expenses, STV Central's senior journalists get their two cents in on expenditure in their profession. And John has news on the future of the blog.

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