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Amelia Edit

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Amelia is the only known female Vampire Elder in the Underworld series. She appeared briefly in Underworld and appeared in a flashback sequence in Underworld: Evolution. She is portrayed by Zita Görög.

Biography Edit

Centuries ago, Amelia was bitten by the first vampire Markus. She was turned in order to help control the chaos created by Markus's brother William, the first lycan. William's inability to change back into human form caused trouble among the human society. William's rage could not be controlled, as the lycan virus spread across the land, it turned people into lycans or killed all in its path. Amelia had supported locking William within a coffin-like prison, in a remote place where Markus could not find him. Capture of William would not have happened without Amelia's help. She became one of the three Vampire Elders, alongside Markus and Viktor, but somewhat allied with Viktor who sought to undermine Markus' authority. She did not keep control during her last reign, allowing Lucian to work deals with Tanis for weapons to kill vampires.

During the events of Underworld, she was at the end of her century reign. The Elders had a system to organize their reign of the two great covens. Every century a different elder is awoken and reigns over the covens, while the other two remain in a sleeping state. During an elaborate ceremony the next elder is awoken with a small amount of blood from the current one, giving a detailed record of their reign and thus awakening them. Just one day before Amelia was to awaken Markus, following the order of this chain, lycans ambushed her and her entourage on the train which they took to the ceremony in the mansion. She was bled dry by a lycan henchman named Raze, in Lucian's plot to create a lycan-vampire hybrid (as Amelia put up little fight against these lycans, it appears as though she is weaker than Viktor and a lot weaker than Marcus).

Andreas Tanis Edit

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Andreas Tanis is a character in the 2006 movie Underworld: Evolution. He is portrayed by Steven Mackintosh.

As a historian Edit

Tanis is a vampire of considerable age and is the official Coven Historian. However, 300 years prior to the events that occurred within the first Underworld movie, he had been accused of recording "malicious lies" about Viktor, one of the Coven Elders. For his trouble, he was exiled by Selene to an abandoned monastery. 300 years later, Selene would learn the truth about Viktor and realize that what Tanis had recorded years earlier was, in fact, true.

Marcus Corvinus stated that he often enjoyed the company of Tanis. This is most likely because Tanis had discovered the truth and thus knew who the original Vampire was all along: Marcus.

In Exile Edit

Deal with Lucian Edit

During his imprisonment, Tanis established a comfortable life by trading with the Lycans (most specifically Lucian), providing the UV rounds which are fatal to Vampires. In return, he received 1st generation werewolf bodyguards (whom Michael and Selene fought and killed), and also wine, women and other comforts — making his exile quite pleasant (and causing Selene to jeer, "Your exile seems more comfortable than I remember").

Evolution Edit

Reveals the truth to Selene Edit

It is through Tanis that Selene comes to realize her great importance and why she's valuable to Marcus — after William was captured, it was Selene's father who built his prison, and following the deaths of her entire family she was the only one who knew its location. She also holds half of the key to William's cell, which had been passed from Sonja to Lucian, and which she had also seen in her childhood but forgotten. Tanis informs both Michael and Selene about Marcus' history, and that of his brother William. He also arranges for Selene and Michael to visit Alexander Corvinus in exchange for Selene's "discretion," which she reluctantly provides.

Death Edit

Marcus, who was looking for both of the keys to William's prison, arrived and interrogated Tanis. Frustrated with Tanis' lack of answers, Marcus then bit him acquiring his memories through his blood, including those of his conversations with Selene and Michael.

Erika Edit

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Erika is a character in the Underworld film series as well as in the novelization of the film.[1] She is a vampire seductress, a social-climbing courtier in Viktor's mansion, obsessed with rising through the ranks of the vampire aristocracy. Her position within the aristocracy is unclear, but she most recently began seeking the attentions of Kraven.

Underworld Edit

She would show her affection for Kraven by often being at his side and trying to say or do whatever she thought would keep her in his good graces; however, the affections were thwarted by his obsession with Selene. Jealous of this infatuation, she schemed to rid the Coven of Selene. Initially, she talks with Selene about her investigation into Michael, betraying her plans to Kraven and aiding her escape.

Her whereabouts are never fully explored in Underworld: Evolution, but as Marcus is drinking Kraven's blood and absorbing his memories, he briefly sees a memory of Erika and Kraven having sex. It is assumed that she was probably killed during the raid, and burning down of her coven's mansion by Marcus.

Kraven Edit

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Kraven is a fictional character from the movies Underworld and Underworld: Evolution. He is the main antagonist of the first film. He is portrayed by actor Shane Brolly. The name Kraven is a derivation of the English word "craven" meaning coward, a reference to Kraven's spineless nature.

Fictional biography Edit

Background Edit

Upon discovery of the location of the lycan leader Lucian and his coven, Kraven was entrusted with a squad of Death Dealers to destroy them. However, Lucian had known of the Death Dealers attack and when the vampires arrived, they were met by a force of Lycans much greater than they had expected. Lucian's army of lycans slaughtered the Death Dealers in a raging battle.

Kraven was the only vampire to survive the battle because, during the battle, he hid for his own safety. When Lucian found him, he offered him a deal: life, glory, and eventual leadership of both great covens, in return for claiming that Lucian was dead. As Kraven fled back to Ordoghaz, taking back a piece of skin from Lucian's arm, which was branded with Viktor's crest, Lucian burned his fortress to the ground and escaped with his forces into the night.

Kraven was greatly praised and rewarded for killing Lucian and supposedly setting the great blaze. Though there were some suspicions as to how he was able to kill Lucian, Kraven rose through the ranks of the Vampire elite, eventually become the Steward of both the vampire houses. While some of the coven did not particularly care for him, Kraven was at least respected because of the confidence bestowed upon him by Viktor. Kraven also began pursuing Selene, only to be spurned and utterly rejected by her several times.

Gaining Power Edit

Sometime in the early 21st Century, Kraven began his move towards gaining complete power over the vampires. Taking advantage of the change of power between the Elders, Kraven planned to assassinate both Marcus and Viktor as they lay slumbering, while Amelia would be killed by Lycans under orders from Lucian.

Nevertheless, Selene was suspicious of Kraven's lack of interest in the rise of Lycan attacks. Upon seeing Lucian alive during her rescue of Michael Corvin, along with further research of her own, she deduced a conspiracy between Kraven and Lucian. She openly questioned his having killed Lucian, asking him whether he had been brave enough to cut the skin from Lucian's arm or had Lucian done it for him. Upon Selene's awakening of Viktor a century early, Kraven's plans began to unravel. Once Viktor uncovered the truth of Lucian's plans to proceed with creating a hybrid, he launched a full-scale assault on the lycan lair. Kraven, upon seeing his plans fall apart, attempted to murder Lucian, but not before Lucian's plans for a hybrid were realized. Terrified over the retribution that Viktor would take on him, Kraven fled. Also, before Lucian died, Kraven shot Michael with silver nitrate bullets due to his jealousy; Selene loved Michael, and not him.

Death Edit

Shortly after hearing of Viktor's death, Kraven gathered his remaining followers to make one final bid for power. Hurrying to the chamber of the vampire elders, Kraven attempted to assassinate the sole surviving elder, Marcus Corvinus; however, when his coffin opened, it was found to be empty. Having consumed the blood of lycan scientist Singe, Marcus was awakened and quickly slew Kraven's party, saving Kraven himself for last. After reading his thoughts from his blood, Kraven attempted one final plea for his life. Marcus swiftly decapitated him.

Lucian Edit

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Lucian is a fictional character and second-generation Lycan, the leader of the Lycan horde in the movie Underworld. He is portrayed by actor Michael Sheen.

Background Edit

Lucian was born the son of a captured female lycan killed when Lucian was a young boy. He was branded with Viktor's mark signifying that he was put into slavery under one of Viktor's early reigns. Being born of two Lycans, he was a pure-blood werewolf. Lucian was once a Lycan servant to Viktor's clan. At this stage, the Lycans were slaves to the Vampires, acting as their guardians during the daylight hours. In return, the vampires locked them up at night, thus ensuring the survival of both bloodlines by not alerting the humans to their presence. They were treated like dogs, but Lucian had no complaints, although his high status among the servants may have contributed to this- indeed, he was sometimes accused of considering himself to be better than his fellow Lycans. He was instrumental in the tracking of rogue Lycans. He later helped defend the vampires in the castle he served in against angry mortals, driving them off by releasing a swarm of vampire bats on the attackers, causing them to flee as they believed them to be the vampires themselves. Having been responsible for repelling the attack, he was rewarded with a steel dagger with a wolf motif on the hilt. The next time he met those angry mortals was in an ambush while on the way to Viktor's castle with vampires and lycans, where Viktor's wife was killed and when his relationship with Sonja truly began, the two of them forced to hide together in a crypt when the sun rose while they were hiding from the mortals and a crazy preacher.

Lucian and Sonja began an affair shortly after Sonja's arranged marriage to Marcus's son Nicolae was announced, and it was revealed later that Sonja was pregnant with his child, making their child a Lycan-Vampire hybrid. Before Sonja was killed, Lucian had married Sonja in the Chapel they used for their many secret rendezvous, in a ceremony just between the two. However, their plan to escape together was stopped short by Leyba, a wanton lycan servant that had an eye for Lucian and resented his rejection of her for Sonja. Frustrated at being spurned, she went to Soren and told him of the yellow ribbon Sonja had given to Lucian, which she had taken from Lucian's chambers. Soren then went to Viktor and told him of this.

Viktor feared the blending of the bloodlines that Sonja's pregnancy entailed, and had Lucian whipped in front of her. He then had her tied to a stake in a specially-designed room, exposing her to the sun and burning her alive, forcing Lucian to watch. When night fell, the full moon rose and shone down on Lucian, allowing him to change into Lycan form and escape before Viktor could kill him. Before escaping he managed to take Sonja's pendant with him, the sole memento he would ever have of the love of his life. That night, he swore an oath to reunite the bloodlines, as his own child should have, and to destroy Viktor. After Sonja's death and Lucian's escape, raised an army of rogue Lycans and those who wished to fight against the vampires. In the year 1373, Lucian traveled with a group of Lycans to East Africa where he met his right-hand man Raze, impressed by his battle prowess, he bit Raze thus turning him into a lycan. His first accomplishment was capturing Viktor's silver mine. After failing to defend the mine and the loss of several Lycans to a surprise attack by the vampires, he fought against Nikolas. It was here he was first able to assume his Lycan form without the use of the full moon, and killed him.

Accordingly with Lucian's success, the Vampires began to demonise him. Lucian was the "most feared and ruthless leader ever to rule the Lycan clan", according to Selene in the opening of the first movie. Lucian had been a terrible and dangerous lycan war lord, and the major instigater of the war between the species. Vampiric lore says that he began the war himself almost a millennium ago. However, by the time the movie began, it was believed that Lucian's threat was over, and the Lycan himself was dead. According to the historical record The Fall of Lucian and His Army, written by Andreas Tanis (the vampire's historian): "Of the scores of brave souls who entered Lucian's fortress, a single vampire survived; Kraven, who was richly rewarded for not only setting the great blaze, but for returning with evidence of the Lycan master's demise: the branded skin, cut from Lucian's very arm."

The quote tells of an incident in 1409, where a brave team of Death Dealers attacked Lucian's stronghold, and a great battle ensued. Lucian had known of the Death Dealers' attack. A group of royal soldiers warned Lucian of the attack. The soldiers were called The Devil's Own and were demons. When the vampires arrived, they were met by a force of Lycans much greater than they had expected. The Death Dealers were easily slaughtered. Kraven, a former Death Dealer, survived because he hid in fear of being killed during the battle. When Lucian found him, he offered him a deal: life, glory, and eventual leadership of both great covens, in return for claiming that Lucian was dead. As Kraven fled back to Ordoghaz, Lucian burned his fortress to the ground, and escaped into the night. Lucian searched for The Devil's Own and secretly fought alongside them learning to become more powerful and control his abilities. Later he left their Kingdom and reunited with his fellow Lycans.

Underworld Edit

Six centuries passed before anyone began to suspect that Lucian had indeed survived. By that time, Lucian had formed an alliance with the exiled vampire historian Andreas Tanis. Tanis provided Lucian with ultra-violet ammunition to aid in the war against the vampires (the ammunition acted as an artificial sunlight that burnt vampires apart from the inside-out). In return Lucian provided Tanis with first-generation Lycans as guard-dogs, and with a relatively comfortable existence.

Lucian's obsession with the Corvinus bloodline was later revealed to be a by-product of his desire to recombine the bloodlines, using a pure sample of the immortality virus, which he believed could be found in the blood of Alexander Corvinus's mortal descendants. Lucian found a dying scientist named Singe sometime after World War I, and offered him immortality in return for cracking the genetic code of the Corvinus line. Lucian periodically sent out Raze, Pierce, Taylor, and Trix - his oldest and most trusted lieutenants - to capture members of the Corvinus family. At one point, Raze and Trix were sent to capture Michael Corvin, but were ambushed by three Death Dealers in the process. Raze killed two of them, Rigel and Nathaniel. The third, Selene, escaped after killing Trix.

Hearing of Raze's failure, and frustrated by his continuing failures with other members of the Corvinus line, Lucian decided to capture Michael himself. He personally acquired a sample of Michael's blood, infecting Michael with the Lycan virus and imparting his own memories to Michael. Until then, Lucian had appeared (through Selene's distorted, one-sided perspective) to be a vile and evil mastermind bent on the destruction of the coven and obsessed with the Corvinus line. However, as Michael came to terms with the visions he was experiencing, he came to understand the last six centuries from Lucian's point of view.

Despite the fact that Lucian's kind are not entirely civilized, it can be debated that Lucian is not the harsh leader that he seems. Taking into account his past and the concerned manner in which he treats Michael in Singe's lab, he feels Michael's pain. It is said in Underworld by Greg Cox that he did not want harm to befall Michael because he was now a brother lycan. At seeing the to-be lycan struggle while experiencing Lucian's memories, Lucian felt sympathy for him because he looked to be tortured by an unseen tormenter. This obviously reminded Lucian of his torturous last night in Castle Corvinus, provoking a concern for Michael.

The first step in Lucian's revenge required the blood of Michael Corvin. Lucian knew that merely injecting himself with Michael's blood would not be enough; he needed the blood of a Vampire Elder as well because the blood of a vampire Elder would make him a powerful Hybrid. Lucian sent Pierce and Taylor to abduct Michael, and he sent Raze - and a team of fully transformed Lycans - to bleed Amelia, a Vampire Elder, dry. Before Raze could return with Amelia's blood, Kraven arrived, followed by Viktor and a horde of Death Dealers. Before Lucian could react to this turn of events, he was betrayed by Kraven, who shot him in the back with Silver nitrate bullets that are designed to send the silver nitrate straight into the bloodstream killing a lycan much faster.

He regained consciousness several minutes later, just in time to see Michael and Selene together. Finally understanding how history was repeating itself, and realizing that his part was finished, Lucian was almost prepared to accept his fate, until he saw Kraven. Weak and bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds Lucian crawled on his hands and knees into an alcove behind Kraven. Although he could not reach him in time to stop Kraven from shooting Michael, Lucian stabbed Kraven in the leg, and instructed Selene to bite Michael, rationalizing that it would negate the ill effects of the silver and finish his work to create a blending of the bloodlines. As Selene sank her fangs, Lucian proclaimed, "You may have killed me cousin, but my will is done regardless." Kraven then shot Lucian in the chest with multiple liquid silver nitrate rounds, thus killing him; however, Lucian died satisfied, knowing that his wife would be avenged and his aim had been achieved.

Personality and Traits Edit

Lucian is portrayed as being significantly more sophisticated than his fellow Lycans. His species are not always civilized; an early scene in the first movie shows a pair of Lycans fighting while being cheered on by a group of other Lycans. Lucian berates them for acting like 'a bunch of rabid dogs' and it appears his leaderships is what keeps them disciplined. Ironically Lucian's former life as a servant to Viktor is probably the reason for his greater sophistication.

At times Lucian appears to be demanding and reprimands his followers several times. However his demanding nature is revealed to be because he never asks anything of his men that he is not prepared to do himself. When they fail at something he knows he could have achieved himself he is disappointed, for example when Trix is killed and Raze fails to retrieve a sample of Michael Corvin's blood he decides to risk exposure and do it himself. He then retrieves the sample of blood himself and bites Michael, thus forcing Michael to seek them out eventually.

Likewise his followers deeply respect him, they recognize that he never asks anything of them he isn't prepared to do himself. When Raze returns and sees Lucian has been killed he is visibly saddened and then becomes enraged when he sees the vampires going past. He attacks in a rage against greater odds apparently wanting to avenge Lucian, but is soon killed by Viktor.

Michael Corvin Edit

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Michael Corvin is a fictional character from the Underworld films, portrayed by Scott Speedman.[2] He also appears in the novelizations of these films.[3][4] He is the first Lycan/Vampire Hybrid from the mythos and the second protagonist.

Fictional biography Edit


Underworld Edit

Michael is caught in the middle of a shootout between vampire Death Dealers and Lycans one night on his way to work. Unknown to him, Michael had been targeted by the Lycans for a hybrid experiment, as his blood might have held a rare genetic trait needed by the group. The goal was to retrieve a blood sample to test, but due to the interference of the Death Dealers, Michael escaped for the time being. Afterwards, Michael was ambushed by lycans at his apartment. He was rescued by Selene, a Death Dealer to whom he becomes completely devoted, and despite her efforts, he was bitten by the Lycan leader Lucian. Lucian's aim was to retrieve a blood sample as the previous attack on Michael had not been successful in acquiring a sample. Lucian's bite transmitted the Lycan virus, thus infecting Michael and setting him on the path to become a Lycan. Lucian's bite was also a sure way to keep Michael on their side and to discourage the vampires from running tests on him.

The Lycans tested the blood sample acquired by Lucian, and were then able to establish that Michael was indeed the carrier of the rare immortal gene passed down by Alexander Corvinus. Discovering this, the Lycans made it their main objective to capture Michael. This was proven to be more difficult than the Lycans had originally thought. During an escape attempt, Selene was severely wounded and passed out at the driver's wheel due to a significant loss of blood. The car plunged off a dock and into a river. When they finally got out of the sinking car, Michael bandaged her wounds and performed CPR. After resting for a part of the night, Selene regained consciousness. Going against the rules of Selene's coven, Michael was kept hidden in the coven's manor house for protection. Upon waking, Michael found himself confronted by Erika, another vampire from Selene's coven, snarling at him - Erika had discovered that Michael was bitten by a Lycan. Startled, Michael quickly escaped from the manor and headed back to the hospital he interned at to treat his wounds. When at the hospital, he shared the events that occurred with a co-worker who shortly afterward proved to be untrustworthy, relating Michael's tale to two men who seemed to be police. Upon seeing the two "officers", Corvin acted quickly and escaped the hospital, running back to the manor to find Selene. She drove him to one of the secret Lycan interrogation buildings and explained to him the full implications of his situation.

The pair were quickly discovered and, while Selene became engaged in battle, the two Lycan agents who had posed as police officers at the hospital manage to subdue and kidnap Michael. However, on the way, he began to change into Lycan form due to exposure to the full moon, but the Lycans injected him with an enzyme to stop the transformation.

Michael was taken to Lucian where he met the Lycan leader for the second time and was finally made to understand the war from Lucian's point of view. When Lucian had bitten him, Lucian's memories had been passed on to Michael, causing Michael to see what had motivated Lucian in the war.

Soon afterward, Death Dealers invaded the lair. In the commotion, Michael was shot with a lethal amount of silver nitrate bullets by Selene's jealous suitor, Kraven. Due to his Lycan physiology, the silver nitrate would have killed him, but on the advice of Lucian, Selene bit Michael. She had transmitted the vampire virus to his bloodstream, and thus Michael became the first Hybrid. Viktor, who condemned his daughter to death just to prevent such an occurrence, fought Michael. Michael initially gained the upper hand, as the Elder was thoroughly unprepared for his physical strength. But despite being more powerful, Michael did not have Viktor's centuries of combat experience, and the vampire soon turned the tables on him. Viktor almost killed him, but was stopped when Selene interfered. She took Viktor's sword, slicing his head in half and thus killing him.

Evolution Edit

After Viktor's assassination, Selene and Michael went on the run from both Lycan and Vampire alike. Michael learned to transform at will and soon began to understand the power he had been given, yet refused to submit to the immortal need to drink blood for sustenance. His unwillingness to drink blood caused him to poison himself by attempting to eat mortal food. It didn't work and he vomited the food. Meanwhile, he was featured on TV as a missing person. Two policemen seeing this opened fire at Michael. He was severely injured, but was saved by Selene's blood. After that, the duo confronted the last Vampire Elder, Marcus Corvinus, narrowly managing to escape him.

After their escape and having sex, Selene and Michael met with Andreas Tanis, the Official Historian of the Covens, during which Michael put fear into the cowardly vampire. Afterwards, they then traveled to the Sancta Helena, a cargo ship where Michael met his distant ancestor, Alexander Corvinus. Marcus' sudden intrusion and the subsequent battle caused Michael to be impaled and apparently killed on a steel beam beneath a nearby dock.

Selene went on to battle both William and Marcus alone; however, Michael's healing powers, much stronger than those of either Vampire or Lycan, allowed him to fully recover from his injuries. Michael descended to save Selene and engaged in a battle with William. William, though still extremely powerful, was weakened from eight centuries without feeding and Michael overpowered the immortal and emerged the victor, literally tearing William's head apart with his bare hands. During this time, Selene also stabbed Marcus in the head with his own talon, and pushed him into spinning helicopter blades, killing him. After the defeat of William and Marcus, the sun began to rise in the distance, and both Selene and Michael notice that the sun no longer has an effect on Selene. They kiss as Selene reflects on the limitless possibilities that may come from the future.

Production Edit

In the film, unlike the powerful Selene, Michael "doesn’t need to have that prowess so his personal lack of gun knowledge worked in his favor. Speedman explained, 'I get to carry a gun once in the movie and I didn’t know what I was doing, and that was appropriate. I’m the ‘girlfriend’. Every time I’ve got this shocked look on my face and she throws me to the ground. I’m screaming in terror. When I was watching it I was like, ‘Wow, how weird.’ I’m fine with it. I’m glad I didn’t have to know what I was doing with guns. That was easy for me.'"[5] Speedman adds, though, that "the hardest do was to sit through five hours of ‘werewolf’ make-up."[5]

Markus Corvinus Edit

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Markus Corvinus is the first vampire in the Underworld storyline, portrayed by Tony Curran in the film. He also appears in the novelization of the sequel.[6] He is the son of the first immortal and was bitten by a bat, thus making him into a Vampire.

Background Edit

Markus was one of three sons of Helena and Alexander Corvinus. He, along with his twin brother William, inherited the same virus which transformed his father into the first true immortal. Markus had a strong bond with William. While William was bitten by a wolf which resulted in him becoming the first Lycan, or werewolf, Markus was bitten by a bat which transformed him into the first Vampire.

William went on to ravage the countryside of Hungary, infecting the populace with his highly infectious lycanthropy virus. In order to combat the growing lycan threat Markus approached Viktor, a dying warlord, to borrow his military genius and army (who became the Death Dealers) in exchange for immortality. Viktor accepted and became one of the Vampire Elders. Markus also personally infected Amelia, making her the first Vampiress Elder.

In 1202, Viktor led a charge into a Hungarian village which William supposedly passed through. Instead of finding only William, they found an entire village of lycans. Death Dealers, including Amelia, subdued and injured William before Markus, who pleaded for his brother's life before Viktor. Viktor, thinking that if any of the Corvinus brothers were killed the immortal bloodline would eventually die, locked William far away from the reach of Markus. Markus, then swore vengeance against Viktor and all those loyal to him, but was able to do little, as the Death Dealers were loyal to Viktor alone.

After William was captured, the "Chain" was constructed, a system when only one Elder ruled while the other two slumbered. Supposedly, Markus ruled the two covens (the New World and Old World), but power was truly in the hands of Viktor, the ruler of the Old World coven. Viktor started to gather more power to himself to become the true leader of the Vampires, going as far as to alter history into naming him as the original Vampire. Later Markus supposedly frowned upon the practice of feeding on humans. Markus claimed that he enjoyed the company of Andreas Tanis, the Official Historian of the Coven, most likely because Tanis knew that Markus was indeed the original vampire; however, Viktor and Amelia undercut Markus' power, ensuring he would never have the strength to free his brother.

Underworld: Evolution Edit


Much later, on the eve on Markus' awakening for his century of rule, a Lycan plot, led by the presumed dead Lucian, to combine the bloodlines became evident. A captured Lycan scientist called Singe explained Lucian's plan under duress - and was killed by a death blow from Viktor. His blood seeped into Markus' tomb and revived the slumbering Elder, allowing him to be awakened before Kraven was able to kill him and turned the Vampire Elder into another Hybrid. He beheaded the treacherous Kraven (who had attempted to plea for his life) with his wing-spikes, not before learning the regent's memories, and burned down Ordoghaz, the Old World Coven. Determined that the time has come to free William, he sought to find Selene, who held half of the key to William's dungeon. He failed on his first attempt thanks to Michael Corvin, his distant relative who was a true hybrid. He soon learned from Tanis, that the other half was held by his father, who had retrieved it from Viktor's body. Attacking again he seemingly killed Michael, and drank Selene's blood, learning the location of his brother. Markus then confronted his father, and revealed his true plan - to rule over a race of hybrids. Markus then mortally wounded his father, and retrieved the other half of the key.

Journeying to the old fortress, Markus then released William from his dungeon. Their bond was so strong that even the crazed William refused to harm his brother. They were soon interrupted by Selene and the survivors of his father's company. Markus combated Selene, and the two were equally matched (Selene had drank some of Alexander's pure immortal blood, thus greatly enhancing her powers). Markus was soon distracted by the death of his brother. He impaled Selene, but she broke off the part of his talon that was inside her, stabbed him in the head, and pushed him into the spinning blades of a crashed helicopter, killing him immediately.

Blood Enemy Edit

The prequel novel to the original Underworld, "Blood Enemy", revealed Markus had a son called Nikolae, who was due to be wed to Viktor's daughter Sonja, who believed that Nikolae was the only suitable consort for his daughter due to him being the son of an Elder. However, Nikolae was a grave disappointment to Markus, preferring brief affairs with the mortal servant girls to a long-term relationship. After Sonja's death at Viktor's hands and Lucian's subsequent escape, Nikolae tracked down Lucian and engaged him in combat - only to be killed when the Lycan learned how to transform into his wolf form without the aid of the full moon. It is unknown how this affected Markus.

Raze Edit

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Razahir Khemse "Raze" is a fictional character from the Underworld films and novelization of the film.[7] He is an older Lycan who is the right hand man of the Lycan leader Lucian. He is played by Kevin Grevioux.[8] Kevin Grevioux Returned In Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans.

Fictional biography Edit

Background Edit

Raze, whose full name is Razahir Khemse, was born in Sudan in East Africa during the 14th century. Raze was the son of a powerful Sultan but his families lands were taken during a period of wars that spread into Africa. He was forced into slavery and taken to Hungary to be given as payment to Viktor the Vampire Elder. Upon traveling into Ördögház his caravan was escorted by Death Dealers including Viktor's daughter Sonja. Once the caravan traveled deeper in the forest it was attacked by first generation Lycans. Lucian swiftly arrived to battle the Lycans and save Sonja from being killed. Raze bravely fought the Lycans and Lucian was impressed with his battle prowess and courage despite the human's lack of enhanced abilities. Raze and Lucian were both imprisoned together shortly after the attack and joined forces against the Death Dealers. Lucian then saved his life from a werewolf when it was about to attack him from behind, and the two formed a special friendship. Eventually, the Death Dealers forced an unknown Lycan to bite him and his fellow humans so they would become Lycan slaves. Raze fought the Death Dealers but was unable to defend himself and was bitten. According to the novel Rise of the Lycans Raze saw Lycans as being cursed and did not want to be given such power. Unfortunately, he did not have a choice and was turned into a Lycan. After his transformation, he then escaped from Ordoghaz with Lucian in order to form a strong army of Lycans. The Lycans eventually defeated Viktor's Death Dealers but began a war between both species that would continue for the next six centuries.

Underworld Edit

Centuries later, he was in charge of apprehending the human descendant of Alexander Corvinus, Michael Corvin. In a particular incident, Death Dealers were following him and fellow Lycan Trix. As Raze was following Michael, he sensed the vampires nearby, he pulls out his sub-machine guns and a shoot-out broke loose in the subway between the Death Dealers and them, allowing Michael to get away. He was scolded by Lucian for letting Michael escape, but due to his loyalty and age as a Lycan, Lucian did not punish him. Later, when Amelia and her entourage arrived, the Lycans, led by Raze, slaughtered the council. He bled her dry, under the orders of Lucian to fulfill the plans of creating a hybrid of lycan and vampire. Upon reaching the Lycan lair underground, he found Lucian dead. Angered at Lucian's death, he got revenge by confronting Soren and killing him. He later was approached by Viktor, and the Vampire Elder quickly stopped him by grabbing his neck, holding him aloft and snapping it. Following this, Viktor plunged his sword into the Lycan's chest, just for good measure.

Selene Edit

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Selene is a fictional character from Underworld and Underworld: Evolution. She is the main protagonist in the films and is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale.

Background Edit

Selene was born to a Hungarian family. Her father was a well-known architect who helped design the fortress for a general named Viktor. The fortress was actually a dungeon intended for the imprisonment of the Lycan Elder, William Corvinus, condemned for his bloody and destructive behavior as a definite persona non grata for Viktor. After Lycans presumably killed her family, Selene was the only one left alive who had walked through the corridors of the fortress. However, she did not know that her family was slain by Viktor himself, and believed Viktor had saved her from the Lycans. The night her family was killed, she was made into a vampire by Viktor.

She became a Death Dealer, fighting against the Lycans for vengeance on the atrocities she believed they had committed against her family. She also exiled the Official Historian, Andreas Tanis, on Viktor's orders. Many years later (shortly before the events portrayed in Underworld) she became an object of romantic interest for Kraven, the Coven's regent, however she did not reciprocate his advances.

Selene appears to be very serious and bitter as she rarely smiles. She is proficient with many weapons, both medieval and modern. Modern firearms that she uses include the Walther P99 and a variety of automatic machine pistols. In both movies, she is seen jumping from a ledge from at least 100 feet in the air and landing without injury.

Selene frequently demonstrates superhuman physical abilities. She uses super strength to pin Michael against a wall several feet off the ground, performs spectacular leaps, and strikes her enemies with tremendous force. She kills younger Vampires with just a few blows. She takes a shotgun blast to the abdomen without flinching and manhandles four police officers as if they were rag dolls. She also apparently has a large lung capacity, as humans needed SCUBA to make an underwater dive in Underworld: Evolution while she did it with one breath. After fortifying herself with some of Alexander Corvinus' blood, she is able to lift people with one arm and go toe to toe with Marcus in his hybrid (half-bat) form. She has been slammed against stone walls, breaking the stones, but with no ill effects. By the end of the second in the series, she is completely devoted to Michael Corvin, and he to her, and together they form a strong allience against any who oppose them.

Underworld Edit

After a confrontation with the Lycan hitman Raze, she discovered what was supposedly a Lycan lair. She was angry when Kraven dismissed her claims, not knowing that Kraven was in league with the Lycan leader Lucian in a bid to take over the control of the vampire realm from the Elders. She tracked down Michael Corvin, who she believed the Lycans had an interest in. Against the sacred rules of the covenant, she and Michael, who was infected with the lycanthropy disease, fell in love. She awakened Viktor from his deep slumber, believing that only he has the power to deal with the conspiracy between Kraven and Lucian. She then led a mass assault on the Lycans' underground bunker. After Michael was shot by a jealous Kraven, Selene was forced to infect Michael with her vampire strain, thus making him the first lycan-vampire hybrid. She also learned the truth about her family's killer from Kraven, and she struck Viktor down while the Elder was preoccupied with fighting Michael. She then retrieved Sonja's pendant, carrying on her legacy.

Evolution Edit

After Viktor's death, Selene and Michael went on the run from both Lycans and Vampires. She was confronted by Marcus, the last surviving Vampire Elder. As Marcus attacks her, Michael intervenes and battle him to protect her. After narrowly escaping Marcus and the sunlight, Selene and Michael take refuge in a warehouse. After they have passionate sex, Selene finds that she has seen the pendant, that Marcus was trying to get, when she was a child.

In order to find out why Marcus was after the pendant, she sought out Andreas Tanis. Tanis told her the truth about her family's slaughter and revealed to her that, contrary to popular belief, Marcus, not Viktor, is the original vampire. He then set up a meeting for her and Michael with Alexander Corvinus, Marcus' father and the first true immortal.

Selene was angered at Alexander for not removing the threat his sons, Marcus and William, posed long ago. Alexander retorted by asking her if she would murder her own son. An interruption by Marcus in which Michael is seemingly killed also results in Selene's memories of the fortress to be taken by Marcus through her blood. Alexander, dying from his son's attack, told Selene that the only way to defeat Marcus and William would be to drink his legendary immortal blood, adding that she would become "The Future". Selene gained greater strength and new powers from Alexander's blood.

She and a squad of Alexander's Cleaners invaded William's dungeon, trying to stop the threat. They arrived too late, however, and Selene was forced to fight Marcus. Marcus was shocked by smelling his father's blood coursing through Selene's veins. Locking Marcus in William's dungeon, Selene discovered that William had infected all the Cleaners, who became Lycans themselves. On the verge of being overwhelmed she was saved by Michael, who was saved by his Hybrid powers. She fought Marcus once more, and the Elder drove his wing talon through Selene's chest. Selene, empowered by Alexander's blood, tore away the talon and drove it up Marcus' skull before throwing him into helicopter blades and killing him.

After she killed Marcus and Michael killed William, she discovered that she was able to stand in the sunlight, the pure Corvinus Strain from Alexander Corvinus fused with her vampire Corvinus strain, thus phenomenally enhancing her strength and healing to a level equivalent to that of a Vampire-dominant Hybrid, even being able to withstand direct exposure to sunlight, qualifying the classification of a true immortal. In the last scene, after Selene defeats Marcus, Michael watches as Selene discovers that she can now let sunlight fall upon her without harm.

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Sonja is a fictional character from the Underworld series of films. This character is the daughter of the vampire elderViktor, introduced by flashback, in Underworld.

This character is set to be heavily featured in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, and will be played by Rhona Mitra.[9]

History Edit

Sonja was the daughter of the powerful vampire elder, Viktor. She fell in love with the lycan slave, Lucian, despite the fact that she knew her father would disapprove. She eventually married Lucian in secret, and became pregnant with his child. This was done without Viktor's knowledge or blessing. She was executed by exposure to sunlight, as her husband was forced to watch. Viktor murdered her and her unborn child for breaking the Covenant. He viewed the child as an abomination and was acting to protect the vampire line's purity, though Sonja's death haunted him for the rest of his life. His guilt over this led him to spare Selene, who bore an uncanny resemblance to Sonja, from the slaughter of the rest of her family.

Sonja wore a pendant, which was given to her by her father. After her death, Lucian took that pendent as a keepsake of his beloved wife. This pendant proved to be vitally important to the events that unfolded in Underworld: Evolution.

Her death started the war between vampires and lycans that lasted for centuries afterward.

Soren Edit

Template:Infobox character Soren is a fictional character and vampire in the Underworld mythos, including being referenced in the novelization of the sequel[10] and also appearing in the comic book prequel,[11] Kraven's janissary and the rival of Raze. He is played by Scott McElroy.

Biography Edit

Not much is ever revealed about Soren's past. What is known is that he is almost as old as Viktor himself (and was probably bitten by the Vampire Elder), he has a surprising lack of personal ambition, and, being two of a kind, he has a great rivalry with Raze.

Soren was originally Viktor's bodyguard, a position he may have held since before either were vampires. He lost his position as Viktor's bodyguard after he left Viktor's daughter Sonja, whom he was charged to protect and watch over, alone during an ambush by mortals who were hateful of vampires. He also remained ignorant of the fact that Sonja was in love with the lycan Lucian until he was informed by a lycan woman who had been obsessed with Lucian and resented him falling for Sonja. Soren informed Viktor, who then executed his daughter. Viktor blamed Soren for not protecting her. Later, he served as the head torturer in Viktor's employ. He proved to be very skilled in taming Lycan slaves with silver edged whips, and even used them on Lucian at Viktor's request prior to Sonja's execution.

At some point (presumably while Viktor was hibernating), Soren attached himself to the regent of Viktor's estate, Kraven. After serving as Kraven's bodyguard for many years, he became the leader of Kraven's "secret police", a group of thugs loyal to Kraven which he created opposite to Viktor's Death Dealers.

Soren also acted as Kraven's chauffeur, and often accompanied him when the latter was meeting with Lucian, who had Raze accompany him. It was because of Soren's previous torture of Lucian (whom Raze deeply honored) that Soren and Raze acquired a deep personal hatred and rivalry. In a final battle during the Death Dealers' raid on the Lycans' compound, Soren was eventually killed by Raze despite his use of his old silver whips on his long-time nemesis.

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Viktor is one of the fictional Vampire Elders in the gothic horror-action Underworld mythos, portrayed by Bill Nighy.

Biography Edit

Viktor was a Hungarian general and warlord. As he was nearing the end of his life, Markus Corvinus, the first true Vampire, came with an offer: Immortality in exchange for Viktor's military expertise and army in dealing against the werewolf Lycans, spawns of Markus' own twin brother, William. When Markus converted Viktor, the general became a Vampire Elder. The Death Dealers were created from Viktor's army.

In 1202, Viktor led a campaign against William. He promised Markus he would not harm William despite William's uncontrollable nature. In order for him to deal with the problem without breaking his word, Viktor had Amelia deal with William. In 1202 AD he and Amelia finally managed to find him. Amelia captured the Lycan. Viktor would betray Markus, giving orders to keep William as far away from Markus as possible. Viktor locked William away in a fortress; however, with the Death Dealers loyal to Viktor, Markus could do nothing. Viktor kept two keys to William's dungeon; one under his chest, in his ribs, and the other around his daughter Sonja's neck, hiding it right under Markus's nose.

The relationship between the two Vampire Elders was always strained. Viktor, with Amelia's support, undercut Markus' power as ruler of the Vampire coven, ensuring Markus would never have the strength to free his brother. However, Viktor never staged an outright coup against Markus, as he had been told should Markus ever die, all in his bloodline would follow him to the grave - including Viktor. To prevent this from happening, the "Chain" was constructed, a system when only one Elder ruled while the other two slumbered. Viktor even domesticated the Vampires' former enemies, using the Lycans as watchdogs to guard them during the daylight hours. Eventually Viktor was at the centre of sparking a new war with the Lycans.

His daughter, Sonja, fell in love with a Lycan slave called Lucian and became pregnant. Viktor eventually discovered this, and feared the blending of the species that would result when the child was born. Viktor condemned Sonja, her unborn child, and Lucian to death. Sonja was burnt alive by exposing her to sunlight. However, Lucian used the full moon to transform and escape - but not before taking Sonja's pendant with him. Viktor, determined to keep the location and map of the dungeon a secret from Markus and Lucian, slaughtered the family of the man he had commissioned to design it. He spared the man's daughter, Selene, however, as she painfully reminded him of his daughter Sonja. He converted her into a vampire soon afterwards. The war raged, and eventually drew to a close after Lucian was seemingly killed by Kraven. After this Viktor gathered more power for himself, making himself leader of the Old World Coven Ordoghaz and going so far as to alter history. In the revised version of history set out by Viktor, Viktor, not Markus, was the original vampire. In time, he exiled the Official Historian Andreas Tanis, who knew that Markus was the first Vampire.

In the present day, Viktor was hibernating, not to be awakened for another 100 years. However, Selene was determined to awaken Viktor because she believed only he would have the power to deal with the apparent conspiracy between Ordoghaz's regent, Kraven, and Lucian. A furious Viktor confronted his protege, condemning her to be judged. However, Selene escaped, and returned with proof of not only Kraven's treachery, but Lucian's plan to use the blood of Michael Corvin to create a Hybrid -the ultimate insult to one who feared a union of the species. Viktor promptly launched a full-scale assault on the Lycan lair, breaking the neck of Raze when the transformed Lycan attacked him. He then encountered Selene biting Michael, and threw the dying Lycan through a wall. Unbeknownst to him, Kraven had revealed his duplicity in the death of Selene's family. Viktor furiously protested that he had given her immortality in return, and that he had only been trying to protect the species - only to be confronted by his ultimate fear: Selene's bite had reacted with the Lycan virus and the Corvinus Strain in Michael's body to create a Hybrid. The two battled. Although Michael's power proved formidable, Viktor's experience proved decisive, and he began to choke Michael to death. A vengeful Selene then sliced Viktor's head in two with one stroke of his own sword. It was thought to be inconceivable that a death dealer with Selene's power could kill a vampire elder so old and powerful as Viktor.

Later, Viktor's body was retrieved by the Cleaners, an organization dedicated to cleaning up after the Vampire-Lycan war led by the original immortal Alexander Corvinus. Corvinus extracted the key from beneath Viktor's flesh - only to later have it snatched by Markus.Viktor was killed by Selene in the first episode.

William Corvinus Edit

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William Corvinus is the first and only Lycan Elder in the Underworld mythos. He is the son of the first immortal and was bitten by a wolf, thus turning him into a Lycan(werewolf). He is played by Brian Steele.

Biography Edit

William was the son of Alexander Corvinus and the twin brother of Marcus Corvinus. Both were born sometime in the 5th century. He, along with Marcus, inherited the immortality strain from his father. Marcus and William both shared a bond that Alexander never truly saw. Marcus was bitten by a bat and William by a wolf. He thus became the first true Lycan. Unlike later Lycans, he was an albino Lycan and could not transform back to human form. His lycanthropy virus was much more infectious than Marcus' vampire virus, even allowing dead victims to transform.

In 1202, he was captured by Marcus' Death Dealers just after he infected an entire village. Against Marcus' wishes, William was imprisoned by Viktor in his fortress, far from Marcus' reach. This caused Marcus to swear vengeance against Viktor and those loyal to him.

Centuries later, William was freed from his dungeon by his brother, Marcus. Their bond still remained strong to the point that William recognized Marcus even through his own bestial nature. William proved to be a powerful creature, despite his centuries of confinement with no blood to feed on. He infected the Cleaners who came to fight him and also combated the hybrid Michael Corvin, descendant of his mortal brother, absorbing immense amounts of damage with no obvious signs of trauma done to him. The centuries of bloodless confinement, however, still left William significantly weaker than he once was. Because of this, he was unable to defeat the powerful hybrid, Michael, who tore apart the Lycan Elder's head with his bare hands.

Reception Edit

Kevin L. Nault writes that one "significant character, Kraven (played by Shane Brolly), was consistently flat or simply off. Almost without fail, he came across with an emotion that I didn't buy, given the circumstances, or merely came across emotionally flat when I was expecting real terror."[12] Nault also notes that "a powerful performance by Kevin Grevioux (also one of two writers for the movie) as the werewolf Raze was partially wasted by the fact that I constantly wondered who he was. He was clearly an important part of the werewolf group, but didn't appear to be exactly second in command or anything."[12] Nault describes the Michael Corvin as "'Romeo' in this story, Michael Corvin (played by Scott Speedman), is a medical intern. He's not a gunfighter, nor a ninja, and most importantly, when attacked by werewolves and vampires, he does not turn into one."[12]

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Due to the impact of the films five action figures (for Michael, Raze, Viktor, Lucian, and Selene) were created, all designed by Mezco. Their size is 5" in scale. They all come with display base, and accessories.

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